The "Alpha Course" & Prophecy #919

By Rev. Jack Barr

The "Alpha Course" & Prophecy #919

Received from a Pastor Friend

Quote: wrote:

Hi All, You are all people who know the power of prayer in accessing Kingdom power for the purposes of God. For that reason I ask you all to pray for the ALPHA course which begins this Thursday evening at 8:00PM. Since this is one of the most powerful and effective evangelism tools to surface in recent memory--with abundant fruit to prove it--hell works overtime to discourage, interfere with, and whatever else the principalities and powers can do to compromise its effectiveness. "Precious Blood" cover for the process as well as those who by God's will, are called to either lead or participate, is required.

A deeply fruitful revival occurred in Wales at the turn of the 20th Century because people prayed believing prayers. One apparently that is credited with God given focus is as follows: "Come Holy spirit, in Jesus' Name, and bring more power." Simple and to the point. The power of God, the Grace of God, is accessed and brought to bear on human brownness through faith. Your faith-filled, believing prayer assures the result.

Brother XXXXXX

Answer to him.

My Friend, I can see how excited you are over the Alpha Course that will be starting at your church.

I had not heard of the "Alpha Course" before your letter, so I went out to the internet to look it up.

Now I do not know first hand what the Alpha Course really teaches. But there were several things I learned about it which worries me very much. I found this part posted on site after site.

Alpha is a ten-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith for our lives today. It is a practical introduction to the basics of Christianity with loads of opportunity for debate and discussion.

With the Bible and the True Word of God, there is NO Debate, there can NOT be any Debate. For the Word of God is fixed, and therefore while it may, and should be discussed, it can NEVER be Debated, for it is Never wrong. To even enter into a debate implies that it could be wrong, where you try to prove your side right, and they try to prove their side is right. You cannot both be right. In a debate, it does not matter what the Truth is, the only thing that matters is who can come up with the best argument. When you read the Bible, you never found Jesus, or any of the Apostles Debate with anyone. They all said that this is the way that it is – Period --- End of story, and when one wanted to challenge them, to argue or debate, they rebuked them before walking away. Never a Debate.

And I found:

Church leaders from all denominations report the astonishing impact the course has on non-churchgoers and existing Christians in their areas. And it's spreading fast to many secular locations


The Alpha course is a course on the basics of the Christian faith. It has spread all over the world and is currently run in 152 countries by many different denominations.

My friend, we have been warned of a FALSE Revival coming to the world, and I believe that this is that FALSE Revival spoken of in the prophecies. Which I show below.

And some of the sites pushing the Alpha Course had this to say:

The basic Alpha Course generally avoids mention of divisive issues (such as sacraments, sexual issues and clerical office to name a few)

In other words, side step part of God's Word, and sugar coat a few things but do not tell it like it is because it will scare the people away and then I can not sell my tapes and books.

Salvation comes not by having nice dinners, while listening to someone talk or show films, Salvation comes by accepting the Word of God, the Word as Given by Jesus Christ. Real conversion comes under persecution, and not by joining into the social clubs which so many churches today have become.

I am sure that this Alpha Course will fill the church Buildings, and that is all that I can see that it has been designed to do, and my friend, that in itself is NOT conversion of any one.

From the one of the internet sites:


Whenever a movement or doctrine is examined it is always important to trace it back to its roots. The Lord Jesus Christ declared in Matthew 7:18 - "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." Similarly we can say that if a stream is contaminated at its source then the pollutant will be in the river and all who come into contact with that river run the risk of being contaminated. It is therefore essential that at we trace the Alpha course as far back as possible.

Let us, however, concentrate on Holy Trinity, Brompton. It was there in the early nineties that the 'Toronto Blessing' first showed its ugly and ungodly head in Britain. In fact, Nicky Gumbel was one of the leading lights in the propagating of this evil in this land. Now I have not the time to deal with the Toronto Blessing at this time, but I can assure you that it will be dealt with on another occasion in the will of God, and shown to be the evil that it is. Suffice it to say: the Toronto Blessing is not the work of the Holy Spirit.

My Friend in Christ, I have just looked at their Root, and it raises the hairs on the back of my neck, and sends shivers down my back. For I have Previously studied, and traced back and forth, the source from the middle of Africa, to the "Toronto Blessing" (former Toronto Airport Vineyard Church), to the "Holy Trinity Brompton" English church in London, to around the world, and also from the "Holy trinity Brompton Church" through Stephen Hill, an Assembly of God Evangelist to the "Brownsville, Florida" False Revival, to many other churches who went to Brownsville and who went back only to lead their own churches to destruction. Every Bit of this path was, and is Satanic.

