A Miracle for Joy

By Rev. Jack Barr

A Miracle for Joy

I would like to tell you about some miracles which I witnessed for a woman that I will call "Joy".

Joy was in her 80's, and I use to go visit her when I was in my early 50's.

One night I drove over to her house, it was an old farm house sitting on a two lane paved road out in the country side outside of Griffin Georgia. The house sat on what was once the farm that she and her husband owned and farmed. But in later years the farm had been broken up and parts of it sold off, and she had been all alone for 40 years..

So on one side of her house, down the road a piece to her right as you stood on the porch looking at the road, there were 4 houses, and to the left of her, about 300 yards was a little side road with 5 houses on it, and just beyond them was a house of one on her sons. Across the road and down to her left was another old farm house.

Now that the picture has been set, we can understand that in this country setting that there was only one power line bringing electricity to all of them. That power line came from the right, past her house, continued on to the left, and on down the road past that.

On this one late evening, I arrived at her house. The lights were on in her house, and she had a yard light mounted up on the power pole, and it was lit up. I wasn't there more than a couple of minutes before all the neighbors started coming over and looking at those lights that she had, They kept on looking at that pole light and at the lights in the house and talked among themselves, because as we discovered, not one of the people on her right had any lights or any electricity, and none of the people on her left had any lights or any electricity, the house across the road didn't have any lights, and her son didn't have any lights. And they all were trying to figure out how she could have lights when the power lines were dead on both sides of her. They couldn't figure out how she had lights and none of them did.

That was a gift of the Lord God to her, a miracle.

Another time I had an urgent feeling that I needed to call and talk to her. So I picked up the phone and called her. As she answered she said the phone had been out all day, and that she was worried because some of her relatives were to have come to pick her up to take her fishing with them, but they had not come, and she could not reach them, because the phone was dead. We talked for about an hour, and at the end she said that now that the phone was working again that she could make her call. I drove over to see her two days later, and as I walked into her house, she told me that as soon as she hung up the phone from talking to me, that she picked it right back up and the phone was dead. And didn't start working again until just a half an hour before I arrived two days later. She said that the phone company told her that the reason her phone was dead was because a phone cable had been cut in an accident, and it took a while to put it all back together again.

Another miracle, She needed some one to talk to and God made the phone work for just that one call.

Another time she had a stroke, and was blinded. She said that she was lost in her own home that she had lived in for more than 50 years. She said that when her son came over to check on her, that he had to keep pounding on the door so that she could find the door. Weeks later she got back most of her sight, then she told me that the afternoon that she had lost her sight, all of it, that she lay on her bed, and had her son and several relatives around her bed, then she said that there appeared the prettiest face sitting on her chest, and it told her that she would see again. Then she said that she was afraid to say anything about that face until she did get her sight back.

Another miracle, and a visit from Jesus.

Today Joy is in heaven.

I just thought that some of you just might like to hear of these miracles.

With the Love of Jesus
Rev. Jack Barr

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