Question on Being Biased

by Rev. Jack Barr

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Your opinions and comments stated are completely biased and one-sided. How dare you call yourself a man of God and be so close-minded. No one knows for sure that the KJV is the "true" word of God. As far as I know, KJV is the "rich, powerful, white, king's" version. The way HE WANTED it to be. I think you need to do a little bit more studying before placing such one-way info on the internet for all the world to see. I'm frankly appauled.


>From Rev. Jack Barr, God's Word Bible Studies


You are absolutely right, I am completely biased and one sided. I choose to accept and to believe that the King James Version of 1611 is in fact the true Word of God. I live by this, for IT IS NOT A KJV BIBLE VERSUS ANY OTHER BIBLE, IT IS A WORD OF GOD ISSUE!!! I am closed minded, for I will not accept the counterfeit from Satan. And I do not care what anyone thinks of me, I only care what God thinks of me.

The Bible tells me that God has only ONE WORD, and that IT WILL NOT CHANGE BY EVEN ONE JOT.

Therefore, since every English Version "Bible"?? out there is each different from each other, with no two versions reading the same, by God's own words, ONLY ONE of these versions can be of, and from God, and all of the rest of these so called Bibles can only be counterfeits, put out by Satan to fool the Christians into following a wrong path. (A comparison will show how they attack the Deity of Jesus, the Virgin birth, the Trinity of God.)

You, with the help of YOUR God, must choose the Bible reading version that YOU believe IS THE TRUE WORD OF GOD, and live by that one, rejecting all others.

The choice that you make in choosing which version is the Word of God, may very well determine where you will spend eternity. For God is not Tolerant!! God will not tolerate any man worshiping HIM (God) in mans choice of ways, For God has made it clear that every man MUST do it His Way or go to hell. God will not tolerate Any Deviation from His Way!! And you had better not either.

It is Your choice Brother, I made my choice when I started to follow Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. I asked God to show me His True Word, and He did.

I will pray that God will lead you to His True Word, wherever it is.

Thank You for Writing

Rev. Jack Barr

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