Questions on Religion for Money

by Rev. Jack Barr

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Back in the time of Christ, was the religion of Paul, Abraham, Christ and the Apostles based on economics and them earning a living by preaching? I say no.

The answer to the question of the religion being based on economics, is an obvious NO! What you are calling a religion here is the belief (Faith) in God Almighty and Jesus Christ.

The answer to them earning a living by preaching is YES!

Anyone who chooses to preach God's Word only for money will feel the Wrath of God.

However, From the time of Moses, God had commanded that the priest have their food given to them by the congregation. This is a form of pay, and thus, they earned their living for performing the services of the Lord God. Exodus 29:26-28, 31-33; Leviticus 2:3,10, 6:16,18,26, 7:6- 10, 15, 32-36

This shows that in the Old Testament, that the priest earned his living by his service to the Lord.

And in the New Testament
Jesus, when he sent out the seventy to preach, tells them to take nothing with them except the clothes on their backs. That wherever they stop, they are to accept as their pay, whatever food, clothing, and lodging that the people provide for them. Jesus here is saying that the ministers, preachers, what ever else they may be called, are workers, laborers, and are worthy to be paid.

Luke 10:3-8 Verse 7 says: And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house.

Paul and Timothy received food and lodging (pay) in Thyatira (Acts 16:14-15). In 1Cor. 9, Paul explains to them that He, Paul, is entitled to food, drink, for their labors of preaching God's word, just as the other Apostles receive. Paul then points out in v7 - 9 that he expects them to furnish this as his pay because it is the law of God, and then points out what the law of Moses says. That God will take care of those who work for God (symbolized by the care for Oxen). Then in v11, Paul spells it out. If He preaches to them, it is normal, and nothing special to receive their Carnal things. His pay for preaching to them.

It is true that most times Paul refused such pay and worked at a trade for his living, while he preached. However, as we see above, Paul WAS entitled to receive pay for his preaching.

While it is true that there are some ministers who receive fabulous amounts of money, But by far the majority of ministers, preachers, elders, or whatever you call them, receive either nothing or only a token payment. I myself am not paid by man, but God provides for me, just as he said that he would.

Rev. Jack Barr

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