John and His New Friend

by Elnora Watters

Once upon a time on a Christmas Eve there was a very old man that lived in a very old house. His name was John. When you saw John, you could tell he has been a very happy person all of his life, he had a twinkle in his eyes and a smile always on his face. This year he was so unhappy, though, because he would have to spend Christmas alone. He had no dog or cat to keep him company or a bird to sing him beautiful songs.

Every year past, one of his grandchildren would come and visit time but this year none could come.


He sat in his rocker feeling so sad and blue, wondering what he would do "I could decorate the house" he said "but no one would see it," "I could fix a big Christmas dinner, but there isn't anyone to help me eat it"

He looked around the big old room and lo & behold, he saw two little eyes peering out at him by the edge of the couch. "What is that?" he remarked. The little eyes came closer and then took shape.



It was a little mouse. John looked at the mouse and the mouse looked at John. Finally John said "little friend, please come out, I won't hurt you." The little mouse came out and said "hello", I'm sorry I disturbed you, but I am so hungary.

John motioned for his new friend to come closer. "Where did you come from?" asked John, "I came in when you got the wood for the fire" said the mouse. It is so very cold outside and the snow has covered what food I tried to find."

Well, come here up on the table and I will get you some cheese" said John. The little mouse climbed onto the table and waited for John to bring the cheese. After he ate some cheese the little mouse asked John "where are the children that come each year at this time to visit you?" John with a tear is his eyes told his new little friend about their not being able to to come.

The little mouse hung his head and told John how sad he felt for him.

John asked his friend why he was alone. The little mouse again hung his head "my wife and son went to look for food and never came back. They both were silent for a while when John gave a shout and put a big smile on his face and said "lets celebrate Christmas together", "what can we do?" said the mouse



I will go outside and cut a small tree down and we will decorate it together.

John went outside to get the tree while the mouse cleared a corner of the room of papers with his mouth and feet.

John brought in the most beautiful tree that his friend the mouse had ever seen.

While the mouse held the string, John strung cranberries. After they finished this, John popped corn. "I swear, mouse, you eat it faster than I can pop it", and they both laughed.

With caramel, they molded the popcorn into balls and placed them on the tree. They stepped back, looking at the tree and said "Oh how beautiful".

John sat back in his rocker with the mouse in his lap and sang songs until they both fell asleep, still setting in the rocker.

Christmas morning when John woke up, his new friend was gone. John looked all around, calling for him, but he didn't come. John was very sad and sat down at the table. While he was drinking his coffee, in burst his friend through a hole by the door. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here when you woke up but I wanted to get you a gift for being so kind to me." said the mouse.

John put on his glasses and looked in surprise. The mouse had a tiny Christmas ornament around his neck that John had lost when he was a very little boy. "Where did you find it?" said John. "My grandfather found it in the corner of this room after your mother took your tree down and brought it home to us and we have used it every Christmas since. John cried, then laughed and said, Merry Christmas, my friend we will enjoy it together from now on."


Friday, November 4th, 1994, 1 AM.

Published by Jack & Shirley Barr

Fountain Florida

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