Jesus is Returning

Jesus is Returning

By Rev. Jack Barr

Yes, Jesus is returning. Sooner than you think. You hear this statement over and over again. You think to yourself, yea, someday. You hear the word soon, and you say, yea but a 1000 years is to God as a day. I see in you no enthusiasm. You don't really believe, you are not really looking for Jesus today. Maybe tomorrow but not today.

Well let me give you something to think about. I hesitate to tell you this because it can cause a problem for you as well. Knowing this can cause you to put off looking for Jesus, because you will think that you have time yet. That is a dangerous path because Jesus will return for His saints before, I repeat, before the tribulation starts. And that appearance by Jesus could come at any moment. Like the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 were ready and went with the bridegroom and 5 were not ready and stayed behind. But all were watching for the bridegroom.

It isn't enough to be watching for Jesus to return, you must also be ready to go with Him.

I would like to quote from the July, 1965, Reader's Digest book section. The condensed book "a gift of Prophecy", written by that famous (But equally false) prophetess, Jeane Dixon. Jeane Dixon is guided by a familiar spirit (a consulter of mediums) which is forbidden by God. This makes her a prophetess of Satan. The article concludes with the following words:

"A child born in the middle East on February 5, 1962, will revolutionize the world and eventually unite all warring creeds and sects into one all-embracing faith. This person, who has been the subject of some of Jeane Dixon's strongest, clearest visions, was born of humble peasant origin. Mankind, she says, will begin to feel the great force of this man about 1980, and his power will grow mightily until 1999, at which time there will be peace on earth to all men of good will."

Is it just a coincidence that all church denominations have declared a decade of harvest in the 1990s just as the Assemblies of God has. Jesus is at our doorstep I will not try to predict a date, but IF the prediction of Jeane Dixon is correct, then Jesus will be returning anytime. Are you ready for Jesus to come right now. Right this second? If not, then I suggest that you have a long heart to heart talk with God, right now. This is one thing that only you can do. May God bless all of you.

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