Man's Postal Alarm

Man's Postal Alarm

By C. D. Carter.


One day in Blackpool, England, a man thought he detected the smell of burning timber, so he sat down and wrote a post card about it to the Blackpool fire brigade. "Will you come to my house?" he asked. "I can smell burning timber."

When the firemen received the post card some twenty-four hours later, they thought it was a joke. But as they weren't doing anything they decided to investigate and see who the practical joker was.

When they arrived, you can picture their surprise when they found the house was really on fire! Some timbers under the man's hearth were smouldering, so they promptly extinguished them. He was fortunate that the place hadn't burned down, waiting twenty- four hours for the fire department to arrive.

But this is the same attitude that many people take regarding the "everlasting burning." God gives out some terrific warnings about the awfulness of HELL and the Certainty of Eternal Punishment, And You Can Almost Smell The Burning When You Read About It. But some people generally do not seem to be in any hurry to escape.

May God Help us to lead others to HIM.

Rev. Jack Barr

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