This Booklet has helped myself, and several others that I know of personally, that has received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, with the sign of speaking in other tongues, soon after reading this little booklet.


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Norvel Hayes


Norvel Hayes is a successful businessman and Bible teacher. He has learned through personal experience that the Word of God is effective in every area of life for those who believe and apply it.


Norvel owns a variety of businesses which func≠tion successfully despite the fact that he spends over half of his time away from his office teach≠ing the Word.


Norvel presents the whole Gospel ó boldly and simply ó as he ministers in colleges, churches, penitentiaries, conventions and seminars all over the United States.




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I want to tell you boldly, according to the New Testament, that Jesus wants to baptize everybody on earth with the Holy Ghost. He wants everybody on earth to speak in other tongues. Thatís exactly what the New Testament† says -- boldly. I mean it says it boldly. Not just in one place, several places


Paul said in the first letter to the Corinthians, the 14th chapter, at the end of the 39th verse, ď. . . forbid not to speak with tongues.Ē


Unless you allow Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Ghost, you wonít ever receive power from on High to do the works of God with.


Youíll receive enough power to come to church, sometimes. Not usually on Wednesday. Sunday morning? yeah. Sunday night? hardly ever, sometimes. Prayer meeting at 6:00 in the morning? never. Praying for a patient on his death bed? never, no, no. You wonít believe it. Your prayers wonít get him healed because you wonít believe it.


Youíll believe the circumstances unless you have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and prayed in other tongues and have your spirit filled up.


Paul said you pray in tongues to edify yourself. ďHe that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself . . .ď (I Corinthians 14:4). He said you pray in tongues to edify yourself. Edifying means building yourself up to the point that you can believe God instead of the circumstances.


Circumstances donít have anything to do with God. God removes circumstances. I mean all the time, if youíll just believe.


The way you believe is the way you talk. What youíre believing comes out of your innermost being. The words that come out of your mouth come out of your belly (your heart) ~ from your inner man. And the kind of words that you speak out of your mouth shows exactly the condition or shape that your inner man is in; because, you are what you say.


You are your conversation. You are your talk and you wonít ever be anything else. The shape youíre in now, Iíll guarantee you 100%, and the condition of your own personal life are what your mouth said yesterday. And when I say yesterday, I mean your past life, your past meditation, your past attitude toward God and toward the Bible.


There is complete victory for every one of you that will read the Bible and believe that those words came out of the mouth of God for you. But if you fight it and wrestle with it because you havenít been taught it in the past, then youíll miss out on what God wants.


Oh, Jesus still loves you even if you donít ever speak in tongues. And you can go to heaven and never speak in tongues. All you have to do to go to heaven is to be born again by the Spirit of God, and when you die, the angels will be standing there to get your spirit and youíll go right through the air to heaven.




You may be saying, ďNow what good is speaking in tongues? I have never been taught about that stuff in my past. They donít teach that where I go to church. Why should I be speaking in some language I donít know.


What good is that? I donít even understand what Iím saying.Ē


Let me ask you a question: ďAre you praying to yourself?Ē


You might say, ďNo, Iím not praying to myself. Iím praying to God.Ē


Thatís right. The Bible says at the beginning of the 14th chapter of First Corinthians that ďFor he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God . . .ď (verse 2). Isnít that plain? How plain can you get? He speaks directly to God, bypassing all human reasoningís.


But when you come up against something youíve never seen before, you donít know what to do. Speaking in tongues, what good is that?





It gives you power to believe the Bible. Unless you have faith, you canít even believe what the Bible says, And you wonít DO what the Bible says unless you have faith.



Jesus said the first commission that Iím giving you if you believe the gospel and you stand before the world and say, "Iím a believer of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,Ē is in my name I want you to cast out devils. Not the second commission. Put first things first.


God let me know one time that a lot of people don't get their prayers answered because they donít bow down before Him and worship Him as God. They jump over that first commandment that God gave to Moses on top of the mountain for the human race to live by.


They jump over it, get hung up in religion and they donít bow down alone before Him in the closet anymore. They get busy in church and do this and do everything for the church, but they donít take that time to bow down before Him by themselves and spend time worshipping Him.


God wants to be your God and He wants you to be His child. He wants you to love Him like a Father and He wants to love you just like a child.


But do you, know how He wants to love you? He wants to love you through the chapters and verses of the Bible. Heís not going to love you through your head. Heís not going to give it to you because you want it, the moment you want it. He wants to love you through His Word.


