Prophets, What do they Do?

By Rev. Jack Barr

Prophets, What do they Do?

Ge. 20:7 Pray for People
Nu. 11:29 Has the Lords Spirit on them
Nu. 12:6 They have visions
Ho. 12:10 They have visions
Deu. 1:5 Teaches the law
Deu. 5:6 Teaches God's Word
Deu. 18:15 You are commanded to listen to them
Deu. 18:18 They speak what God commands be spoken
Jud. 4:4 Rule the people
Jud 6:8 Gives reminders of what God has done for you
1Sam. 3:20 Are Religious leaders
1Sam. 19:20 Some Prophets set over other Prophets
2Sam. 24:11-12 Brings messages to the people
1Ki. 1:34 They anoint for service
1Ki. 18:22 They Challenge the Ungodly
1Ki. 19:1-10 The destroy evil -- And are Jealous for God
1Ki. 19:16 Then Anoint others to be prophets
2Ki. 3:11 Kings ask them to declare the Lord's Will
2Ki. 4:1-7 They perform Miracles
2Ki. 20:11 They perform Miracles
2Ki. 20:14 they question Kings
2Ki. 22:14 The priest ask for guidance
2Chr. 15:8 The give courage to others
Ne. 6:7 They Preach
Jer. 1:5 They are Ordained
Jer. 7:25 They are servants of God
Jer 20:2 They will suffer for their prophecies
Jer 26:8 They will suffer for their prophecies
Dan. 9:6 They speak to all the People.
Hab. 1:1 They have a burden
Jonah 3:1-4 Speaks God's Words, gives warnings
Mic. 3-8 Powered by the Lord -- gives warnings
Mt. 12:39 They give signs
Mt. 23:34 They foretell
Lk. 7:39 They have discernment
Acts 3:21 They are Holy.
Acts 3:24 They foretell
Acts 13:1 The are in the Church
Acts 15:32 They exhort the brethren.
Rom 3:21 They are witnesses
1Cor. 12:28 They are in the Church
1Cor. 14:29 The are to speak in the Church

Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17-18 Sons & Daughters will prophesied



Miriam Ex. 15:20
Deborah Jud. 4:4, 5:7 Acts as Judge over the people
Huldah 2Ki 22:14
Noadiah Ne. 6:14
Anna Lu. 2:36
Daughters of Philip Acts 21:9
Woman in Church 1Co. 11:5
Isaiah's Wife 1Sa. 8:3

Prophets Commands

1Sa. 1:17
1Ki. 17:13
2Ki. 3:16; 4:3,7; 5:10

Voice of Prophets

Mt. 13:35; 21:4
Lk 1:70
Acts 3:21
James 5:10
2Pe. 3:2

Prophets Spoke by the Spirit

2Pe. 1:21; 3:2
He. 1:1

Taught Man

Acts 18:26

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