Question: "Does the bible tell us why there are different races of men?

by Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: races of men
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 22:05:03 -0500
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On your Questions:
"Does the bible tell us why there are different races of men?"
"If we all come from Adam/Noah how is it that we are so different?"

There is nothing in the Bible to explain how the different Races of men came about. While Science can show how it can happen now, with the different mixes of men's colors, and men's features, there is nothing to tell us how the first changes came about.

The Bible only tells us how and why there are many different languages. Genesis 11:1-9

XXXXX says:

"From Adam and Eve, who would have been both the same color with the
same features, we can see today that there are many different shades
of color and different features."

In the eyes of God, all men/women are the same, they are Human, and just as a dog is a dog regardless of it's size, color, length of hair, large or small. So it is that man is man regardless of the differences. Man's Colors, features, tall, thin, short, heavy, language, has no standing in God's eyes. God only looks at your heart. Hebrew 4:12-13

Let me give you an example of a color and feature change; There are the Lemba people of Southern Africa. These men, have a DNA gene which proves that they are the direct descendents of Aaron, the Brother of Moses. The route they took to reach their present location has been traced and it was found that the trip lasted several hundred years.

Now the point I which to make here is that this tribe is Black, but the jews living in Israel and around the world are not. The Jews from around the world have a mixture of colors. From the whitest of white to the blackest of black. But most of them are in-between these two extremes. Yet the Jews have the purest race in the world, as the Jews have always married other jews. Yes I know, there are exceptions, but as a rule Their race has not been mixed with others because of God's law as was given to them to marry only within their own tribes.(Ezra 9:10-12; 10:3)

I include here the following article to show a source (not the only one) for the above statements on the Lemba people.

Weekend News Today
By Staff Writer
Source: New York Times

Sun May 9 , 1999 -- Genetic tests on the Lemba people of southern Africa show convincing evidence the Bantu-speaking tribe may be of Jewish ancestry, The New York Times reported Sunday. A team of geneticists have discovered that Lemba men carry a DNA sequence that is distinctive to the cohanim, a hereditary set of Jewish priests, the Times reported. The priests are different from rabbis, and perform certain ritual roles. The Lemba, who practice circumcision, keep one day a week holy and avoid eating pork or pig-like animals, have long asserted they are of Jewish heritage, the Times said. The discovery of the common DNA sequences stemmed from research being done into the Jewish tradition that priests are the descendants of Aaron, the elder brother of Moses.


Man has given much speculation to this. However, If we place as much importance on this question as God does, we will shrug our shoulders, forget it, and get on with something more important, like Worshiping God and Obeying God.

It is my belief that this was built into man by God for His own purpose. I see in the Old Testament Bible that the colors or features of a person had no bearing on the life's of anyone. What we call the different races of men freely associated with each other and married each other with the only thought being of what the person was like in personality. It is only in the last few hundred years that man has begun to think of these differences as important.

XXXXX, I know that this is not a complete answer, but it is the best that I am going to do.

May God Lead You into All Truth.

Rev. Jack Barr

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