Now, you either let God love you through the Bible and get the things that are in the Bible and let it teach you, or you wonít get them.


Oh how beautiful it is when you come to the point, ďGod, Iím convinced that I donít know anything. Iím just going to read the New Testament and everything I read Iím going to believe. When something happens in my life, I'm going to dig in the New Testament until I find the answer of what You said about it; and whatever You said about, thatís exactly what I'm going to believe. And Iím going to act like itís true regardless of what I feel.Ē


When I said that, my whole life changed. God changed me into another man.




God wants you to know who you are in Him. He wants you to know that youíve inherited everything thatís in the New Testament. He doesnít have any favorites. He loves you as much as He loves anybody on the earth. Everything that Heís got in the Bible is for you. When you find that out and stop listening to human beings, but stand on the Word just because itís written that way, youíll find out that youíll become a tree that will bear fruit. You talk about bearing fruit, now youíll BEAR fruit.


A lot of people that are Christians have never won a soul in their life. They could win souls every week if they would just do that. If they just knew, they could win souls every week. Itís so easy.


If youíre interested in somebody thatís not saved, if you just simply say, ďWould you like to know Jesus? Thereís no reason for dying without knowing Him. You never can tell, you might end up in a car wreck on the way home. If you donít know Him, you might as well know Him right now. Iíll tell you what you do, just go ahead and close your eyes right now.Ē


Youíd be surprised the people that have done that. Theyíll close their eyes when you tell them that.


But you see, you have to control the conversation and without power you canít do that. Donít tell me you can, Iíve been there; I know you canít. But when you receive power from on High itís just as easy to do that as it is to take a drink of water --† just like youíve always done it.


Now, it wonít be real easy when you first start because you havenít been used to it. After you do it a few times, and you pray in the spirit and get yourself built up, and with God in there, doing the things of God is just normal to you.


You say ďWhen somebody comes to you all messed up (It doesnít ever shake me up; I donít let things shake me up) what do you do?Ē


I just take authority over it. Theyíre all messed up. Their thinking is disturbed and their mind is all confused and they donít know what theyíre doing. I just say, ďIn Jesusí name, come out.Ē


You say, ďWell, what happens when you do that?Ē


The power of God hits them, usually. The Holy Ghost begins to work with them. But you have to take authority over that darkness thatís trying to wreck them. Godís power Is real. Godís power is wonderful; but you have to take authority over the devil.


Godís Word is so powerful people, so powerful. Itís powerful like a two-edge sword. I donít care if youíve got relatives that are mean or whatever, Godís Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. And you just stand on that Word for their salvation and break the power of the devil in Jesusí name, and bind that power of darkness and tell that devil and those foul spirits that have that person possessed, ďNo, you are not taking that person to hell because I am not going to let you do it. I break your power in Jesusí name. I bind you up.Ē


As you stand steadfast in faith, youíll see Godís power deal with that person. And when Godís power visits that person, itís all over my friend. Glory be to God!


It is just like when Jesus got out of the ship, the man that was nude, that was cutting himself with stones, got scared when Jesus came. (See Mark 5:1-20.)


ďWhat are you doing here? What are you doing here? What are you going to. do? Donít make us leave. Donít make us leave this body.Ē No, they wanted to make that man a spectacle in front of the whole city. They wanted him to shout and kill and cut himself with stones, with no clothes on.


But when Jesus said, ďGo,Ē they left. Thatís right. They left. And he put his clothes on.


"Where we going, Jesus?"


And Jesus said, "You go to the town, to the priest, and give your testimony."


The testimony, that's what is so great!


If youíre standing in faith on Scripture sometime, when God does something for you, you wonít even feel it. Youíre just likely to be walking around and youíll just know that you donít have it anymore. Thatís right.


If I can talk you into trusting God, thereís nothing that God won't give you. I mean nothing. Anything that you need, or want or even desire, the Lord will give it to you. He will literally give it to you. Oh, Heís so good to you.


He wants to be a lot better to you than what He is, so donít cut Him off. Donít cut His blessings off from your life by fighting the Word. Just be calm about it, read it to yourself. You donít have to take a bunch of peopleís word for it. Youíve got sense enough to read. You know, you didnít go to school just to eat your lunch, did you? You know how to read.


Theologians look at me real funny when I ask them if they can read. Well, sometimes you have to ask them that. They start fighting the Bible, fighting God and everything else. If† Iím carrying on a conversation with them, Iím not going to agree with them. Iím not going to argue with them. You donít have to argue. Just quote them Scripture. Thatís all you do.


