Question, Are Homosexuals Christians?

By Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: Re: Christians and Homosexuals
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 16:48:04 -0500
From: Jack Barr <>

Hi xxxxxx,

I believe that you are correct, and I agree with you. ( He wrote asking about a judge who claimed to be a Christian and who gave extra punishment to anyone coming before him who were homosexual. He believed the judge was wrong.)

Just because someone claims to be a Christian does not mean that they really are. Those people hurt, and drive people away from True Christianity because the people think that from their actions, if this is what a Christian is, then I don't want any part of it. Satan works overtime to bring about this belief. But in spite of this, These non-christians Know when they meet an real Christian. There are many out there who loves Jesus, but just will not have anything to do with any Church.

Let me tell you about two homosexuals that I know went to heaven when they died. Not because they were homosexuals, but because they both repented of this sin before death.

I am speaking about one of my brothers and the man he lived with. My brother divorced his wife, leaving her and a daughter to take up a homosexual lifestyle with a man. They (the men) lived together for about 15 years. My brother and his daughter remained very close right to the end. My brother denied that there was a God, and taught his daughter that there is no God, almost to the end of his life.

When I would go up north to visit my family, I would invite my brother's friend to join us for dinners and to visit with us. Hate the sin, but not the person.

Just before my brother's friend passed away, he returned to God, giving up his homosexual lifestyle. My brother was very upset over this. Then, my brother who was very intelligent and active, was struck down by God. My brother became paralyzed from the neck down in less than three months time. Test showed that he had aids. Can you imagine such a sharp mind being trapped in a body that will not move? He started wasting away, still denying God existed. I was called to come up there because he was dying. He was at his home and was set up in what had been a dining room, with 24 hour care. When I got there, I asked him if he had made peace with God and he indicated that he had. I said that I would accept that. He was down to skin and bones and it took all of his strength just to say a word or two. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and went out into the living room, which was out of sight but still in hearing range. While I was talking with other relatives, a niece of mine came in and started asking me question about the bible. I answered several questions for her and a nurse came out and said that my brother was asking for us to stop talking about the bible because it was upsetting him. (The Holy Spirit bringing Conviction upon him) I left shortly after that without seeing him again, going to another brothers house where I was staying. Sometime during the night I was wakened from sleep and the Lord God said for me to pray for my brother. I started praying for my brother. I prayed, "Lord show him yourself or show him hell". I don't know how long that I prayed, I prayed kneeling, standing, walking, laying, and every other position that you can get into. I don't know how long I prayed, but when My Lord released me from praying, the Lord said "I showed him Hell and he came to me."

I didn't see my brother again that trip and had to leave the next day. About a week later my sister had taken my brother into her home and she said that the following Sunday that as she was getting ready to go to church, my brother, who was paralyzed started crying because he couldn't go to church also. My sister said that she asked him if he wanted a priest and he said he did. She had a priest come in who spent several hours with my brother. After that my brother gained both in strength and his body filled out until he could again be put in a wheel chair. His body remained paralyzed. He was doing so well in the next few months that he was placed into a nursing home and they were going to get him a motorized wheelchair that he could direct with his mouth, and a computer that he could talk to. They said that every time that any preacher came into the home that he would beg the nurses to get him into his wheel chair and get him to the meeting.

He died a year after the first call for me to come up. I drove a thousand miles non-stop and arrived there after dark. My sister-in-law drove me to the hospital. As I walked into the room my brother was gasping for a rattling breath. My sister and a niece were there with him and said that he was only breathing in the top 1/4 of his lungs. They said that he was breathing easy compared to before I got there. I kissed him, blessed him, and told him that he could go now because I had arrived. He was unconscious all this time. I then went back to my other brother's house and slept. My brother passed away early that morning.

My niece said that as soon as I left the hospital room that they heard him take one real deep breath and then didn't hear any more. My niece said, "we thought that he had died, but when we came near him, we saw that he was breathing just as easy as any of us was." Then she reported that early in the morning that she was sleeping, sitting in a chair next to the bed with her head on the bed and one hand on his leg, when she woke up to feel his leg, which had not moved in over two years, moving. She said that she turned on the light and saw both legs moving like he was walking, but he never regained consciousness. He passed away shortly after that.

I believe that my brother came to God when God gave him the rare privilege of seeing into hell. And that God then healed his body in answer to people's prayers just before taking him home to be with God in heaven.

I can not find it in my heart to condemn anyone because of their lifestyle. I pray for them to change, and I know that if they find Jesus Christ that whatever their lifestyle was, will change. I know that mine did after I came to accept Jesus Christ. But that is another story. I believe that what that judge is doing is wrong. Just as wrong as a couple of churches in our town which have the homeless arrested when they come in their churches, and refuse help to everyone who goes to them for help. One of my sons is very bitter over the way they treated him when he went to them asking for help. They have a church, and they call themselves Christian, but they are not Christians. Oh, I am sure that there are some in the congregations that are Christians, but the leaders certainly are not. And no, these are not isolated churches, in working with the homeless, I find most of them hold an very bad view of what Christianity is, for they have run into these hypocrites everywhere.

If this letter will help anyone, then feel free to copy and pass it around. God Will Forgive, If He is Asked.

May God lead you into all of His Truths

With the Love of Jesus

Rev. Jack Barr

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