Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Last update - 10/13/2006

The following are questions that were asked of me by someone who found this Site. And the answers that I gave to that person. Their name and address has been hidden to preserve their privacy.

While you may not agree with my answers, I give the Biblical Scripture verses as the source of my answers. All Bible references are KJV 1611. Or at times I also give additional sources.

NEW - Question about Evidence that the Bible is GodÂ’s Word
* There is a claim that the Bible cannot be proven.
* There are conflicts when the Gospels speak of the same event.
* The ministers on TV, the internet, books, cannot agree with each other.
(The Lord God Jesus Christ gives some answers directly.)

Statements about Tongues and Miracles and answers to them.
* They either speak Jibber Jabber or Jibberish, or they speak in tongues at home alone as a personal prayer language for what they believe is a direct communication to Jesus Christ...
* I have and incredibly hard time believing they witnesses cancers healed as you can't see inside someone's skin... Therefore knowing falsehoods by there fruit, all of these so called diseases being cured that under the flesh and not distinctively seen are lies..
* All these folks believing in the speaking of Tongues and Vision/Dreams, that their experiencing always have a flaw as not one of them can show me a real miracle of a person who had mangled bones or missing limbs, restored...
* none of the Miracles of Pentecost are occurring today...
* I realized all peoples from all Christian sects were following this false prophet
* We can then conclude easily that the usage of this phony Jibberish prayer tongues is also a lie of Satan..

Faith is Misunderstood
* How do I know that God will reply to us?
* I still do not understand Faith!
* What if you don't receive a reply? What do you do then?
* How long do you wait?

Question, Was I Baptized in the Holy Spirit?
* Did I experience a Baptism into the Holy Spirit?
* Do you have an opinion?

Question, is there One Verse saying a Baby goes to Heaven
* Is there a verse in the Bible that says Babies and little Children go directly to Heaven when they die?

What is the Main Message of the Bible
* Would you describe the "Main Message of the Bible"?

Question about Dreams and Symbolism
* Are dreams only Symbolism?
* Would God set me up with a False Dream?

A Clarification on going to heaven or paradise
* You said that when a person dies "now" he/she goes to heaven right away. Not Paradise. I Disagree!
* I've understood that no man will be judged before the final judgment day when the graves and seas will give up it's dead.
* What are your thoughts concerning this matter?

I do not like your attitude on Christian Rock Music
* How would you define Christian Rock Music?
* It is not for you to judge how others worship God!
* How can you worship God if you are too busy reading the words of a song while singing?

Question on Christian Rock Music
* Is Christian Rock Music Demonic?
* What about all these modern Christian songs?
* What about bringing worldly music into the churches?
* Will churches who use Christian Rock music and Modern worldly music become persecutors of Christians?

Question about someone who claims to be a prophet?
* What about this man who claims to be a prophet?
* Are there modern day prophets from God?
* What does the Bible say about Prophets?

Question about the Suicide issue
* Will everyone go to hell anyway because everyone lies?

Yes you are going to heaven when you commit Suicide.
* Doesn't God inflict mental Health Disorders on People who commit Suicide?

Question asking if Homosexuals are Christians
* Is everyone who says they are Christian really Christians?
* Can a Homosexual be a Christian?
* Can a Homosexual go to Heaven?
* Should you shun a Homosexual?

Question about Homosexuality and Salvation
* Can we stop out Homosexual behavior?
* Are we, as some say, born that way?
* Should we hate those who practice Homosexuality?
* Shouldn't we agree with their ways?

Question on the dead in Christ
* Do the dead in Christ go straight to heaven or do they
lie in a grave until Christ comes again?

Question on God's Secret Place
* How does one draw into the Secret Place of God?
* Just what is this Secret Place?

Question on Faith
* What is real Faith?
* What does the Bible say about it?
* What did Jesus say about Faith?
* Can I really walk on water and raise the dead?

Question on Greek
* What is the difference between New Testament Greek and classical Greek?

Question on when Pharisees started
* Did the Pharisees originate during the time of the Maccabees?
* Where is the evidence of female Pharisees?

Question on following God
* What does God want me to do now?
* Am I walking in the right track where I should be?
* How do we know where we should be?
* Is it possible to come back from a reprobate mind?
*How do we know if someone is a reprobate?

Question on Justifying Suicide
*Is there ever a justification for suicide?
* Do some illness justify suicide in God's eyes?

Question on praying for soul in Hell
* Is there a way to help a soul in Hell?
* Are there prayers which will change God's mind and let a soul into heaven?

Question on the location of the Mark of the Beast
* Why is there a difference between the KJV Bible and the
Prophecies on where the Mark of the Beast will be placed - One says On the hand,
The other says In the hand.

Question on using Skills for God
* Are there any scriptures that speak of using our talents for God?
* Is it silly to pray for guidance before I write or draw?
* Does God use our talents to speak to the world?

Question on Blameless in 1 Thes. 5
* What does Blameless mean in 1 Thes. 5?
* Is it true that the Backslider will not be raptured?

