By Rev. Michael Beck

Blessed are the peacemakers: For they shall be called children of God (Matt. 5:9 KJV).

Before you received the gospel, the yearning for a safe haven, a secure relationship with someone, or even your own self worth, seemed always far off.

But since you've embraced the gifts provided you by Christ's sacrifices, you've learned to enjoy the covenants of promises, and have come to understand your citizenship though Jesus Christ. When Jesus fulfilled the law with it's decrees and ordinances, he annulled the separation between you and God. This act made us a new creation wherein old things had passed away and All things had become new.

The word "Peace" appears in the New Testament over 100 times. The most common usage of the word is a state of rest, quietness, or calmness. It generally denotes a perfect well being. This state is a progressive achievement of an inward code of ethics that produces a harmonious relationship with God.

Through our apprenticeship with Jesus, we begin to derive that God's abilities and powers equips and strengthens us. We learn that God is consistent and unchanging. Our allegiance with God enables Him to cleanse our hearts. Layer upon layer, precept upon precept, line upon line, we are transformed. We arrive at a place of rest. Here we rely upon love and power and we can know that out sound mind is God's.

In understanding peace, one must know that Jesus was made our peace. And that to live in Christ, means we no longer live for ourselves.

Jesus Christ's exampling life for us was made complete at the cross. The totality of God's covenant's depends upon your receiving and acknowledging the sacrifices of Christ. Your confessions makes way for the provision in Christ of your daily walk.

The mere knowledge of this relationship with Christ, is when we begin to take our place and assume our rights and privileges in Christ. Only then can God use us.

A major facet to finding the peace that passes all understanding, is by keeping your heart and mind obedient to the commitment that you made with Jesus Christ.

Your steadfastness will bring you to the secret place of The Most High. Trusting in the Lord and Living your Life according to the scriptures, will still your heart. Peace will replace all your doubts and fears. Be assured that if you continue in Him, The Lord will most certainly fulfill His purpose for you.

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