Questions About Gambling

Questions About Gambling

By Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: gambling
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 12:47:25 EDT
From: xxxxxxxx@zzzzzzzzzz

Dear rev barr
I occasionally about every four or five months go to the casino I do not use money that I need for bills or thithes.I just enjoy playing I dot honestly know my motives for playing the slot machines I really don't need the money. I am a born again Christian & I want to know if i am committing a sin

GOD BLESS YOU xxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [Fwd: gambling]
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 22:29:08 -0500
From: Jack Barr
To: xxxxxxxxx@zzzzzzzzzz

Hi xxxxxxx,

You ask a question -- Is Gambling a sin?

The answer is yes, but then, a simple answer like this in not enough. You need a fuller explanation as to why. The answer is already on my web site and I will refer you to that page.

Is Gambling wrong? at

The Bible does not directly say that gambling is a sin, but I believe that this article will answer your question by giving you the reasons why gambling is a sin.

Thank you for your question. I pray that God will lead you into all of His truth.

God Bless You

Rev. Jack Barr

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