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by Rev. Jack Barr

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My name is XXXXXXX. My dad recently wrote you a letter asking you Some questions. He told me about you & now I want to ask a question. What do you think about evolution & why?

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The Evolutionist says that the Bible is a Lie. The bible tells us that God created everything in six literal 24 hour days. (and the evening and the morning were the first [2nd, 3rd, etc.] day). There is no other time period that has a morning and an evening. Not a week. Not a year, not a hundred years, not a thousand years, not a million years.

Now if you do not believe that the bible is the Word of God, then throw it away for it is of no use to you. If the bible is not true, then there is no God and is no salvation. If the bible lies in any part of it, then not one word of it can be trusted to be true.

But if you do believe that the bible is in truth the Word of God, then why are you willing to accept the word of man (Satan's word) that says the bible is not true? Satan throws doubt on God's word just as he did to Adam and Eve. If you believe him then he has won. Satan wants you to believe that the bible is not God's word, that none of it is true. He does not want you to believe that he, Satan, exist either.

The Evolutionist and the Geologist would have you believe that there is no God and that you are just an accident and that it took millions of years for the rocks to form and for fossils to become fossilized.

An example of that is shown in Yellowstone National Park, where a mountain split open by an earthquake shows 17 separate layers of upright fossilized trees without roots, one on top of the other buried in stone. The Geologist says that as each layer of trees died that the sediment gradually built up over millions of years, with new trees growing which in turn was buried over millions of years, during which time the trees gradually fossilized.

This begs the question. When we see a tree today die, we see that in just a few years that the tree decays into nothing. How then did these trees remain solid and untouched by decay for a million years while they were gradually covered with layer after layer of dust and dirt before they could petrify, that is, become fossils???

God gave us the answer to that one when Mt. St. Helen blew it's top. there were hundreds of thousands of trees that were ripped away from their roots and swept into Spirit Lake stacking them upright in layers just as they had been at Yellowstone National Park, with layer after layer of dust and dirt that built up around them holding them upright and covering all of them in a matter of hours. The bottom of Spirit Lake was raised by 200 ft.

The Evolutionist and the Geologist say that it still takes millions of years for something to fossilize. However a short time ago there was a cowboy boot that was found in sandstone rock that had the leg bone and the foot bones still in it. the bones had already been fossilized but the boot itself had not yet fossilized. The name of the boot manufacture was visible and a code number. The manufacture of the boot is still in business today and they recognized the boot as their manufacture, and was able to trace the code number to a manufacture date of the boot as being in 1950. That's right, this is not a typo, the date is 1950. This shows how fast that things can become fossilized and how fast layers of sediment can turn to stone.

The Evolutionist and the Geologist will not accept it, calling it a fake. If they accepted it as true, then they would have to admit that they were wrong and that their life's work was wasted, and they will not do that.

I know that God is real, I speak to Him and He speaks to me, just as he does to every Christian who will listen. I know that His word in the Bible is true and the prophecies are fulfilled in the proper timing. The Lord God has performed miracles for me and for others that I know.

Yes, the bible is true and literal. God said that He created everything in six 24 hour days. Man, with the urging of Satan, has always thrown doubt on God's Word. And that is what the Evolutionist and the Geologist do. They speak what ever Satan tells them to say. (speak what ever Satan tells them to say, this is not saying that they are satanic, they believe that they are saying, they just do not recognize the source.)

I hope that this may answer your questions and I pray that God will lead you into all truth.

Rev. Jack Barr

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