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False Teachings Many, all over the World, teach Twisted, and False Teachings which perverts the Words of the Bible. But here are Rebuttals of a large number of these False Teachings.
Why Fear God? Many teach that God is so loving that we do not need to Fear Him. But is that True?
Just what is the Fear of God?Do you know what the Fear of God really is? Is it anything like most men thinks it is?
Did Jesus Evoke Love or Fear toward him while he ministered on Earth? They teach in the churches that Jesus led everyone to Love him, but is that what the Bible says?
The Final Warning From Jesus Christ - The end is here, there will be no more warnings from Jesus Christ to prepare to go with HIM. Judgment is falling. This Warning from Jesus Christ was given on March 12, 2008. Accept or Reject at your peril.
How Jesus was Hated - So all you heard about was Love, but what does the Bible say about how the people looked at Jesus.
Prophecy and Interpretation of Prophecy - There is a Big difference between giving a Prophecy from the Lord God, and the understanding and interpretation of a prophecy.
Giants and Dinosaurs on the Earth - About the Giants that were on the Earth, both before and after the Flood. How big have these Giants been? And what about the Dinosaurs?
The Prophets, what do they do? - We have heard of Prophets, but just what does a Prophet of the Holy Lord God do for the Lord?
The Battle of Armageddon - How large will the Battle of Armageddon really be? Does the Bible tell us?
About Who the Anti-Christ is - Do we really need to know who the Anti-Christ is? And what happens if you miss the Rapture.
A Miracle for Joy - About some Miracles the Lord did for an 80 + year old woman.
The Tithe - Do you really need to give a Tithe? And when did the practice start?
Jack's Dream about the Churches - A dream the Holy Lord God gave to Rev. Jack Barr on 6/26/2006 about what is wrong with the Christian Churches today.
The Alpha Course and Prophecy #919 - About the Alpha Course which is being taught in many Christian Churches as it relates to Prophecy #919 from the Holy Lord God given through Raymond Aguilera.
Seeing the Big Picture - How much of the big picture does man see?
On Needing Evidence that the Bible is the Word of God - There are many who question if the Bible is really the Word of God, or just written by man. Where are you on this question?
The Love of Jesus - What it the Love of Jesus? Is it what you have been taught? What does the Bible say about it?
What is Manna? - Just what is the Manna which is spoken of in the Bible and in Prophecy #800 from Raymond Aguilera?
Communion - The right way of having Communion. Do you need Bread and Wine?
Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit - A booklet by Norvel Hayes telling how you too may receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Movie, the Passion of Christ - The movie is full of Satanic symbols.
Killing the Messenger - Are you one of those people who kills God's Messengers?
Noah's Ark - The False claim of finding Noah's Ark
Fruitful Fasting - There are many ways to fast, are you doing it the right way?
Born Again - What does it mean to be Born Again?
Why? God - Why does God allow these things to happen to His children?
The Antichrist - What does the Bible say about him?
Astrology - Horoscope - Zodiac - What are all these?
Do Planets Rule Out Lives? - Does the position of the planets really control your life?
Charms - What are the meaning of those cute little things that you wear?
Reincarnation and Christianity - Is Reincarnation real, or a gigantic lie?
< We Must Judge - Who says that you are not suppose to Judge?
Attitudes Toward God - Is God just a sugar daddy, or your Lord and Master?
Blessings of Another Kind - Can you recognize all of the blessings your receive from God?
Does God Heal? - Does God still heal, or did that stop with the Apostles?
Pray Without Ceasing - The Bible says to Pray without ceasing, how do you do that?
Parable of the New Soap - A story that tells about counterfeits.
The Ship - A story about choosing Salvation.
Peace - You can have real Peace in your life.
Restoration of Childlike Faith - Jesus said you must become like Little Children.
The Care and Feeding of a Pastor - Have you been treating your Pastor the way that you should?
What is Faith - Do you really know what Faith is, or have you been led astray?
It's Only Your Opinion - It's only WHO’S Opinion?? Yours or ???
Was the Wine at Canna Alcoholic or was it just Grape Juice? Did Jesus make fresh Grape Juice at the Wedding Feast at Canna, or was it really Alcoholic Wine?
How to Lose Your Faith - This is how Satan can kill you Spiritually.
Are you listening? Is God talking to you? Does God answer prayers? Or are we just talking to ourselves when we pray?
Once Hired, Always Hired - A story with a message about the Bible and Salvation.
