Hi All,

My Lord and God Jesus Christ has given me the following warning to be posted to My email list, and to be posted to Raymond Aguilera's email list and to ProphecyLink.  To be posted everywhere.

Therefore I do send out this warning from Jesus Christ. Let each of you stand before the Most Holy Lord God in Obedience to HIM.

With the Love of Jesus
Jack Barr


From Jesus Christ  March 12, 2008

Make yourself ready, for the time of Judgment is here.  For I have sent warning after warning to all of you and now there is no more warning, Saith the Most Holy Lord God Jesus Christ.
You gather together like grapes, and hug each other, telling yourself and those around you how sweet and luscious that you are, but you are shriveled and sour before me, Saith the Lord. 
The time is at hand. You are standing at the edge of the Abyss with one foot off the edge and the other only holding on by your heal.  Turn back I say, Saith the Most Holy Lord God, for there is still time to turn back to following me instead of following the blind and deaf.  Not much time, but still there is a moment in time when you can still turn back, Saith Jesus Christ, The Holy One of God.
You break your arms patting yourselves on your back, while you should be on your face before me, Saith the Almighty God.  You are a stench in my nostril. You stink before me Saith Jesus. 
Be Ye Christian, or calling yourself Christian, How dare you call yourself Christians when you refuse to follow Me, Saith Jesus Christ, the Word of God. 
I say again to all who claim to be following ME, Saith the Holy Lord God, Forget what your church has been teaching you, forget your false Ideas of what MY Love is, Saith Jesus.  Humble yourself before Me, Fear ME, instead of fearing your Pastor. Fall upon your Face before ME, Saith Jesus Christ.  Open your heart to ME. 
The Time is at hand, you have only a moment in time to turn back to ME, for all that you know and see will change in an instant before you.  You can save ONLY Yourself. You cannot save your wives, your husbands, your children, your neighbors.  Have I not told you this time after time in My Word the Bible?? You can only save yourself if you bow down before Me, Saith Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Only when you become MY Servant instead of insisting that I Obey YOU.  I am sick of your attitude that you are higher than the Most High God. For that is the way of Satan. 
In a moment in time you will be made to choose between Me and continuing your miserable life of the earth for one more day.  Will you choose ME, Saith the Most Holy Lord God Jesus Christ, and suffer torture, suffering such as you cannot even think of now.  Will you willingly go to death and Me?  Will you willingly go to be burned alive as did my servants in the early years, and as did my servants in England under Mary?  Yet many of you will not even be given that choice. You will be sent to your judgment before you even know what is happening. 
Will you be ready to stand before Me Saith Jesus Christ, the Holy One of God?  Most of you are not ready, most of you will taste the fires of Hell, will taste the fires of the Lake of Fire, for you will not even accept this warning to prepare your heart to meet Me, Saith the Almighty Lord God.  As with all the other warnings which I have sent to you through many of my True Servants, you rejected them and stoned my Prophets.  So it is that most of you will also reject this Last warning, and will again stone my Prophet through which I speak, Saith Jesus Christ.  So Be it, for this is your last warning before total judgment falls upon you and your nation.  For no one in the world will be spared.