Just What is The Fear of God?



By Rev. Jack Barr      Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:56 pm    


Hi All,

I know that there will be some who will believe what is written here, I know that there are Many who will reject what is written here outright, I know that there will be many who will have serious doubts about what is written here. So Be it. I can only speak what I know to be what the Word of God does say on this subject. It makes no difference to me if those who read this message agrees with it or not. I will be praying for the souls of everyone who reads this, regardless of where you stand with the Most Holy Lord God Jesus Christ. Each of you must take both the previous message titled "Why Fear God" and this message which speaks of just what is the Fear of God, back to Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Spirit of Our Lord and God, for the truth of this word. Forget what your pastor has said, Forget what your neighbor has said, and take it back to God Himself.

The Truth is that the Fear of God is no longer taught within the many churches today. Instead they teach a False Doctrine of God's Love, turning and twisting their teachings of God's Love into something which is Satanic in nature. What they teach as being God's Love is NOT God's Love, but is a Deceptive concept as invented by man and demons. You question, How can that Be, for my pastor, elder, Priest, etc. is a man of God. And Though he may quote bible verses to back up what he says, you had better be sure that he has not taken those bible verses out of context, or is not misquoting them, or giving them a wrong interpretation. Remember that Satan tried to misuse the Bible verses to trick Jesus in the Wilderness. Do you know the Bible well enough to know when Satan is twisting the Words of the Bible? Or are you totally trusting whatever man is telling you, just because he stands behind the podium of your church, or speaks to you out of your TV set?

Do not even trust My Word here, or elsewhere, but Take all of my words back to Jesus Christ and let Jesus tell you if I speak for Him as He gives it to me, or if I speak only by myself.

With the Love of Jesus
Jack Barr Dec. 20, 2009


Just What is the Fear of God???

by Rev. Jack Barr     Dec. 19, 2009

The question which hangs out there, like the Elephant in the Room that no one wants to talk about, and that is the Question :: Just What is the Fear of God???

Certainly it is NOT anything like the fear of man toward man. No indeed it is not. And perhaps that is where the Confusion comes in. Man tries to relate the things of God to how man reacts to the emotions of man in matters of Love and of Fear. They are Not the same. They are Very much Different.

And yes, I do indeed both Love Jesus Christ, and at the same time Fear Jesus. Every time that I realize that I have sinned against Jesus Christ and the Almighty Lord God, I cringe and fall down before My Lord and God and start begging His Forgiveness. That is the result of having the Fear of the Lord. The Fear that I have hurt Jesus, the Fear that I have cut myself off from Jesus.

It is not the fear that if we do something wrong that God is just waiting up there with a big stick to beat us with, No it is not that kind of fear. Neither is the Love of God like the Love of man for man, where man believes that when man loves someone, that they will do nothing to even upset the person that they love. No, That is not the Love of God Either. The Love of God is directed to only one thing, and that is to lead you to the Salvation of the Lord God. To reunite you with God. To this end, If God has to break you into pieces, He will do it. If God has to almost destroy you in order to make you turn to Him, then He will do it. That is the True Love of God, For True Love wants what is the Absolute Best for the one that they Love. And the very Best for man is the Salvation of the Lord. Does not the Lord say that He will Chastise those whom he Loves? Do you not understand that means that God will not hesitate to take a stick to you. For if you Love someone you will correct them by any means in order to direct them down the correct path, and especially if they try going a wrong way.

Now to answer your Question: A person said to me  - - - -

You will most likely declare that you both fear Him and love Him. But which is the greatest of the two that humbles you and draws you closer to Him?


Being aware of the many devastating things God has done causes us to fear what He can do and one day will do to unbelievers and those that continue in their sin. However, it is not fear that draws us closer to Him, but rather love.

It is NOT Love which brings us to Our Lord and God, NO, it is Fear, the fear of the Lord God which forces us to our knees, which brings us to beg for forgiveness, it is this fear of God which the Lord God has placed upon us. Many calls this Conviction, the Conviction that WE have sinned against God Himself. This fear, and or Conviction, comes about us when we realize how Great God Really is, and how small and insignificant we are before Him. It is a fear that makes us want to curl up and hide from God, but we instinctively know that we Cannot hide from the Almighty Lord God, and so we fall down before God and beg forgiveness.

How can we Love God when we have never known him?

How can we Love God when we do not know Him? It is not until we have fallen down before God in the Fear of the Lord God that we then start to know about him, and the more we come to know about God, the more we start to Love Him. You pass by strangers all the time as you go through life, yet you have NO Love for any of them. No, there is NO Love for all those strangers, not one ounce of Love until we get to know them. Then we start to Love that individual person, and that is the Love which then draws us closer to them. As we learn to Love them, then we want to be with them more and more.

No my Friend, It is not, and cannot be Love which brings us to God. It is only when we have come to Fear God that we will fall down before Him and Acknowledge Him as the One and Only True God. Then, and only then will we bow down to God and beg forgiveness. That my friend is Conviction!! Every Evangelist out there knows this, for they see it happen over and over again. My Friend, No one will bow down before God Almighty until they have come to Fear the God Almighty. You do not bow down to Equals do you? No you do not. And to the non believer they believe that they are either equal to, or above, God.

