How To Lose Your Faith
By Rev. Jack Barr


Satan will cut you down the same way that a tree is cut down with an axe. Chop, there goes a piece of tree, Chop, Chop, there goes more pieces of the tree. Chop, Chop, the tree does not know that it is being cut down, killed by that axe. It still stands, still green. A Chop here, a Chop there. Just a little at a time. The poor tree doesn't know what is happening. Still standing, still green, but it's life blood, the sap is running out on the ground, but it doesn't know. It's tie to it's roots is being cut off one Chop at a time.

The tree tells itself, " I am still standing and I am still green, I am large and strong, nothing can hurt me. The wind could not blow me over, and the rain could not wash me away. There is nothing that can hurt me. Chop, Chop, there goes more pieces, the tree is getting weaker and if a wind came now it would fall over, but the tree does not know this.

Chop, Chop, Chop, the tree falls over, completely cut from it's roots that feeds it, the roots that holds it up, the roots that keeps the wind from blowing it over, the roots that keep it from being washed away. The tree is down, but it does not know that it is dead. The tree says to itself, I am still strong and I am still green, nothing can hurt me.

The tree does appear to be still alive, for it is still green, but this is only an appearance. Without it's roots, it can not live, it is already dead, -- And does not know it. In a short time after being Chopped down, it will start to droop, then it will wither until totally dried and lifeless, and the tree never knew what happened to it. It will be used for fire wood.

That is how Satan cuts us down, destroying our faith which is our life blood, our tie to our roots which is Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Just a little Chop here and a little Chop there until he has killed us.

If we see, if we recognize, that Satan is chopping on us, then we can call out to Jesus Christ and he will make us so tough that Satan's axe will just bounce off of us. True, Satan may put dents in us, and may bruise us, but Satan's axe will take no Chops out of us and will not be able to cut us down. But if we will not pay attention, if we will not listen to God's Prophets when they tell us that Satan is Chopping on us, and the direction that the axe is coming, then we will be cut down.

You say, "I have the protection of Jesus so Satan Can Not cut ME Down." If you are that sure, then you are like that tree that said "Nothing can hurt me"

The prophets say, "Look Here, this is how Satan will cut you down". Satan has always, from the very start in the Garden of Eden, attacked the Word of God. Did God really say that? Now Satan has taken the Word of God and has tried to make you believe that God didn't say that, at least not that way, you know, He really didn't mean it that way.

There is only one word of God, and God said that it will never change by even so much as a punctuation mark or an accent mark. There are now in the market place, and being used in the churches, hundreds of different books that they call bibles. There are no two that read the same. How can this be?? If God's Word will never change, then why is each one different? There can be only ONE that is the Word of God, all of the others can only be fake, counterfeits. Chop, Chop. I know, the publishers tell you that their's is easier to read. Chop. That it should have been interpreted different. Chop. They take out some verses, Chop Chop. They remove some Words, Chop, Chop, Chop. They change the meaning of some of the verses, Chop, Chop, Chop. They remove the name of God and Jesus Christ from the bible and substitute he, him, the one, Chop, Chop, Chop. They change the doctrines. Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop.

They tell you that all the doctrines are there, then they change the statement to, all the major doctrines are there, that you can find them all. It is like taking a quart jar, adding three ounces of orange juice, filling the rest of the way with water, and then trying to convince you that it is orange juice. Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop,

Every time a minister says, "this bible says it this way, that bible says it that way, etc." you are being Chopped on. Chop, Chop, Chop, for you are being convinced that the real word of God can be interpreted just any way that you want to and that it's OK. Chop, Chop, Chop. They are telling you the same thing that Satan is whispering in their ear, that God really didn't say that, or that God didn't mean it that way. Chop, Chop. They tell you that the interpreters of the real word of God didn't know what they were doing, Chop, that they didn't have all of the manuscripts that we have today, Chop, that there are new ways to interpret that the original translators didn't know about, Chop, Chop.

They would have you believe, by implication, that God is so weak that He was unable to guide the original translators of the bible, the first English Bibles, leading to and including the King James 1611 version translators, and so they made mistakes, Chop, Chop. That God is so weak that He can not protect His Words from change. Chop, Chop.

T I M B E R !!! CRASH, You are on the ground, cut off from your roots if you believe "Them". Go ahead, Cry out to the Whole World that YOU are STILL ALIVE, and Nothing can hurt you! Keep on crying out how strong you are while you are withering and drying out in the death of your spirit, no longer standing. Go ahead and believe and proclaim that anybody's interpretation of the Word of God is just as good as is God's interpretation in the Bible that He protects, because it is His Word. The King James Bible, of 1611, which has not changed in the 400 years since it was translated. Every one of the newer bibles have more changes every time that they print.

There can only be One Bible that is the Word of God. It is up to you to find that one, for your spiritual life depends on you finding it. When you know which one that it is, the reading of that bible will make your spiritual tree so hard that Satan will be unable to cut you down with his axe. For when you follow the True Word of God, Jesus will make your Spirit so hard that Satan's axe will bounce off of you.

OK, so now you have your feelings hurt. You are angry, you are fuming. How dare I say such things about YOUR favorite bible version. Go ahead and send me a message taking me to task for this. Go ahead an curse me for it, why not, you won't be the first, and you won't be the last. Go ahead and tell me how I have maligned you as a preacher because you believe in using all of the different versions. Tell me how wrong I am, I don't care, but there will be some who will be moved by this article, and they will go before God, seeking the Truth, God's Truth, not man's, and God will show them what is true and what is false. And they will have a spirit that can not be cut down by Satan with his axe. Call me a fanatic, and I will thank you, because I am a fanatic. A fanatic for God, A fanatic for the Word of God. I am Jealous for the Word of God, I am hurt when I see men turn and twist God's word into something that is not, just as the Pharisees did, and was condemned by Jesus for doing it.


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