Did Jesus evoke Love, or Fear, toward Him?


By Rev. Jack Barr    Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:10 pm    


In the entire New Testament, were any of the acts Jesus committed done to evoke fear in others towards Him, or were the acts He committed performed to evoke a love in others towards Him?

The Answer is that there were many acts Jesus committed which evoked Fear and Hate in others toward Him. Examples are the two times when Jesus made whips and drove the money changers out of the Temple. Boy that really made those people love him didn't it. Read again how many times that what Jesus said, and did, resulted in the people trying to KILL him. How many times did what Jesus did or said resulted in Hot Anger toward him by the people. Look at how many times that Jesus openly condemned the masses of peoples for what they were doing. See how many times it tells us of how Jesus became ANGRY.

No my friend, Jesus was NOT the soft spoken and loved by everyone that is preached today by most churches. The Love which Jesus showed and demonstrated was NOT the Love of man to man, No indeed, the Love which Jesus showed and demonstrated was the Love of God which is viewed as being Harsh to those who insist that Jesus could never ever treat anyone badly.

My friend, if you go back and read the Gospels as they are, you will see that the masses of peoples did not like Jesus, They wanted what he could give them such as food and miracles, but they did not like him, and actually demonstrated their dislike and hate toward Jesus. Several times it was not the Pharisees who tried to kill Jesus, it was the common people who tried to unsuccessfully kill Jesus.

So you tell me that fairy tail again how Jesus was evoking a love in others towards him. Even almost all of His Disciples abandoned him. Read it in the Gospels. Tell me how that is Loving Jesus. If the people loved Jesus so much, why were the masses of people crying out for him to be put to death? Boy that sure showed how much they loved him didn't it??? For myself, I am going to believe what the Gospels tells me, and not the false stories which has been put out by Demonic sources to lead the people away from Jesus.

If Jesus was so loving and evoked such love in the people toward him, how did he manage to get himself hung on the cross???????

Yes indeed Jesus is Love, and Jesus did show Love toward the people, yes he did, but that Love was the Love of God, and NOT the Love of man. And the people then, even as today, has a hate for anything that has to do with the True Love of God. Jesus showed the Love of God when he drove the people out of the Temple, didn't he.

The Love Story which many tell about Jesus is just that, Untrue stories, go back and read the Gospels again to see what they really say.

That I preach Fire and Brimstone, you bet that I do. That I am a fanatic, you bet that I am, for I am a Fanatic for Jesus Christ. I am a Fanatic for the Word of God. What I preach has brought conviction upon many, many hundreds of people. How many I can not tell for I let God do the counting. I can only say that in the first couple of years as I went for ordination, I recorded for my ordination papers, 200 souls directly led to the Salvation of the lord through what, and how, I preached, for I preach what My Lord and God gives me to preach. And peach it in the way My Lord and God Jesus tells me to preach. I keep preaching and the Lord keeps bringing them in.
With the Love of Jesus
Rev. Jack Barr