Question on Proctor & Gamble Lawsuit

by Rev. Jack Barr


You sent: Asking a question about the rational for mentioning that the people who started the false statements that Proctor & Gamble was satanic, were Amway distributors, and sugesting that it is hypocrisy.

Subject: Not Bad but ....
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 15:15:29 -0500
From: XXXX

Got an email about ABC programming and was trying to find the site on hoax's and found yours in my search. Not a bad site but when you got down to the case law about the couple sued for starting the liable what was the rationale for mentioning they were Amway distributors? Just looks like a perpetuation of bad label to me. I know the Away life and do not following their logic. But do you not see the hypocrisy?

NO!! I do not see any HYPOCRISY!!!

The place where you found that statement on my site was in "pg_rumor.htm", and in the section of that file that was a Quote of a newspaper article that was published in the Panama City, Florida " News Herald" on Saturday, April 20, 1991. If you doubt that the article was printed, then I would suggest that you contact the Panama City Florida newspaper, the "News Herald" and ask for a copy from their archives. I am sure that they will supply it to you, possibly for a fee. (I have the original copy in my files.)

If you wish to pursue it further than that, I am sure that you can find out where the trial was held and would then be able to obtain a copy of the trial transcript, for a defiant cost of $ per page.

The truth is that James and Linda Newton were, in fact, Amway Distributors. That is also in the court records and was published all across this nation at the time. And while you may not like that fact, you also can not change it.

I am sure that there are a very many persons out there that would not dream of coloring all Amway Distributors the same just because of one bad apple. But these same persons would not try to white wash or sweep under the rug what the one did just for the sake of the many good ones out there. Please keep this in mind the next time that you read an article anywhere where the occupation of the guilty person is given.

However, in this case, their occupation did play a part in their lie. I will leave you to mull over that statement since you seem to know the product lines.

Of all of the lies that they started about PG, and of all the millions of dollars of cost to fight these lies, and all of the millions of dollars of lost revenue to the PG company and their shareholders, Of all the innocent people on the internet who spent their valuable time printing flyers and gathering signatures, spreading this lie, because they believed this lie was the truth. You have conveniently chosen to ignore that, and instead, have chosen to pick out just one very minor point of truth to cry about. And I did say truth. Why don't you cry over all the other people who were hurt by their lie about PG. For they were hurt very much worse that any other Amway Distributor was.

May God Lead you into All His Truth,

Rev. Jack Barr

P.S. here are some sites on hoaxes

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