Question on kneeling when praying
* Do we have to kneel when we pray?
* Is there a certain way to pray?
* Is it Ok if we stand up praying?
* Should you close your eyes when you pray?
* What about the hands?
* I would like to know what you do when you pray?

Question on the meaning of 666
* I was wondering if you know, what does 666 mean?
* How long will the Antichrist reign for?

Question on Peter being a small stone or a big rock
* Was the Greek word "Petra" derived from "Petros" to alter
the view of Christians from Catholic Dogma?
* What is the History of these words?

Question on Paradise being used now
* Is there a Heaven where people die and go to now?
* Or does God hold them in Paradise until the coming of Christ?
* Is Paradise still used today?

question on the names of Hell
* There are so many names for Hell, which ones are the same?
* Which names are the different end punishments?
* Are these different names for the same place?

Question on the Chambers in Hell
* Are there different chambers in Hell for people?
* Are these chambers for different types of sins?
* Is there different punishment for different sins?
* Will it matter in the end?
* Why is Paradise in Hell?
* Why isn't Paradise where God resides?
* In the end will Heaven be here on Earth?

Questions on Denominations and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
* Will an Anglican go to Hell?
* Is speaking in tongues a gift?
* Can a Christian be Spirit filled without this gift being manifested?
* Is this gift necessary for all Spirit filled Christians?
* If I do not show this gift does it mean I do not have the Holy Ghost?
* I have other gifts for Our Lord's Church. Would you
deny that I have the Spirit?

Questions on Goliath
* Who killed Goliath?
*Why does the KJV and the Hebrew differ
on who killed Goliath?

Question on the reliability of O.T. copies
* If the KJV translators did not have complete
copies of Hebrew O.T., can the KJV be trusted?

Question on Keeping the Sabbath
* Why don't you keep the Sabbath?
* Are you Defiling the temple with sugar and Non-Kosher meats?
* Why do you condemn others for not keeping the Ten Commandments
when you do not, by not worshiping on the Sabbath?
* You should be Consistent because God is Consistent.

Question about 1 Cor. 13:10
* What is the meaning of the word Perfect in 1Cor.13:10?
* Does it refer to the Bible or to Jesus?

Question on Snake Handlers
* Are we required to pick up snakes in Mk. 16:18?
Or does it have a different meaning?

Question on Our Spirit being Hurt
* Can Our Spirit be Hurt by listening to someone speak?

Question, is Gambling a Sin?

Question on the Mandrake Plant
* Isn't the Mandrake plant common in Israel?
* If the Mandrake plant is so common, How come it is Legendary?

Questions about "One Baptism"
* What is the meaning of "One Baptism" in Ephesians 4:5?
* Is this Water Baptism, or is it Holy Spirit Baptism?
* Or are the two one?

Questions and Opinions about Spirits, Sorcerers, and Witches
* Do some Christians have the gift of being able to talk with
Spirits in Heaven? Or are they Sorcerers or Witches?
* Is there a difference between talking to Spirits who are in Heaven or Hell?
* Is it only the Old Testament that says not to consort with
Sorceres and Witches who attempt to communicate
with Spirits who have gone into the fire?
* Does it matter if information comes from the Devil?
* Is it important to Forgive?

A Question on religion and money
* Back in the time of Christ, was the religion of Paul, Abraham, Christ
and the Apostles based on economics and them earning a living by preaching?

A Question on the education of Jesus and Apostles
* Did Christ have a degree, did Peter and how did they learn the scriptures?.

Question on Jesus being God
* Why would the creator make another God? And send him to be born,
live on Earth and be subject to sin?

A question on the Trinity Doctrine
* Why would God who states "That He is the Only True God, none other like Him"
(and in fact Christ says the same thing about His Father.) It does not make sense that
God would create another "God the Son", let alone make him coequal!

A Question on when the Trinity Doctrine started
* On the history of the Trinity, That it was originally a pagan that decided on that doctrine.
(Constantine - around 300 AD) then got baptized on his death bed. I don't think the facts around
how the Trinity was adopted to save his empire would give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, would it?

A Question about the Destruction of the Earth
* Your last message mentioned that God would destroy the Earth and rebuild the kingdom.
It does not make sense why God would burn up the whole Earth, destroy everything
in order to build his kingdom.
* In Genesis God promised Noah he would never destroy all mankind on the face
of the Earth as he did then. So Ask yourself, does what you tell me about
destroying the earth and man make sense?

Question on the reality of Hell
* Just as you and I know that God is a God of wisdom, a God of love and so on.
Does it make sense that he would force the damned to rest in literal fire and torture
in hell forever? Or is not asleep in the grave forever all that he requires?

A Question about God and Sin
* God cannot be in the presence of sin, right?

Questions about Denominations
* Are the Church Denominations of God, man, or do they originate somewhere else?
* We know that Christ is the foundation that we build upon, how then can the
denominational Churches of man be placed upon that foundation?
* Is God obligated to participate or join the man made denominational Churches that
divide the Body or Christ?

Question on words hurting out Spirit
* Can you explain how words hurt our Spirit?