They say, ďI donít believe in divine healing. God will heal people if He wants to. I donít believe in that kind of stuff.Ē


ďAll right,Ē I say, ďthen you donít believe the Bible.Ē


ďI donít believe in speaking in tongues,Ē someone says.


ďWell, you donít believe the Bible.Ē


ďI donít believe in casting out devils.Ē


You donít believe the Bible then. Can you read sister?Ē


ďBrother, I can read, but we donít do that where I go to church.Ē


I usually say, ďWhat in the world does your church have to do with the throne of God? We have no right to do anything except what the Bible says. Godís got churches on the earth that He raised up. Unless God builds a house it is built in vain anyway.Ē


Youíre known unto God as a tree. Do you want to bear fruit for God? Iím going to tell you how to bear fruit for God.


If you want to bear fruit in this life, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Let Jesus baptize you in the Holy Ghost. Let Him do it now and speak with other tongues. Learn how to pray in the spirit. Learn how to pray in the spirit (that means other tongues). That's what Paul said, "I thank my God I speak with tongues more than ye all" (1 Corinthians 14:18).


Now donít you let those unbelievers come around and say, ďYeah, but Paul also said itís better to speak five words in your own language. than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.Ē


If they donít teach you to believe it, this is what they do. They take a scripture out of its setting.


Now the Bible does say, ďI thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all: Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue,Ē (I Corinthians 14: 18-19).


Now thatís what the Bible says. The Bible says that. Thatís right, the Bible says that. And thatís exactly what the Bible means. The Bible means that when the Bible says that.


But you have to read that scripture in its setting. Paul said itís better to speak five words in a known language than it is to speak ten thousand words in an unknown tongue WHEN IíM TEACHING PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH. Is that right? When Iím teaching people in the church.


In fact, itís better to say three words in a known language. You learn much more if I come up to you and say ďJesus loves you,Ē if Iím teaching you some evening than if I get behind the pulpit and speak 20 thousand words in an unknown tongue.


I canít teach you anything by speaking in tongues. Youíre not going to learn anything from me by speaking in tongues. How are you going to learn something? You have to understand what Iím saying, if youíre going to learn anything. So leave the scripture in, its setting ó when youíre teaching.


Paul told the truth. Paul said, ďI thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all.Ē More than the whole church. All the revelations and power he got from God, donít you think it pays to speak in tongues?


Oh, some donít believe it. I just have to say to them, theologians and all, ďWell poor Paul. Poor Paul. Itís so sad he didnít get your doctrine. God only used him to write about 2/3ís of the New Testament, but just think, if heíd have been like you, he would have fooled around and had at least 150 in Sunday School after five years. Itís a shame that Paul didnít get your doctrine. Paul didnít believe like that.Ē


Paul said, ďI thank my God I speak with tongues more than ye all.Ē That means more than that whole church at Corinth. Thatís out of the 14th chapter of Corinthians. In that letter to the church, thatís what he said. Now Paul wrote them that letter to get their thinking straightened out so they could bear fruit.


The reason that Jesus wants to baptize you with the Holy Ghost and have you speak and pray in other tongues in your own personal life is so youíll bear fruit. That means youíll have the power to go out and tell people that Jesus loves them.


You can tell people humbly, that Jesus loves them one minute, and turn right around the next minute and say, ďIn Jesusí name, come out of him,Ē if you have to. And then youíre right back where you were again and you tell another person that Jesus loves them.


You see, you canít get over religious. Youíve got to keep things under control. Just learn what the Bible says, obey it and youíll never get in trouble with your ministry.


The Lord taught me a good lesson. He said, ďJust make sure, Son, that you stick to the Word. Donít ever worry about me. Donít worry about me not doing what I said Iíd do. If you stick to the Word, you will see signs follow. If you donít stick to the Word, you wonít.Ē STICK TO THE WORD.




You need to get baptized in the Holy Ghost and bear fruit. What happens to a person, known as a tree, if he doesnít bear fruit? If he doesnít bear good fruit? What happens to him?


Now you may think just because youíre living kind of a half-way decent life, that youíll get by with some things. But you wonít get by with them. I mean, not with God. You can get by with me with them, but you donít have to give an account to me for anything. You donít have to answer to me.