What they all have in common is what is called a "Transferable Anointing" , that is, for example, If the Lord anointed me to raise the dead, then anyone that I anointed would have that same anointing to raise the dead, and anyone they anointed would then have that very same anointing. But The Most Holy Lord God Almighty DOES NOT EVER GIVE SUCH AN ANOINTING THAT CAN BE TRANSFERRED TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! Every Anointing from God is given to each and every person whom God wishes to give it to, by God Himself. I cannot, nor can anybody else ever give to anyone an anointing which God has given to me, or to them. It is only Satan who uses that "Transferable Anointing" , and it is not used to raise the dead, rather it is always used to lead people away from God.

I was warned by God to let no man who had been anointed at Brownsville, where Stephen Hill brought that anointing, to lay hands on me, for they were passing on that "Transferable Anointing". And since then, I have see ministers who had been anointed at Brownsville who have now turned their backs on God. Yes they still run churches, but all of God's people have left those churches also. It is that same anointing which Nickyu Gumbel (the originator of the Alpha Course) and Sandy Millar of "Holy Trinity Brompton" church received.

My friend, I am now, and will continue to pray that you do not get caught up in this thing, I will continue to pray that the Holy Lord God will open your eyes and to give you discernment about this movement, to make know to you if this movement is of God, or of Satan.

My friend, I am compelled to give you this warning, even if you become offended and cut me off of your email list. If that is to be, then let it be, but this warning I must give, for I am concerned that you may be led astray in this thing.

Let me tell you this one thing, there is not one man on the face of the Earth who can give you the Baptism in the Holy Spirit!! There is no way that you can receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by anyone standing up and inviting the Holy Spirit to come into the room, or place. I know for I have the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and am guided by the Holy Spirit. I know how it comes, and from whom it comes, for it is the Gift of the Father, and only from the Father. One other thing, the Holy Spirit does not make anyone sound like any kind of animal, making sounds like an animal. Nor does the Holy Spirit have anyone wiggling around on the floor like a snake. Nor does the Holy Spirit make anyone laugh and laugh and laugh, as some have done for days and weeks. Nor does the Holy Spirit leave anyone feeling drunk and have them stagger all over the place. All that is not of God. Of this I speak with the knowledge of having the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, of having the Presence of the Holy Spirit put me on the floor many times, for no one stands in the presence of God until God tells them to get up. Each time I have been there, I never wanted to come back. And I have seen many who the Holy Spirit has put on the floor, and not one has ever exhibited the signs which I showed above as being Not from God.

The night that I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and started with the sign of having received, all that I could think of was to Praise the Lord God Almighty for Accepting me as a Believer. And I know others who had the same experience. And I, as are most who receive the Baptism, was alone at the time of receiving the Baptism. Yes there are some who receive the Baptism while there are people around them who are praying and laying on of hands, for that is the way that one of my sons received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. And the sign of speaking in tongues will be there, just as the Bible says that it will..

With the Love of Jesus
Jack Barr

Note: In the following prophecies, All highlighting and underline and bold is by me, and not in the original, except for the Titles.

Prophecy from Raymond Aguilera

919. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 June 1996 at 10:56 AM.

The Lord showed me the image of a Plumb Line, and the Lord said, "I control the direction of the Plumb Line. My Plumb Line can move horizontal; it can move vertical; it can move to the north, to the west and to the east. It can point straight up into the air. It could point directly to you. There is no limit to the direction of My Plumb Line because I am the Father - Jehovah, that created everything that you see; everything that you touch; everything that is; everything that will be. Be prepared. Be wise. Be in line with the Plumb Line of Jehovah.

For some of you, this is confusing. To those who are in the Word: to those who are focused on their God - Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit - know exactly what I am saying; they are the mature Christians. What I have said is very simple; but to man - it is very complex. All Wisdom comes from God. All evil comes from Satan. To understand the ways of God, you have to be following God: Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Me - Jehovah. To understand evil, you have to be following Satan.

It's not hard to understand which God you are following. Whether your god is Satan, whether your God is Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit - they will give you a Plumb Line and that Plumb Line will direct you to the path of righteousness - or to the path of the pit of hell. The choice is yours. Whatever direction My Plumb Line points: whether it's vertical, whether it's horizontal, whether it's to the right or the left - it's always leads you to Heaven: to the throne of God. If you follow the plumb line of the devil - it's a one-directional plumb line; it leads you to damnation: to the pit of hell - to everlasting suffering.

Do you get the picture? Do you understand My Words? This is a short lesson on the Plumb Line. It's direct; it's clear; it's pointed, if you are on the right path. If you don't understand what I have said, you are in trouble - to say the least. You better open that Bible. You better read it from the beginning to the end; and when you are finished, you better read it again. And when you are finished, you better read again. You better find out where you are going, or let's say - which Plumb Line you are following - or which Plumb Line you are looking at. No matter what direction the Plumb Line of God is pointing: it's always towards the direction of Heaven. You have to follow the road that is narrow; but you have to find the road first - before you can follow it.

