Stories to Tickle Your Heart

Last update - 6/9/1999

The Sabbath Keeper -

Chicken and Dumplings by Dinah Lee

God's Joke by BJ

Table For Two by Kirsten Burgess

It Takes Guts To Say Jesus

The Ship - By Scott Willis

A Perfect Minister

Its Not Easy Being White - By Dinah Lee

Parable of the New Soap - By Jan Groenvelt

Letter from a Missouri Mother

Lillian Trasher - Trusting the Lord - By Teresa Giordanengo

Postal Alarm - Reporting a fire by mail - by C.D. Carter

The Letter A letter sent to a friend - Author unknown

Children's Stories By Elnora Watters

John And His Friend

Trouble And The Neighborhood

Spot and Spook: Chapter 1

Spot and Spook: Chapter 2

Spot and Spook: Chapter 3

Short Animal Stories

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