Youíre an individual. God wants to mold you into what He wants you to be. God wants to mold you into the kind of person He wants you to be. He wants to use your mouth. He wants to use your lips. He wants to use your personality. He wants to use you.


God woke me up at 6 oíclock one Sunday morning. I was going to teach an adult class that day. He told me, ďYou tell them straight that I made Moses just exactly like I wanted Him. And I did through him what I wanted to do.


ďAnd you tell them straight that I made Samson just exactly like I wanted him. I put strength and power in him because I wanted to.


ďYou tell them I made Billy Graham just like I wanted him. I made his lips the way I wanted them. I made his face the way I wanted it. I made his head the way I wanted it. I made his body the way I wanted it.


ďYou tell them straight that I have never made two eyes alike. Iíve never made two faces alike. Iíve never made two hands alike. Iíve never made two personalities alike. The job that Iíve got for them to do, theyíd better do it, or it will never be done; because I havenít made anybody else like them -- nobody.Ē


Itís up to you as an individual to find out what God wants you to do. Be in your place. Minister in your community. Do what you can for the kingdom of God, you. Nobody else is going to do it. Theyíll do what God wants them to do, but they donít have your face. They donít have your lips. They donít have your personality. They just flatly donít have it and they never will have it.


God made your face like He wants it. There are a certain number of people out there that you could win. You canít get everybody; but maybe a person you canít win, I can win. Maybe a person I canít win, you can win.


You see, you have to let God mold you. Be a tree that will bear good fruit.




ďAnd now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees; therefore every tree (Every human being has the Bible at his feet, doesnít he? The Bible is sharper than any two-edged sword. Itís sharp as an axe.) which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire (hewn down, thatís right!). I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear (If you will listen to John the Baptist, the man that God molded to pave the way for Jesus, youíll understand that receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost is a separate experience from salvation): he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fireĒ (Matthew 3:10-11).


John the Baptist even told the people when he was preaching the message of repentance, he said, ďIíll baptize you in water if youíll repent; because you better repent. Iím warning you, youíd better repent because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Youíd better repent of your sins and Iíll baptize you in the river. Iím warning you.Ē


He was a warning man, sent from the throne of God to pave the way for Jesus. So John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan.


And then, in chapter 4 of Matthew, it tells how Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted 40 days and 40 nights.


ďThen was Jesus led up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred. And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GodĒ (Matthew 4:14).


Well, is the Bible the Word of God? Does it proceed out of the mouth of God?


All right. Then letís turn to the 2nd chapter ď of Acts and find out what some of those words that came out of the mouth of God are.




When Jesus lived His life on the earth, went into His ministry under the power of God that God gave Him, died and rose again, and prepared to go back to heaven, He told His disciples, ďI will pray that the Father will send you another comforter.Ē


So He prayed and asked God to send the human race another comforter.


God decided to send the Holy Ghost to the† earth. Thatís the other party from the throne of God. He thinks just like God thinks. He thinks just like Jesus thinks. He is a divine personality thatís sent from the throne of God to live in your belly. (If Heís not in there, you better get Him in there, now.)


And the more you get Him in there, and the fuller you get of Him, the sweeter youíll get, the more successful youíll get and the stronger your body will stay. Why? Because He thinks like God thinks. He has His personality.


Did you ever notice when Heís manifesting Himself to you, isnít He sweet? Did you ever notice how sweet and precious the Holy Ghost actually is?


Can you imagine God loving you that much?


And you know how you look at things when Heís manifesting Himself to you, inside you? Why, He can manifest Himself to the point that you have such deep love, that He loves you so much, that youíll just kiss and hug anybody thatís around. Why? Because you love everything.


Oh! itís so sweet! The love of God passes all understanding. And you get like that. And then you make a good EVERYTHING. You get your thinking straightened out. And you just get so sweet and precious that people just canít understand it. Thatís the way God wants the human race.




In His first appearance for the human race, in Acts 2, the Holy Ghost only appeared to the 120 that had been praying. (And if you don't pray, He wonít ever appear to you.)


You might say, ďWhy didnít He appear to those people outside? There were thousands and thousands and thousands of people present there from every nation in the world. Why didnít he appear to them?Ē


Because they hadnít been praying.


Youíve got to pay the price to get God's blessings. The 120 of them had been praying ten days and ten nights without eating, evidently. And the Holy Ghost appeared to them and began to sound as a mighty rushing wind coming in on them.


ďAnd they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utteranceĒ (Acts 2:4).


