Question - Is There An Excuse For Suicide?

by Rev. Jack Barr


Subject: Re: Suicide
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:29:34 -0600
From: Jack Barr
To: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx

Hello xxxxxx

Thank you for your letter.

There is a parasite, in Asia, which attacks just under the skin and causes such itching that the doctors prognoses is always 100% suicide. Would such a case justify suicide in God's eyes?

I do not know what parasite that would be to cause such itching, as I am not a doctor, and do not wish to take the time to research it. But I do know this, that there were diseases that ten years ago there was no known cure, while those same diseases have cures, or at least a way of controlling them today. What a shame it would be to kill themself on the same day that a cure has been found for their illness.

I Can tell you with the Certainty of God's Word that a Christian does not, and will never have the option of suicide, regardless of the circumstances. For to commit suicide is to go direct to Hell. Oh I know, there are some ??Christian?? ministers who preach that you can enter heaven after committing suicide, but they do not believe what they preach. If they really believed it, then they would not be here to preach that believe, for they would have already committed suicide just to be in heaven with God.

For the non christian, they are going into hell anyway so to commit suicide is just a way to leave the partial and temporary torments of this world for the horrible and permanent torments of hell, instantly.

Your reference is to this parasite being in Asia where there are very few Christians and many, many non Christians who firmly believe in suicide for any and all reasons, including because they have been embarrassed over something. And there are religions today that teach that suicide is a glorious and sure way into heaven, and so there are many who are willing to die for their religion. Examples of this are the suicide pilots of the Japanese in the 2nd world war, and the men now entering Jerusalem who will blow themselves up just to insure killing others who have done no harm to them, and the men who flew the planes into the World Trade Centers.

I am not sure just what your point is. Perhaps you are searching for a valid reason for someone to commit suicide, perhaps trying to justify this terrible action. Only you and God knows why you wrote. Perhaps for yourself, perhaps because of your concern for someone else.

I can tell you, as one who has been to the brink and returned, that there is Never a valid reason for suicide. It is a Satanic selfish act, without any regard for those who are left behind. I can tell you of the anguish of the parents who found their grown son who hung himself in a closet, they searched the house twice before finding him. I can tell you of the anguish of parents who tried to understand why their daughter blew her brains out. They never got over it till the day they died. I can tell you of the children left behind who blame themselves and are tormented all their lives because a parent killed them self.

As for those who had that disease in Asia, had they turned to the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ, they could have been healed of it, and gone on with a long and happy life. God DOES perform Miracles!!!

May the Lord God Jesus Christ Bless and Keep you and yours and to lead you into All His Truths.

With the Love of Jesus

Rev.. Jack Barr

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