Question on Dreams and Symbolism

by Rev. Jack Barr

Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 4:55 PM
Subject: Questions

Are dreams only symbolizim? I had a specific dream -- shared with two friends and they both denied that god would ever do what i saw. This in turn has made me question alot of things. I trust god. Would he set me up with a dream? I know others who shared what they dreamed and it came true.



You ask "Are dreams only symbolism?"

Most are, but not all. It would depend on just what it was you dreamed. For in the last days the Lord tells us in Joel 2:28 "and it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions."

However, there is much in the Bible which warns us to be very careful about accepting dreams, for there will be many dreams which will be told which are not from God, but from themselves, and many dreams which will lead others to evil lies. So you see, A dream must glorify God by showing God's judgement occurring, or the foretelling of an event which comes true. And if a dream is put forth as being a message from God, and then proves to be false, the person telling that dream was to be put to death as a false prophet, in the Old Testament.

That some of your friends have told of their dreams which then came true, rings alarm bells with me. The part "which came true" is the part that bothers me. I would have to be very careful of accepting these dreams, because, God is not in the habit of giving dreams, or visions, of something that will be occurring in the next few days, months. It is not that He can not do so, but When you read in the Bible of the dreams and visions which the Lord has given to His servants, you normally do not find this type of dream. That there have been prophecies given along these lines is true, but I do not believe there have been dreams given along these lines. A prophecy, when the Lord speaks directly to His servant, telling them what to say.

Now be sure that God would Never set you up with a false dream. But Satan would! And your own mind would. Now a normal dream is forgotten in a very short time. A dream from the Lord would stick with you like glue.

Now you do not say what you dreamed, but from your choice of words, it sounds like you may have received a dream which showed God's Judgement on some place? Or person? For you said "They both denied that God would ever do what I saw." Mankind in notorious for denying that God would ever Judge them. Now, if the dream was showing a judgement, then it would be an event in the future, yet to come. The next test would be, Does it fit in with what the Bible tells us, or does it go against what the Bible tells us is to come. To answer that test, you would have to know what the Bible does say, in order to compare it. And there are so many who do not know the Word of God, as given in the Bible. They may know parts, and they may know what others have told them, but they can only know the Word when the Holy Spirit tells them what it says and means. And that means they have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, start to finish, without jumping around. Not once, but many times, always asking for the Lord God to show you His truth as you read. Then you will see God and His message that He is giving to man. And then you will be in a position of knowledge, to know when a message is from God, or from man, or from Satan.

Will God bring destruction upon this nation? Upon the people in America? He surely is, and it has started!

I would like to refer you to two True Prophets of the Living God. The first is Raymond Aguilera at and the second is Thomas Gibson at

The first are prophecies like in the form of parables, with symbolism, the second are straight forward prophecies, many prophecies have been fulfilled from both, with no failure yet. There are several hundred thousand people who are watching these prophecies for the first failure, and has not found one failure yet in thousands of prophecies. Both of these men's prophecies from God, constantly tell you to pray, worship Jesus, read the bible, fast and pray and worship God some more.

When you tell people of these prophecies, they will laugh at them too, reject them also, just as all the prophecies from God has been rejected and scorned by those who first heard them. But the Bible says in 1Thess. 5:20 "Despise not prophesyings"

You may have received a dream from the Lord God, this I can not tell from what you have told me thus far. But if you believe it to have been from God, then pray the Lord for confirmation, and believe. Do not let others put you down because they do not believe. Do not discard the dream if you truly believe that it is from God. When it comes to pass, those to whom you have told the dream, will remember that you said it would happen just that way, and they will be drawn to the Lord at that time.

May the Lord lead you into All his truth

Rev. Jack Barr

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