The City of Babylon, - What was the city of Babylon like in the time of Daniel?
Blessings, - How easy is it to miss out on your blessings?
The Birth of Jesus, - Do you know just when Jesus was born?
Jesus Crucified, - A medical view of the suffering of Jesus when He was Crucified.
Jesus is Alive - Yes He is, Here is the documentation of Jesus' resurrection form the dead.
Jesus is Returning - Yes He is, but how soon? Will your grandchildren have time to go fishing before He returns?
Different Views - About when Jesus will return and when the Rapture will take place.
How old is the Earth? - Is the Earth Really only 6,000 years old, or is it Millions of years old as some claim??
Were there Dinosaurs on the Ark? - This question will liven up a party. Do you know what the Bible says about it?
Was there really an Ice Age? We are told that we had many ice ages. We are told that ice covered most of the world at one time. Is this True?
How crafty is Satan? - Is Satan really as sneaky as we were led to believe?
How Ancient is the Trinity Doctrine? - Did the Trinity Doctrine start in the New Testament, or is it in the Old Testament also?
How big were the Baskets used by the Apostles to gather the food Fragments? - After feeding the 4,000 and the 5,000, did the Apostles gather enough left leftovers to feed another ten people, or was it enough to feed another 500 or 1,000 people?? If you know the size of the Baskets you will have that answer.
Oppression and Bondage, How to be set free. - If you have ever dabbled in the occult, even in innocence, you need this.
Ten reasons why every believer should speak in Tongues. - There is much more to it than just making noises or giving an occasional message.
Seven steps to Receiving the Holy Ghost. - The Gift of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost is for EVERY Christian. You can accept or reject this gift from God.
Gambling - Is it a sin to gamble? Is it OK to buy a lottery ticket, or play Bingo?
The Biblical Wood Shop. - Jesus was a carpenter. What was it like to be a carpenter when He lived?
The insanity of Nebuchadnezzar - Can a man Really live by eating only grass?
The Jewish wedding system and the Bride of Christ. - What does the Jewish Wedding system have to do with the Rapture of the Church?
The Jewish Burial - What was the Jewish Burial like, How did they bury their dead?
Who were the Pharisees and Sadducees? - When I searched for this answer I found that they were not who I thought they were. Do you know who and what they were, or are you assuming?
The 7 cities of Revelation. - Here is a history on each of the 7 cities that Jesus sends a message to in chapters 2 &3 of the Book of Revelation.
God's Will - Do you really know what God's Will is? Or do you think that He doesn't care?
What is an Angel? - Who or what are they? Would you like to know more about them?
Ezekiel's Watch - How does Ezekiel's watch apply to us today?
The Nicolatians - Who and what were the Nicolatians? Why did Jesus say in the Book of Revelation that He hated them?
Religion - If you say that you have Religion, is that good or bad?
Life Was a Pain - For the Egyptian workers. This news clipping tells the true story.
Daniel's 70th Week - Do the numbers really add up? What is Daniel's vision saying?
What if I fail? - Are you afraid to witness? Do you believe that you don't know the Bible well enough to witness?
What Am I? - A mystery for you.
The Virgin Mary - What is taught about Mary and is it true or false?
Unholy Tolerance - Can tolerance be unholy? What does the bible say about it?
What is True - How can you tell truth from fiction? Is your church really telling you the truth about the Bible, about Tradition?
To Curse - A study of the word "curse" to find it's true meaning. It means more than taking God's Name in vain.
The WOW method - How to witness on the way as you go about your daily business.
Teen Sex - Here is surprising documentation on teen sex. A MUST Read for those who think their children is too young.
Praying Constantly - God's Word says to pray constantly, do you know what that means?
We Must Judge - Does the Bible say what you think it does on judging others?
Manna - A study on what Manna was.
Women in the Ministry - What does the Bible say about the place of Women in the ministry of God? Did God really make them 2 nd class citizens in His Kingdom?

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Raymond Aguilera - Jack's Interpretations of Ray's Last Days Prophecies from God.

Thomas Gibson - Jack's Interpretations of Thomas' Last Days Prophecies from God - comparing by subject, prophecy by prophecy, to Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies and to the Bible.

False - Here are False Claims that have been made about what the Bible is saying.

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