I know that you said that your Love for God was gradual and drew you to him. And I believe that to be true. for that is the way that Love works for man, it takes time for Love to grow. But somewhere along the way, either you felt the Fear of the Lord, and repented before God, or you have not felt the fear of the Lord, and thus have not yet gained Salvation. It is just that simple.

I knew of Jesus for most of my life, yet it is only near the end of my life when I finally fell down before Jesus, and begged forgiveness. When I cried out to Jesus Christ in Agony. Until that day, I had neither Love, nor Fear, toward God. I knew about Jesus but had no feelings either way. My daughter-in-law tells of her Love of Jesus all of her life, and how she believed that she had salvation, but the day came when she came to realize that it was all in her head and not in her heart. On that day she testified how as she was listened to an Evangelist who was speaking to a group of children that the fear of the Lord came upon her, and she came to gain the salvation of the Lord. Did she really Love Jesus before that day? No! She knew about Jesus, and she believed that she had the Salvation of the Lord, but as she came to realize that day, she did not have Salvation until that very day and hour, for that is when the Fear of the Lord came upon her and she bowed her knee to Jesus. Yes she did believe in going to church, but going to church will not give you Salvation.

One woman that has helped lead me to the Lord has testified that she came to the Lord God when the Lord God gave her a look down into the Fires of Hell. She said that one day she found herself walking a tight rope over the top of hell, that she could see the torments, feel the heat, hear the screams, and she said that she started crying out to God, Please don't let me Fall, and kept repeating that until she was out of the vision. She came to God because of the Fear of the Lord God. My brother Bob, who knew Christ in his head, but lived a homosexual lifestyle, and taught his daughter that there was no God, was on his deathbed when the Lord had me get out of bed and said to me, "Pray for your brother Bob." I prayed for an unknown length of time until the Lord released me from praying for him. I had prayed, Lord either show him yourself or show him hell. When the Lord released me from praying, the Lord God said to me, "I showed him Hell and he came to me." My brother came back from the edge of death and lived another year before the Lord took him. In that year, you could not have gotten Bob away from God with a nuclear bomb. It was the Fear of God which brought Bob to the Lord God, it was not love.

My Friend, Are you not aware that the bible shows us all the ways that will NOT work in keeping man to worship and Obeying God. Not the knowing of God directly as did Adam and Eve who walked with God daily, seeing God as he really was. Down past all the rules and commands which were given to the Israelites, past this dispensation of Grace that we are in now, and through the future of Direct rule by Jesus Christ with a Rod of Iron. No my friend, then God tells us the only way in which it will work to keep all of creation to worshiping and Obeying God, and that is given to us in Isaiah 66:23-24 where every creature will go from worshiping God, Every Sabbath, directly to look down into the Lake of Fire to see what happens to anyone who disobeys God. That my Friend is what will Keep the Fear of God upon all of Creation, the Fear of what God can, and has done. It is ONLY the Fear of God which will keep us near God.

From the very beginning, God has demanded only two things from man, and that is to Worship Him, and to OBEY Him. Listen to that key, - - To OBEY - - and who will Obey if they do not fear??

Think on this. Why do you, or any man, obey the many laws which have been put in place by our governing people? It certainly is not because we Love those people who set those laws, no, we obey because we are fearful of what will happen to us if we fail to obey those laws. Such as the driving through a red stop light. We stop because we know that if we do not do so that we, at the least, will get a ticket and have to pay a fine, and at the most, we will either hit another car, or be hit by another car and be seriously injured with much pain, or to be killed. We stay on one side of the road because to drive on the wrong side of the road can get us hurt. The key to the obedience of any rule or law is the fear of what can, or will, happen to us if we do not obey.

And so it is also with God, we will Only OBEY God if, and when, we have a Fear of God. That Fear will not stop us from also growing to Love God, It is the Fear of God which brings us to the place where we can know God, and then to also Love God. But even then, God has told us, and shown us, that it is only the Fear of God which will keep us Obeying God. Remember Isaiah 66:23-24. Hell was made for the fallen Angels, but the Lake of Fire is created for Man! For the Lake of Fire is the Final Death for man.

Adam and Eve knew God and walked with God in all of His Glory, yet they disobeyed God. Satan and his angels knew God in all of His Glory, yet they disobeyed God. To know God, to see God, is not enough to bring about obedience, the very Obedience which God Demands.

No my Friend, one can never come to Love God unless he first has come to Fear God. It is God himself who places the Fear of God upon your soul, and it is only the Fear of God which will keep you with God. Those who stop having a healthy fear of God will stop worshiping God, for when they stop having a Fear of God then they start placing themselves above God and start to worship themselves, even though they continue going through the motions in a church denomination.

In answer to your statement of:

Only when they realize how much He loves them and cares for them and the realization hits home of what He has done for them will they be drawn towards Him.

Let me point out this: Your children know that you Love them, but does their knowing that you Love them cause them to ALWAYS Obey you?? If you have children, then you know the answer is that no matter how well they may know how much you love them, they Will NOT always Obey you. No, knowing that you Love them will induce them to try to see just how far they can go to break your rules for them. Counting on your love to keep them from punishment. It is only when they know that although you do Love them, that if they do what you have told them to NOT do, that they will be punished, that will stop them from disobeying you. Why then would you believe that God is more tolerant toward His Children (man) than you are of your own children? If anything, God is more strict with us than we are of our own children.

With the Love of Jesus
Jack Barr