You mean the Holy Ghost did something to the 120 that He wonít do to you? No. Thereís no truth in that. God doesnít have any pets any place. Jesus said that what He would do for one person, He would do for anybody. It doesnít make any difference what color they are or what size they are or where they come from or how much money they have. God doesnít care.


If all the thousands of people on the outside had been praying ten days, the Ho1y Ghost would have come on every one of them, every one of them.




I just want to briefly explain to you that you can receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost without the supernatural manifestation -- immediately.


I couldnít receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I tried to receive, but I couldnít receive. I kept waiting. I made up my mind that I wasnít going to confess anything until some supernatural power came on me and made me talk. For over a year, it never did come.


I began to think maybe there was something wrong with me. Everybody else was receiving.


I said, ďLord, I know that the Spirit of the Lord is in me. I mean, I know that I know that Iíve been born again. I know if Iíd die today, Iíd go to heaven. But Lord, I want to receive this power so I wonít be ashamed to cast out devils and pray for the sick and pass out tracks and go pray for my neighbors. I wonít be ashamed. I can walk in there and tell them the truth in love and in power and watch You do it.


ďLord,Ē I said, ďI need more power and I sense it in my spirit. And in my mind I know that I need more† power because Iíve been trying to figure out things in my head too much.


But I couldnít receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost because I was waiting for some supernatural power to take my tongue over and make me talk, And it never did it.


So I began to study the Bible on the subject of faith. When I studied through the Bible on the subject of faith, I found out in Hebrews 11:1 that God's definition of faith is, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."


In other words, if I get the substance, I've got to believe that I've received NOW, because NOW faith is.


Hebrews says, "Now faith is the substance . . . " The substance means what I'm asking for. I'm asking† for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking with other tongues. So I'm going to have to believe that I've got it when I don't see it.


The book of Acts the 2nd chapter says that my part is to speak and the Holy Spirit's part is to give me the utterance. The Spirit gave the utterance and they did the speaking.


So my part is to speak and I've got to believe that I've got it before I get it, according to Hebrews' definition of faith.


Then I came on down to Mark 11:23-2 which was my foundation scripture or believing this.


Jesus said, ďFor verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith."


In other words, does that mean I can say that I believe that I receive the baptism in the Holy Ghost and thatís what Iíll get?


Jesus said, ďTherefore I say unto you, What things (Thatís plural. That means anything youíre asking for) soever ye desire (I was already saved. I didnít have to have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, but I picked this up where it says DESIRE. I desired to have the baptism of the Holy Ghost so I could receive more power), when ye pray (not minutes after you pray. When you pray), believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them, " Mark 11:24).


I had sense enough to know that Jesus doesn't tell lies. He said when I pray for something, believe when I pray that I receive, and I will have them.


I said, "Jesus, I can receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost then if I cooperate with the scriptures. If I do my part, Acts chapter 2 says they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. The Holy Spirit's part is to give me the utterance and my part is to begin to speak.


Hebrews says "Now faith is the substance . . . . ." The substance of my prayer is the baptism of the Holy ghost because that's what I'm asking for. I've got to believe that Iíve got it before I see it. Faith is the answer I see when I pray.


Mark 11:23 says I can have what ever I say if I doubt not.


So if I obey the book of Acts and the book of Hebrews, then Mark 11:24 says What things soever I desire when I pray believe that I receive them, and I shall have them.


You know what I did?


I had studied the Bible arid saw that it was true and so I just went down front one night and bowed down. I said, ďYou said in the Bible you have not because you ask not. So Iím asking you tonight, Jesus, to baptize me in the Holy Ghost.Ē


I had to put some action to my faith. The book of Acts says that itís my responsibility to do the speaking. I just tried to speak out. I spoke some little sounds out. Something, but not like words. I never did feel anything.


On the basis of the Scripture, what it taught, I got up and said, ďThank you, Jesus, for baptizing me in the Holy Ghost.Ē


I didnít feel anything. I didnít base it on feelings. If Iíd based it on feelings then Iíd have had to wait for the supernatural language to come unto me. But I wasn't basing my believing on feeling. I was basing it on the Word of God.


I also followed the instructions that Jesus gave in Mark† 11:23 because I was saying it with my mouth. "Thank you Jesus for baptizing me in the Holy Ghost."


I didn't even get to the car until the devil said to me, "Come on now, you didn't get baptized in the Holy Ghost because you didn't have any supernatural language come unto you tonight. Stop saying that."


