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by Rev. Jack Barr

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Hi there

I will try to answer your latest questions. I will only use a few verses to show as an example of the many other verses that say the same thing.

Reading commentaries about the bible is good, I do myself, but always keep in mind that each one is only saying what that writer thinks that the Word is saying. And different commentaries often disagree with each other on some points. None of us has all the answers. Only God has all the answers.

You ask:
we are trying to seek knowledge of the relationship of humanity, and all other living and non living creations.

The Word tells us that God made all creatures on, above, below, and in the earth to be subject to man. And man is to subdue the earth itself - including the nonmoving creations. (Gen. 1:28)

we are trying to seek knowledge of the relationship of humanity to the Celestial and fallen Angels.

The Celestial angels: executes God's judgments (Gen. 3:24; 19:1); are messengers - annunciating (Mt. 1:20-21) - brings warnings (Mt. 2:13) - brings instructions (Mt. 28:2-6) - brings encouragement (Acts 27:23); are servants to the heirs of salvation (Heb. 1:14)

The Fallen angels: Of which Satan is the chief: seek to destroy by seducing man to do evil (1 Tim. 4:1) - persecute man by leading men to hurt and kill the godly servants of God, and by throwing man into prison (hell) (Rev. 2:10), - tempt man thereby are used by God to test His people (Mt. 4:3), this separates the good from the bad. - and ensnare men so that they may have power over them (2 Cor. 4:3-4).

With this knowledge we are seeking to determine God's intended role for humanity in his great eternal plan.

Our roll, as told to us in God's Word from start to finish, is to Obey! 1 Sam. 15:22 tells us that in the eyes of God that it is better to Obey God than to Sacrifice to Him. Sacrifice (or making a show of serving ) without obeying God is worse than doing nothing. And Dan. 7:27 tells us that All dominions shall serve and Obey God (at the end.)

As for God's intended role for man throughout His eternal plan, We are left without a clear view. However, we have some clues from the bible.

At the present time we, as man, are lower than the angels That places the angels between God and us. Heb. 2:7

Then the word tells us that one day we will be equal to angels Lk. 20:36

And the word tells us that one day we will judge the angels, placing us above the angels, this will place us between the angels and God. 1 Cor. 6:3

And we are told in Rev. 3:21 that if we overcome, we will sit in the throne with Jesus Christ. As the bride of Jesus Christ we will sit with Jesus in his throne and rule right along with Jesus. (Subject to Jesus and the Father) This will be just below God and far above the angels.

Why does God desire fellowship with man? We do not know! Only that He has told us that He make us in Their Image and has created all of the heavens and the earth and all that is in and around the earth for man. Then God gave man two things that no other creature or being ever had. 1. Free Will and 2. Salvation (the right to repent of our sins, which is 'disobedience'" The angels were given free will, but they are not allowed to repent and have no salvation when they did sin. The other creatures and beings that we know about have no choice, they must and do obey God always.

Another question is that how do we attempt to reach people that needs to find God, specially if you know that they won't even listen to what you say as far as religion goes?

When you speak to someone about Jesus Christ, you will usually have no way of knowing just how much they will listen, however God said that His word will never come back void. Every time someone hears Gods word it will have an effect on them, even if you do not see the effect. Our local Rescue Mission has many letters from men that passed through there hearing the word each day they were there (having no choice on attending chapel), who walked out like the couldn't care less and months later wrote to say how something they heard there led them to accept the Lord later.

Continue to pray for those who need salvation. One lady in our church has just recently had her husband come to the Lord after running away from God for over 20 years. I myself came to God when I was turning 55 years of age after not wanting to hear anyone to talk to me about God until then. (I was raised Catholic and went to their schools.) Now I pray daily for a man that I worked with for 15 years because his actions, standing for God through ridicule and persecution, and his words, helped lead me to God. He does not know the effect that he had on me. Today the Lord uses me. So do not worry about those who won't listen to you right then, Your words are reaching them, and one day they will come to God. It is pleasant when we can be there for the harvest, but someone must plant the seeds, water the seeds, and cultivate the seeds.

One other thing, do not confuse serving God with religion. There are many out there who worship religion, (they are false Christians) but do not worship God. And that is why you can't get some people to come into the churches, - they see and feel the difference and yet they do worship God. God has more people outside the churches than He has in them. I know of several mainline denomination churches, in my town, that throw people out of the church building at their services if they are not dressed right or smell bad (the homeless people), and have even had some of them arrested for coming into their churches.

They certainly have religion but they are also certainly not Christians either. It is not the denomination, it is the people in those churches.

My daughter XXXXXXX age 10 would like to ask how she can know if she is really saved and has Jesus Christ in her heart?

When you truly open your heart to Jesus, you will know when and where it happened. And then Satan will start telling you that you are not saved. But when did Satan ever tell you that before you Were Saved with the Blood of Jesus Christ. If you are not saved, Satan will never tell you that you are not saved, he won't place any doubt in your mind before you are saved, he doesn't want you to know. The fact that Britnia is questioning if she is saved (has gained salvation through Jesus) is a very strong sign that she does in fact have salvation. If she talks to Jesus daily it is another sign. I have found that like myself when I received my salvation that we all desire to read the bible to learn as much about Jesus as we can. (after all we are the future bride of Jesus and doesn't a future bride want to know all that she can about her future husband?)

Let me add a testimony here from my daughter-in-law. I feel that I should put it in. She said that it had been years since she had been to church (raised as a Catholic) and one Sunday she started to cry because she wasn't in church. My Son held her and agreed that the next Sunday they would go to a church somewhere. Then she said that the next day a preacher and his wife came to her door and explained that they had just taken over a small church, and asked her if she had salvation. She said that she was under the impression that she was and so said that "Yes, I am". She invited them into her house and they talked for a while. I turned out that the pastor was just starting a house visiting program and hers was the very first house that they went to. (the day after her crying about not being in church) She said that they started going to that small church and several weeks later they had a children's Evangelist come to the church. She brought her 5 yr. old son to the meeting which was outside and she stayed off to the side under a tree and listened to the Evangelist. She said that at was while she listened to him that she came to realize that she had never been saved, and that is when she invited Jesus into her heart and received salvation. Her 5 yr. old son also accepted Jesus that day and received his salvation. You see how God led her and her son to salvation. Although my son had received salvation years before at a Baptist church up the road from us years before, he had not been going to church for years. Now the Lord uses all of them in a mighty way. My son is now a Baptist minister and his son is planing to enter a seminary next year. And me, I became an Assembly of God minister. God does not care what denominational name that you wish to call yourself. If you ask God to send you to where He can use you the best, He will.

I hope that this will answer your questions. I do not always answer those who write to me, but I feel that God wanted me to answer your letters and questions here. Before answering I pray for God's guidance that I may speak God's words and not my own,

Rev. Jack Barr

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