Question about Medicine
* How does medicine play a part in God's purpose for our use according to the Scriptures?

Question about reporting on Proctor & Gamble
* A question about the rational for mentioning that the people who started the false statements that Proctor & Gamble was satanic, were Amway Distributors, and suggesting that it is hypocrisy.

Question about P&G truth
* How do I know that the claims about Proctor & Gamble being satanic are lies, and not the truth?

Questions about the Holy Spirit at a Church Meeting
* I experienced a lot of new things like people receiving the Holy Spirit (I did not fall to the ground like some of the others).
* they said that the Holy Spirit will be working that weekend - I do not agree with things like that as I do not believe that miracles can only happen during certain times or at these "big" gatherings
* Why limit God to times and places?
* the leader of our group (married) got involved in an affair with another woman in our group (also married).
* I believe I have a Spirit of discernment - why do others see it as a negative attitude

Questions about Holy Water and the Holy Spirit
* What is holy water and what is it used for?
* I do my anointing in the Name of Jesus Christ - am I suppose to do it in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
* Do I always speak to the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ.
* Am I allowed to speak to the Holy Spirit.

Questions About Sin
* What is the effects of sin?
* What and how much sin can be present in an ongoing state of repentance?
* what is unforgiving sin?
Can man enter into eternal heaven with any type of sin existing in the past, or present state in ones life?

Questions on Matthew 5:27-30
* About Lust when looking at a Woman.
* and About plucking out your eye.

Question about the eternal destiny of Children.
* My question is if something should happen to the children like death even though they know what's right and wrong would they go to hell for not living right with God?
* Or would God understand they are not being taught they way as parents should teach their children about God and have mercy on them?

Questions on the different races of men
* Does the bible tell us why there are different races of men?
* If we all come from Adam/Noah how is it that we are so different?

Question on what happened to Christ's Spirit after death for three days?
* Following the crucifixion of Christ what happened to the spirit of Christ during the three day time period until his body was risen from the dead?
* And could you please provide your sources of information in order that I might study the same.

Questions about Prophets
* Some Claim to be modern day prophets from God. Are there modern day prophets?
* How are we to know if any Prophet is legit. (From God)
* I Can't find any evidence in the Bible that says there will be modern day prophets.
* Didn't Jesus said there would be false prophets among us?
* I know that it is in our power to judge the prophets, but, it is in our power to keep a watchful eye.

A Question on Divorce and Adultery.
* What is God's law about divorce?
* Would God consider me as an adulteress if I remarried?

When did Satan and his Angels fall.
* Was heaven and the Angels created before the Earth?
* When the Angels were cast out of heaven was the Earth still a mass of darkness?
* What is the story when Satan rebelled against God?
What is the connection of the fall of Angels and God's plan in creation?

A Question about the KJV Bible verses Other Language Bibles.
* What if they don't have the KJV, but they do have the Luther Bible?

Question/Statements about the KJV Bible
* Why do you pretend that God is the author of the KJV when your statement of faith
shows you have seen translation errors in the KJV?
* Isaiah 53 is one glaring Error.
* Translations of "Grief's" and "Sorrows" are mistranslated.
* Exaltation of KJV is Idolatry or Bibliolatry.
* Only Original Scriptures are the Word of God.
* All translations are better or worse than others.
* Every Doctrine is Faithfully Represented in all translations.

Questions on Bible Translations
* Why do I reject Bible Translations other than the KJV when the other versions are just as good, if not better?
* Wasn't the original manuscripts first translated into Latin and then from Latin into English?

A letter calling me Biased.
* Am I as Biased as this man thinks that I am?

A Question on my dating of when the Book of Matthew was written.
* Why do you put the writing of the book of Matthew so early?

Question on several events in the Tribulation period.
* Question on whether Jesus lived under the Old or the New Testament?
* Question on the Tribulation starting on a Jewish Holiday?
* Question on the number 666 being tied into the stock market?
* Question on all the Bible Versions out there?

Several Questions on the relationship of man to many things.
* We are trying to seek knowledge of the relationship of Humanity, and all other living and non living creations?
* We are trying to seek knowledge of the relationship of Humanity to the Celestial and Fallen Angels?
* With this knowledge we are seeking to determine God's intended role for Humanity in His great Eternal Plan?
* Another question is that how do we attempt to reach people that needs to find God, specially if you know that they won't even listen to what you say as far as religion goes?
* My daughter XXXXXX age 10 would like to ask how she can know if she is Really Saved and has Jesus Christ in her heart?

A Question asking about Evolution.
* What do you think about Evolution? And Why?

Question/Statements about Evolution and the Bible
* Evolution does not say that the bible is a lie.
* Evolution says nothing about the bible.
* You are wrong to judge the life's work of thousands of people
* You have unsubstantiated claims on your web site
concerning Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Scientist.

Question on Tree Ring Dating
* What is the age of the oldest tree in the world?
* How does this apply to the age of the Earth?

* A Question: Can you Lose your Salvation?

The Rapture
* A Question: When will the Rapture take place according to the Bible.
* Question: Is there Proof in the Bible of when it will happen?

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