Question on Proctor & Gamble Lies

by Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: Re: Procter and Gamble
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 12:43:25 -0600
From: Jack Barr

You have asked me how I know that the claims about Proctor & Gambles being satanic are lies and not the truth.

I know that they are lies because I have personally done the research on them. And for each claim made against Proctor and Gamble, I have found that what was claimed never happened. As for the claims about their logo, I have looked at the original logo and find that it takes a very, very, very wild imagination to even suggest that it had to do with their claims.

Why don't you do your own research?? You too can call the radio and television stations. You too can write for and receive the transcripts from the shows that had claims made against. You too can search out newspaper and magazine articles that shows that the claims are false. You too can obtain the court records from the trials where the two people who started these lies were found guilty of starting and spreading these lies and ordered to pay restitution to Proctor and Gamble. I know, this takes time and effort, and sometimes even money, to find out the truth.

Ah, but there are millions of people who would rather believe the lie, rather than check it out for themselves.

I give you credit for at least asking, that is much more than most. And that is why I am answering you, because you asked, looking for truth. I myself learned the hard way that most all of the claims that come across the internet must be taken with a very great grain of salt. Over the years I have watched some of the same stories come across my computer repeatedly, many times being changed to update it, for someone's personal vendetta, or just for fun to see how many they can sucker into believing their lie. Because of these lies, some companies are forced to hire extra people just to answer the questions that come to them about the claims. Or they may be forced to spend millions of dollars in legal fees like Proctor and Gamble did to fight and to track down the lie to the two people who started their lies (they were small time competitors of Proctor and Gamble).

There are several sites on the web that track all of the false stories out there, including the government.

May God lead you into all of His truth

Rev. Jack Barr

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