How crafty is Satan?

by Rev. Jack Barr

The attacks by Satan is slick, slippery, and subtle. He has not changed his tactics since the Garden of Eden. It worked there and still works today.

Satan will cast doubt on God's word and on anything that may glorify God. In Genesis, Satan said " did God really say..." Now he still tries to put doubt into the minds of anyone who will listen to him.

An Example taken off of the internet a short time ago. Many would pass it up without realizing that the doubt has been placed into their minds. They will say, "Oh no, it doesn't mean that." They already have so much doubt in their minds now that a little more just doesn't bother them.

On the an internet religious forum, the following statement of Faith was made by one man.

"I believe that Jesus, who was born of the virgin Mary in Bethlehem, lived on this Earth for 33 years as God in the flesh, died on the cross at Calvary, rose from the dead to live forevermore, ascended up into heaven, is now sitting on the right hand of God. This same Jesus is my Lord, and Savior, and Master."

But, Satan could not let this stand without attacking it. One of Satan's agents answered this statement of belief by saying ...

"Hmmmm How dead-set are you on that 33 years?" He went on to quote scripture to show that it may not have been exactly 33 years.

This is throwing doubt on all of that statement of faith by implying that if one part is wrong then all of it is probably wrong also. Subtle isn't it. Satan does the same with the bible. By printing "so called bibles" with many changes from the KJV, it is saying that God's word is wrong because the KJV is wrong, These then become the "Other Gospel" that Apostle Paul warned us to stay away from.

Each little change, each statement challenged, places a doubt on the truth of the whole.

I cry for those who are too blind to see, too deaf to hear. God's word is never wrong, and a strong belief in God is never wrong either.


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