By Rev. Jack Barr

It is quite obvious that dinosaurs were created on the same day as Adam; on the sixth day. All land animals were created on this day, culminating with the creating of God's highest creation: Man.

Dinosaurs were also on Noah's Ark, seeing as how two of every unclean beast was brought onto the ark. The matter of size is really no matter at all. Most dinosaurs were the size of a German shepherd. The animals that were gathered onto the ark would most likely have been young, or barely mature creatures because God wanted them to repopulate the earth. Old animals would not have the same ability to accomplish this. If dinosaurs were reptilian in nature, they would grow constantly until death, making a young Brontosaurus dinosaur not nearly as big as the ones commonly found in museums. The Behemoth in Job bears a striking resemblance to one of these creatures.

We think that we must find evidence outside the Bible to prove the Bible. This is false. Any science must be proven, or at least attempted to be proven by testing. The fact that the creation of the Universe and Earth cannot be tested means that any statements about it are belief ( both Evolution and Creation) making both of them religions.

As it is the only way to find out how creation actually happened is to ask someone who was there. Were you (Job 38:4). No, but our God was and since He is unable to lie, it is a good bet that the Earth was created in six days and dinosaurs were created on the sixth.

What happened to the dinosaurs you might ask. They died; as a result of man's sin. To state that they existed and died out millions of years before man negates this fact and therefore says that death and suffering were in the world before man's sin. If you go by this way of thinking then Jesus Christ's death on the cross means nothing, for if because of his death the Earth will one day be free of death and suffering "like it was in the beginning" this would now a lie.

Conclusion: God took 6 days to create the world as an example to us of a week. If He had taken six million years it would be a really rough work week. There was no death before the fall of Adam, and dinosaurs and man have lived together on the Earth (just like cave paintings, which so called evolutionary scientists would prefer we didn't see, in Australia show plainly). Or the footprints in rock layers of both man and dinosaurs together Texas and also in Russia. In the book of Job chapter 40 starting in verse 15 , we have a description of a creature that was known to Job who lived about the same time as Abraham did. (God said, now look at Behemoth that I made along with you.) This shows that Job knew the creature just as you now know a horse or a cow. It still lived in Job's lifetime. From this description, it sounds very much like the Brontosaurus dinosaur. Heaven forbid, the Evolutionist could never have that.

I personally believe that the Bible supports dinosaurs on the ark , that the dinosaurs did live at the same time and with man, and we may still have some form of sea dinosaurs living in our oceans today. Rev. Jack Barr

We will finish out with some other theories on how the dinosaurs died, as put forth by other people who, by their writings, make known that they do not accept God's word on much of anything. You, of course, must make up your own mind as to what you believe.

Theory - 1 Against Evolution -- But It's Just A Natural Process

Dinosaurs lost in flood?

Author unknown

Best evidence suggest that many years ago, the earth was struck by some natural disaster and has been dying ever since. This may have been a huge meteor striking the earth, a shift in the sun's magnetic field or one of many other theories could be correct. If all human life had disappeared at the time of this disaster, or never subsequently appeared whichever the case may be, did you know that this would still be a dying planet? As intelligent beings and caretakers of the earth, we are the saviors of the world, not the destroyers of it.

Natural forces such as seismic activity are leading the earth into the same state that we find our sister planet Venus in; the runaway greenhouse effect and continuous acid rain. Human fossil fuel activity has not altered the direction of this development and accounts for only a fraction of carbonic emissions. Things are going in that direction even without us, same as it did on Venus. The unchecked result of planetary evolution we can already see out there.

Evidence also suggests that the Bible is our best written record of ancient history. (And should be at least discussed in public schools. Your children can not receive a complete education without the worlds #1 book.) This helps us to conclude that there was a water canopy in the thermosphere that helped keep this earth a productive tropical paradise before disaster struck. The canopy suddenly collapsed during the natural disaster dumping large quantities of water on the surface of the earth. This also must have began another real cause of the massive slaughters; violent seismic & volcanic activity throwing into the atmosphere huge amounts of acids, green-house gasses and sun blocking dust.

Then also slashing apart the super-continent. Large quantities of underground water would also be released at this time from the now violent seismic activity adding to the flood effect. This also may contribute to the now violent movement of continental plates because water is a lubricant.

