By Moishe Rosen

Do you really want to witness for the Lord but don't quite know how to begin? Try the WOW approach. WOW stands for "Witnessing On the Way." You can turn just about any situation into an opportunity to talk to the Lord and salvation. Jesus did it all the time. Consider the fourth chapter of John's Gospel.

Jesus was sitting beside a well, when along came a Samaritan woman. He asked her for a drink of water, and she taunted Him about the prejudice of the Jews toward Samaritans. Jesus responded by telling her that if she knew who He was and what God could give her, she would ask Him, and He would give her rivers of living water.

The woman mocked Him with, "Well, why don't you just go ahead and give me this water so I don't have to come here any more?" Jesus didn't flinch at her sarcasm. Instead, He used her glib comment to catapult them into a serious discussion about the woman's spiritual condition.

Like Jesus, you, too, can throw an offhand remark into a casual encounter that the other person can grab as a conversational handle. Here are just a few examples:

You are picking up your dry cleaning or laundry. Try saying something like, "It looks good, but it's still not as clean as Jesus can make a person's soul."

Someone stops and asks you for traffic directions. Give the person the directions, smile and add, "By the way, if you are looking for the way to God, Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life."'

Someone tries to tell you a bit of gossip about who did what to whom. Respond with, "The Bible really does tell the truth when it says, 'All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."'

A friend invites you out to dinner and asks what restaurant you prefer. Say, "I'm going to be eating the bread of life and drinking the living waters for all eternity. You choose where we eat tonight."

You are getting filled up at a gas station. Try, "God's power is through the Holy Spirit, and He can fill you in an instant."

The WOW approach is intended to surprise the hearer. It is not typical, mundane, everyday conversation. Neither is it stereotypical hellfire-and-brimstone evangelism an unbeliever might expect to hear.

What response can you expect in return? A person will usually react in one of four ways:

The person may tell you that he or she also believes as you do.

2. Not wanting to talk to you about spiritual matters, the person may smile and go on as if you had not said what you did.

3. The person may taunt you or ridicule what you said. Even if that happens, be sure to end the exchange politely with a smile. You will leave a good impression, and the individual may later think about what you said.

4. The person may enter into a serious discussion with you that might someday lead to his or her salvation.

Just remember, the WOW approach is not intended to be persuasive. It is merely a beginning - an invitation to talk about spiritual things. And if you extend enough handles, someone at some time will grab hold of one.

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