I said, "Thank you Jesus for baptizing me in the Holy Ghost."


He said, "You didn't receive, you're lying about it. You're a Christian, you're not supposed to lie. Stop saying that."


I just turned a deaf ear to him. I said, "According to Mark 11:23 I can have whatever I say. According to Mark 11:24 if I believe I have it when I pray, I will get it. I got it now Satan, and I believe I receive what I ask for right then."


I kept walking around for a month in my office, in my house, riding around in my car, every place during the day I might say it even thirty times, ďThank you Jesus for baptizing me in the Holy Ghost. Oh it was so terrible for all that year that I was seeking for the Holy Ghost and never could receive. But now that I received the baptism in the Holy Ghost, it feels so good. Glory be to God for evermore because my believing is based on the Word.Ē


I didnít have any supernatural language come to me. I did that for about a month. I hadnít felt a thing. But Iíll tell you that the manifestations of God for you and your life and your family will be manifested the same all the time --† by faith, by your confession of the scriptures. Are you willing to make the scriptures the foundation of your believing? There is no such thing as God failing you if you do it. If you donít do it, you can fail.





One night God told me to go to Chattanooga to a meeting. I was sitting there in the meeting and the preacher preached (I didnít know him), he just preached, and then gave an invitation for the sick to come and be prayed for.


How did God manifest Himself to you?


Okay, Iím going to explain it to you.


I was just sitting there and all of a sudden my body began to turn warm. I mean from my ears, my fingers, my arms and my legs and my hips and my back and my belly, every part of my body as far as I can remember began to turn real warm and began to tickle. It felt like little men in my bones brushing all over me. it felt like little men under my skin brushing me with little soft brushes, tickling me, thousands of them all over my body.


The devil said to me, ďThatís a heart attack.Ē


1 never had felt anything like that before in my life. Iíd been blessed of God before but this was something supernatural.


I was just sitting there minding my own business and my body began to turn from hot to warm to hot and it got tickling stronger and stronger. I got to the point with my body that I couldnít hardly stand it.


I said to myself, ďDevil, this isnít a heart attack. This feels too good. Youíre crazy. This is not a heart attack. I donít know what it is though.Ē


Iíll be honest with you, I didnít know what it was. Iíd never heard of this before. I felt like it was God, but I didnít know for sure, but it felt so good in my body.


I said to myself, ďIíll get out of here and walk to my car. But when I get out on the sidewalk and people are walking back and forth this will leave me. I better get out of here.Ē


Iíd never felt anything like this before. So I got out and walked to my car, but it didnít leave me.


I opened the door, got in the car, started driving up the main Street of Chattanooga to the bypass going toward Atlanta and Knoxville. All the time I was going, I just praised the Lord. And it just tickled me all up and down the bypass.


I said, ďOh God, Oh God, what is this Lord?Ē


I didnít know it was the manifestation of my faith, at that particular time. I didnít know for sure.


When I came to the bypass where I turned off, down deep in my belly began to turn real hot. And slowly, just slowly, began to move forward and up, just flowing. When it did, it filled my whole body. I thought my toes were going to jump out of my feet. I thought the bones in my fingers were going to jump out of my hands.


I didnít know what was going to happen. I thought, Lord, are you coming? Is this it?


I thought something about stopping the car. I knew my body couldnít stand this for very long.


It came up into my throat. It felt so good. I opened up my mouth and let the sound come out of my voice box and turned my tongue loose. HERE IT COMES! Glory to God for evermore. The supernatural language began to come out of my innermost being. I began to speak in tongues!


Talk about beautiful! Iíd never had manifestation from God in all my thought it was beautiful to get saved, and it was, but this.





Can I say it boldly to you without offending you, ďAre you ready to speak in tongues?Ē


Now you may be saying, ďBut Brother Norvel, I have to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost first before I speak in tongues.Ē


No. The Holy Spiritís only responsibility to you or anybody else is to give you the utterance like He did on the day of Pentecost. He came to give the utterance. You just have to be filled. Youíll be filled. They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them the utterance.


The Holy Spirit gives you the utterance, the Bible says, and you do the speaking.


What do I speak?


Just speak whatever the Holy Ghost gives you. Just speak out what He gives you. By faith, just speak it out. Sounds or syllables or words that arenít English, speak them out.


Are you ready now? I want you to base your believing on the scriptures that Iíve given