I hear the term: "name it and claim it." This man-made term comes from the unwise. It comes from people who don't understand the Bible. It comes from the lost. Are you following the Plumb Line? I just told you: you can claim what you want - I'll decide whether I listen. The authority belongs to God - Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You can claim all the blessing you want, but if you are not on My Plumb Line - I don't know you! You can claim all you want: and all that you will get is the back of My Hand.

And this goes for the leadership, the so-called wise men of Christ, who are so busy patting themselves on their behinds. Because the devil is ready to kick them into the pit of hell on their tender spots, do you get My Picture? It is CLEAR; it is DIRECT! There is a lot of false teaching in the Body of Christ, these days. Ninety-nine percent of it is wrong. The reason I say that is because people twist the Bible to suit their purposes. Secondly, they don't read the Bible from the beginning to end. They jump around: to justify their "name it and claim it;" to justify their doctrine; to justify their pocket books. The wise are HUMBLE. And the HUMBLE - I will take to Heaven.

The preachers and evangelists like to pump up people. They like to get them excited. They think they are doing them a favor. They think they are bringing them to God. If you believe - that you have to pump somebody up to bring them to God: you are following the WRONG Plumb Line. If you cannot go to a brother, humbly and meekly, with what is in your heart, and preach the Gospel of God - you have a problem. There is no theatrics in the Lord - Jesus Christ; there is no theatrics in the Lord - Jehovah; there is no theatrics in the Lord - Holy Spirit - for We are GOD! What We say gets DONE - CORRECTLY, CLEARLY, and to the POINT. We don't have to entertain people. We don't have to amuse people. We don't have to buy people. We don't have to CON people.

The Word of God is enough! Whether it is through signs and wonders -whether it is the breaking of the body, through the spirit, that was caused by hearing the Word of God, whatever the manner - whatever the shape: it's the Word of God! It is not how you pretend it to be; it's not how you want it to be either: IT is what IT is! It has always been what it was, before you even existed. You don't have to sugarcoat it. You don't have to fan it with a fan. You don't have to stand on one thumb. You don't have to wear big fancy hairdos'. You don't have drive a big car. You don't have to wear jewelry. You don't have to wear neon lights. You don't have to pretend you are sexy. The Word of God has done, what the Word of God said - PLAINLY, SIMPLY, DIRECTLY, to the POINT.

If you are a preacher or an evangelist that is following that path, you will be visiting Satan very soon. Do you get My Word, Clearly, and Directly to the Point? If you are a follower of a preacher or evangelist-pastor who projects these mannerisms that are ungodly, I'll state it again: they are ungodly, they are man-made, they are made of Satan; for I know My Sheep and they know Me - I don't have to entertain them. I do give them signs and wonders through the Power of the Holy Spirit; but when they see My Signs and Wonders, they know it is God - because they have read the Bible - because they have a personal relationship with Me - not their evangelist, not their meetings, not their organizations. Do you get My Picture? Do you understand My Words? The Power Presence of God is very Clear. It's very Direct.

A lot of you are following Satan and you think you are following God - but even Satan, himself, trembles at My Words. Do you get that Picture? Do you understand what I have said? EVEN SATAN TREMBLES AT MY WORDS! Now, make up your mind - who do you want to follow - Satan or Me: Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? A lot of pastors, a lot of evangelists are going to get mad at this Word; but do I care if they get mad? I'll do to them what I am going to do to the devil. Do you get My Picture? Do you understand My Words?

Read that Bible from the beginning to the end and you'll understand what I have just said: the Power of God is infinite. The Power of God belongs to God. It doesn't belong to evangelists. It doesn't belong to anyone - though I do use people in mighty ways; but the Power is Mine. Do you get that Picture? So much for your lecture today on the Plumb Line.

I can see the red eyes of certain leaders right now. I can see their anger. Their day will come when they look at Me, eye-to-eye, and We will see how angry they will get when they are in My Presence. We will see! Are you listening to Me - you red eyed pastors and evangelists - did you hear what I have said Clearly and to the Point? We will see if you do a dance to My Face. We will see if you will prophesy to Me; and on how you can, "Name it and Claim it," when you are in My Presence and I have My Thumb on top of your head. So be it! So be it! So be it!" (over)

Prophecy of Thomas Gibson

1997 07 04.1

Thus says the Lord God, there is coming a world wide revival; much greater than you have seen.

And for many purposes it shall look like a revival sent from the word of the Holy Ghost.

HOWEVER, thus says the Lord, it will be NOT of Me. It will be people who seek the Word, but only in a selfish manner. It shall not be like the Toronto Blessing. It shall have different errors about it. It will not be the same thing, but it shall come and it shall take over much of the world as you know it. People will change and seek after this new revival.

But rather than seek at the strange words and manifestations––rather seek peace or seek Me for I shall reveal truth and honesty and holiness unto My people, who will not be deceived, says the Lord.

With the Love of Jesus
Rev. Jack Barr

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