Question About The Suicide Issue

By Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: Re: about the suicide issue
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 17:09:07 -0500
From: Jack Barr <>

Hello xxxxxx,

You wrote: ( In reference to my article on Suicide )

Ok, I think you forgot to mention the "all liars" part. Well, that includes everyone. So, basically, you are condemming yourself to hell. So I guess I will see you there as I have lied to.


You will not see me there for lying, because I repented, asked for and received forgiveness for my lies. Now I do not lie!

Of course, if you wish to continue to lie without repenting and asking forgiveness, then that scripture applies to you. It is up to you to change, and you can not change without Jesus Christ.

Be careful of taking scripture out of context and assigning meanings to it that was never there. I will suggest that you read All of the Bible, starting at Genesis 1:1, asking Jesus to guide you in understanding, then by the time you reach that verse in Revelation, you will have understanding.

Please feel free to write at anytime.

May Jesus Christ Lead You Into All His Truth

With the Love of Jesus

Rev. Jack Barr

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