What does Man See of the Big Picture

By Rev. Jack Barr

What does Man See of the Big Picture?

Man sees the things which are happening around him, and he thinks that he sees almost all of what is happening.

But let me equate what man sees, as compared to what the Holy Lord God sees, using a picture on a TV screen as an example.

If we look at a picture on a TV we see the complete picture, but If we look close at the TV screen we will see that The picture on a TV screen is made up of thousands of little dots. And if we look even closer with a magnifying glass, we will see that each one of those little dots is made up of three even smaller dots. Each of those three very small dots is a different color, and the brightness of every one of those very tiny color dots is controlled by a separate stream of electrons hitting that one very tiny spot on the screen. Now how many electrons hit that one tiny spot of a small dot, will change just how bright that one tiny dot will be, and that in turn will effect or change how that one larger dot now looks, and any change in that larger dot will change how the Whole entire picture will look. Now each one of those electrons is so small that man cannot see them for their smallness.

But while man cannot see all that, God does, and God sees not only every one of all the dots, but also sees each and every electron in every stream of electrons hitting every one of those tiny dots on the screen, at the same time, and so by God controlling each one of those electron streams individually, that God controls the entire big Picture to suit himself.

The Lord sees the whole big picture at once, and the Lord also sees each of the individual dots that make up the big picture, and the Lord sees each and every one of those three tiny dots which makes up every one of those big dots that makes up the big picture. And the Lord also sees every one of the individual electrons which move and strikes every one of those three tiny dots, which makes up the bigger dots which make up the Big Picture.

So how much of the big Picture does Man see?

Then we see that man cannot see the big picture. And man cannot see even one of those dots which makes up that big picture. And man cannot even see one of those three tiny dots which makes up the big dot. And man cannot see even all the electrons which hit even one of those three tiny dots.

If we relate what man can see and relate to, Man can only see one, or two, of those electrons at a time. No more. That is all that the average man can see of the big picture at any given time. Just that very, very tiny piece of the big picture. And from just that very little bit of the whole total picture, man thinks that he sees the whole picture of any given situation.

What Arrogance!

When the Lord God gives anyone a "Word of Knowledge" the Lord is allowing them to see just one more of those electrons out of the total picture. Just a very tiny piece more.

For all practical purpose, man is more blind than a bat. How then can any man try to tell God what, or how, God must do anything.

It is the true servants of the Lord God who recognize the above, and so they trust the Lord God to take them by the hand and to lead them through the darkness. And whatever they see with their eyes, or hear with their ears, they will not trust until the Lord God confirms the truth of what they are seeing, or hearing. The True Servants of the Lord God has learned to not place any trust in their feelings. But to trust that the Lord God, who sees always the Big picture, as well as every detail of that picture, to lead them on that invisible path to Him and the Light. That is what is called Blind Faith.

Blind Faith is to recognize that it is only the Holy Lord God who can, and does know what is best for us, far better than we can for our self. Blind Faith is to recognize that when we put our total trust in God, that He will take care of us, and that whatever happens, whatever we see physically is not the true picture, but is only a very distorted view.

I offer this for your consideration and for your thoughts.

With the Love of Jesus
Rev. Jack Barr

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