Question is there one verse in the Bible on a Baby or child going direct to Heaven when they die?

by Rev. Jack Barr

Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 1:46 PM
Subject: babies dying

Is there a verse in the bible that says babies and little children go directly to heaven when they die?



If you have lost a baby or very small child, know that that child is now with Jesus Christ in heaven, and I will pray for your healing of the hurt. If so, rejoice in knowing that you one day will be with them again on the other side.

There is not a one single verse in the Bible which directly says that a baby or little child will go directly to heaven when they die. Nor is there a one single verse in the Bible which directly says that a baby or little child will go directly to hell when they die.

Does this leave us without an answer? No it does not!!

There are many verses which leads us to understand that a baby or little child will go to heaven if they die, because they are yet innocent, and have not yet committed any sins against God.

And yet there are many who believe that a child or baby would go to hell unless they have been baptized. Their belief being that it is impossible to go to heaven unless you have been baptized. The Word of God in the Bible does not say this, but they believe and quote verses which they believe automatically dams that baby or child to hell.

I hold to the belief, based on what the Bible says, that a baby or little child will go to heaven if they die. If you have not yet read my articles on the subject, I refer you to "Do Babies And Children Go To Heaven Or Hell When They Die?" at http://www.barr- which is a study about babies and children which have never reached a time in their life when they know and understand right from wrong, (an age of Accountability - which many deny) and therefore are incapable of sinning before God. In this study, I asked people to state their beliefs, for or against, and to give the verses by which they based their belief. I found that many on each side had beliefs without any biblical basis. And I found that some gave as their reason of belief, a verse which had absolutely nothing to do with children, heaven, or hell. It became clear that most of those answering had never really given much thought to the question, and usually quoted a verse that someone else had pointed out to them. Accepting someone else's beliefs.

And this last one which asks a question about a child which does know right from wrong, and therefore is capable of sinning, at "Question on Eternal Destiny of Children" at is of necessity a different answer from the above, because the children, Not babies, are of an age when they know, and therefore are able to make a choice, while the babies and little children in the first article are too young to know right from wrong.

I believe that this will point you in the direction of finding the truthful answer to your question. As you check these bible verses, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into His Truth.

As for myself, I see the Bible (KJV) telling me that babies and children below the age of accountability, do go to heaven if they die.

Baptism is not a part of the answer, for Baptism will not, in itself, grant salvation to anyone, for there must be an understanding, and acceptance in their heart, of Jesus Christ as their Lord, Master, and God, for Salvation. A Baptism has no meaning unless you already have your Salvation. A baby or very young child can not make that choice to accept Jesus Christ, because of a lack of understanding, therefore Baptism of a baby, or very young child, has no meaning, other than that the parents are dedicating that child to God, from which it came.

May this answer your question.

With the Love of Jesus

Rev. Jack Barr

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