How to Miss out on Your Blessings

How to Miss out on Your Blessings

By Rev. Jack Barr

A recent survey on church newsletters shows the following results:

**** If 100 people receive a copy of our newsletter 20 won't even look at it
             80 will look at the headlines, titles, graphics and pictures and the captions
              under them.
****Of these 80;  
            20 will read nothing more
            60 will read the short articles, items inside boxes and they will look at
            any charts, tables, diagrams and the captions with them.

**** Of these 60;
           40 will read nothing more
           20 will read the entire newsletter.

Therefore, out of 100 people, only 20 will receive a full blessing. Another 60 will receive only a partial blessing and 20 receives nothing at all.

How many times have I heard someone who receives the newsletter say when they hear me make a statement, "Oh, I didn't know that!" How well I know, that it had been published in our newsletter.

Articles that teach a Bible truth, or a warning, can not always be made short. The few who read ALL the newsletter each week truly receive a blessing, for they are the ones who want to know every little detail about Jesus Christ and His teachings. They study the Bible daily, read commentaries about the Bible and search for the truth where ever it can be found.

But Praise The Lord God. If even one person out of a hundred reads the newsletter and gains one truth from it, out of a lifetime of reading it, then it has been worth all that goes into it. For Our Lord said to teach His word to all who are in the world, He didn't say that they would all listen.

For those of you who wish to throw away your blessings, for those who are too busy to receive a blessing, all you have to do is to throw the newsletters away, or never get around to reading it. We will keep on handing them to you anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you will read one of them someday and receive a blessing for it.

You don't have to read this newsletter, or one from another church, or the Evangel, or the Mountain Mover, or any other paper / magazine. The Blessing that comes from reading these is small compared to the Blessing that comes from reading the Bible, but then you probably don't have the time to read it either. And that is how to miss out on YOUR BLESSINGS.

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