Question on Words Hurting Spirit

by Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: Re: Can you Explain this?
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 16:49:28 -0600
From: Jack Barr

Hello xxxx,

What you wrote is interesting. You said below that her words were not hurting you, but you are wrong on that. Her words were indeed hurting your spirit, and that is confirmed by your feeling of Satan holding a knife and stabbing you. Her words were from satan and when you stopped fighting against them, then they started to hurt your spirit for you lowered your shield and were listening to them. Now you are fighting against those words that you listened to. It would have been better for you to have never heard those words.

You should have broken off and walked away just as soon as your realized that she would not listen to you. When they would rather listen and believe the words of man rather than the Word of God then you can not reach them, and can only pray for them to have their eyes opened. Understand that I am not condemning all Catholics, for I believe that there are some who have not taken their eyes off of Jesus Christ to follow the idolatry that the leadership of that church tries to make them follow.

I have run into this type of person before, and believe me, they can be of any denomination. When I open the bible to show them God's Word and they reach for a book written by man for its interpretation, then, I just close my bible and walk away, because, they have already made up their mind, their eyes are closed and their ears are plugged, their heart is of stone. And if you listen to them you are filling yourself with their lies.

I am attaching a file on my web site that may help you to understand

May God lead you into All of God's Truth

Rev. Jack Barr

You wrote: (highlights and underlines added by Jack Barr)

I had a wierd experience today and it still freaks me out. I was talking with this catholic woman about how man tends to make the words of God complicated and hard to understand. She was reading this 36 chapters on the lord's prayer. I thought "36 CHAPTERS! THAT'S RIDICOULUS" So she was telling me about how reading all those things man made wrote would bring you spiritually close to God. And how they anoint people with this special oil and such such. So i was telling her that God says to look for our brother and sisters on the street. I was telling here that the true body of christ in the church, it's with the people. She told me "well, if you consider yourself the body of christ you'd BETTER be perfect" Sheesh and when i tried to explain things to her she just talked and talked and wouldn't listen. Like she knew it all. Ya know, i bet i know more about God and satan then her. But still she never listened. I gave up so i just listened. But it was when i listened that's when i felt it. My soul was shaking. I dunno why, i didn't feel threatend by her at all, she wasn't speaking in a harsh manner. Then i couldn't take it anymore (the shaking) so i left the room and bid her good bye. As i was walking home i kept focusing on the shaking and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then in my mind i has this impression of satan holding a knife and stabing me with it over and over again. I dunno, it was just wierd and freaky. Her words weren't hurting me at all, but yet i felt as if that was the reason of my soul shaking. Can you explain it? I don't quite understand what's happening here.


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