Questions on a Tribulation Event

by Rev. Jack Barr

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Question on whether Jesus lived under the Old or the New Testament.

That Jesus died a Jew is absolutely correct, the New Testament did not start until Jesus rose from the dead after the third day. Jesus lived under Jewish law (the Old Testament.)

Question on the Tribulation starting on a Jewish Holiday.

That the tribulation could start on a Jewish holiday -- Could be -- Your guess is as good as all the rest of us millions of people. You are not alone in that view, I have read the works of others that think that they have figured out exactly which Jewish Holiday, but, not the year. And you are right, God the Father absolutely does know the exact second that it will start, while we have only the signs to guide us. But, the closer we come to that point, the clearer will be the signs.

Question on the number 666 being tied in to the Stock Market.

As for the Dow Jones ending on a 666 is misleading at best. There are too many out there who think they see 666 in everything that is made, or printed. People have had phone numbers and house numbers changed just because it had three sixes in the number. I would suggest that you forget about the 666 number and concentrate rather on where the mark will go when it does come out. The KJ 1611 bible version tells us that the mark will be IN THE HAND or IN THE FOREHEAD. Now that is not "On" the hand but rather "IN" the hand. All of the so called other bibles, the counterfeit ones, have changed it to say "on" the hand or forehead. This will lead many to accept the mark of the beast because they will believe that if it is inserted "into" them that it will not be the mark because it is not "on" the outside according to "their bibles". You should do a study on the use of transponders that are small enough to be inserted under the skin with a hypodermic needle. They have used them for many years now on animals, and a couple of years ago, several school systems in the middle of Florida tried to have ordinances passed that would have required ALL children entering school to have such a transponder for identification. These ordinances were defeated when the churches joined together to fight it. A forerunner of what is coming.

Question on all the Bible versions out there.

I think that you already know what I say here, but I will say it any ways. There can only be ONE WORD OF GOD! How then can all of these so called bibles be the true word of God when each one reads different??? God said that HIS WORD will NEVER CHANGE. It is up to you to find the real word of God and then live by that one, and that one only. If you ask God, He will show you which one is the true word.

May God Bless and Keep You and Yours.

Rev. Jack Barr

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