The only real discrepancy modern science has with Bible history is in the amount of time involved. But how much time would this really take? Yet clearly massive extinction's have been taking place ever since with no new species ever shown. (Accurate carbon and other dating systems rely on relatively constant conditions for accuracy which is drastically not the case.) In the Siberian desert, for example, we have found warm-climate tropical plants frozen solid! This strongly suggesting that disaster suddenly struck, turning warm regions instantly cold and did not develop slowly as evolution required. The only remaining scientific evidence left for evolution is that simpler life forms are found at the bottom of the sediment. Yet in the sudden catastrophe, the simpler sea life would of course be found on the bottom with the more complex life further on top. Thus a completely baseless theory.

With the carnage so vast, seas quickly became salty. Adaptation to this new and hostile environment weakened survivors even further. Neither can a sick planet provide a healthy diet. Thus disease and defects came about.

Archeological evidence further strongly suggests that the subsequent harsh conditions have also led to periodic extinction's with fewer and weaker species surviving. Periodic droughts followed by famine and flooding has reduced the total vegetation to coastal areas and flood water regions. Starving animals and humans have been forced to devour the remaining trees and shrubs and even each other. Neither has violence improved behavior. Most of the earth is now already baron and desolated waste areas of ice, saltwater and sand.

Theory - 2 Nature Did It, God is not involved.

Author unknown

One theory states that the huge dinosaurs died from oxygen deprivation. As atmospheric changes took place and plant life disappeared, oxygen content went down. Another theory, observing humans, says that physical work, which is good for the muscles, takes from the brain its much needed share of the oxygen. This would also imply that there is no longer enough oxygen for our advanced life to exist at full genetic expression; further blocking our progress.

Although it is true that the process is accelerated by animal and human activity (particularly fossil fuel production) it is also true that life in general has been trapped by the disaster's consequences of survival of the fittest, the most vicious; and the predator-prey relationships existing in this brutal world. Mother Nature; what a bitch.

If the planet isn't getting hotter, as some factors predicted, then it is getting colder. Watering the ground by rain (instead of the pre-deluvian mist) leaches out nutrients and minerals from the soil. Similar to the way drinking distilled water leaches minerals from your body. Observe the weak rain forest soils as a case in point. Then there are other extremes such as drought and flooding. First there is too much then too little; from erosion to dust bowls and high winds. Clearly the healthy balances are getting harder and harder to maintain.

Those who say "we are ruining the earth", reveal a lack of self confidence and faith in God's design of human nature. Those who say "they are ruining the earth", display an irresponsible attitude. To say; we are the saviors of the earth, reveals confidence and responsibility towards correcting world conditions.

If the earth is to be saved, we are the ones that must save it. No help has ever come to us from above. This is a dying planet and has been a dying planet even before humans developed a simple wheel. We must control the forces of nature or the forces of nature will control us. We must develop idealities which yield technologies that can rejuvenate the earth or this will become a dead planet. We must ignorantly stop blaming ourselves for the origin of world problems and get to the real difficulties on hand: The forces of nature and the consequences that result from submission to them.

Theory - 3 Dalmatian religion - Worship both Science and God

Authors Unknown

Dinosaurs came first. No, they don't fit any theory of creationism. Creationism was invented in the 19th Century as a reaction to the advance of technology and science and the future shock those advances created. Creationism has no basis in Christian history; Christians of the 18th Century would regard creationists as cultists, perhaps not even Christian cultists.

Make certain your daughter knows that God loves her, as Genesis tells us. Make sure she knows the history of dinosaurs so that she doesn't become dissociative. Don't try to use the Bible as a science book, however. All reputable Biblical scholars have warned us against doing that since the canon was created as we know it today.

Don't bother yourself with any of the ICR or other creationist group publications. None of them stand up to scrutiny. They do not do scholarly research and have been unable to produce any done in the name of creationism when asked by courts.

Remember the admonition of Paul, to seek those things that are praiseworthy and of good report. No creationism document I have seen falls into that category; seek them not. Do not force your daughter to choose between the science that saves her life from polio and measles and the faith you want her to have. That choice is a false dichotomy, but one that many children make with the easy out that they can live without Jesus, but not without water. See the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman; do not deprive your daughter of either kind of water.

Dear somer100,

I guess you tell your daughter what you feel., I agree with DUNCAPO.

My Bible tells me in Rom 5:12 that: by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin. That tells me NO death before Adam! Therefore Adam HAD to live with dinosaurs.

Some have a "Dalmatian religion" they believe the Bible in spots!

2Tim 3:16 says: All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

2Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4 And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

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