Short Animal Stories

Short Animal Stories

by Elnora Watters







by Elnora Watters

Tiger, the cat, was sleeping in the corner of the front room, in his bed, when he heard a noise in Sarah's room.

Sarah is his owner and Tiger knew no one was home yet from a place called Sunday School.

Tiger crept very slowly toward Sarah's' room, peeked around the door and saw Max, the dog.

"How did you get in here, Max?" meowed Tiger.

Max, the family dog, jumped in the air, yelping with fright, "Tiger, you scared me out of my fur."

Tiger looked around, seeing the bedroom window was open. "Max, did you come in the window? Boy you are sure in trouble now."

"Oh, no one is home. I waited until the family left. I wanted to see what the humans do when they are not outside," barked Max.

Max walked around the room. Seeing the ball Sarah played with outside, Max grabbed it in his mouth and shouted to Tiger 'Lets play ball, Tiger,' as he jumped on Sarah's' bed and started bouncing around.

"Stop that, Max, you're going to get both of us in trouble. If you be good I will show you around. THEN YOU GET OUT." meowed Tiger.

Both the dog and the cat went into the front room. "Is there any food in here?" Max panted as he searched the room.

Max spotted a piece of toast, which Sarah had dropped on the floor after breakfast, and grabbed it in his mouth.

Tiger, shaking his head growled, "Now I understand why the humans' keep you outside."

Max saw a book laying on the floor with some pictures. Running over to the book, he lifted his paw and started pawing at the pages.

Tiger ran over to Max, "Stop that! Sarah calls that her Bible. She must have forgotten it this morning. She sure will miss it."

"What is a Bible?" Max snarled.

"Sarah says it is a book of Jesus," answered Tiger.

"What is a Jesus?" questioned Max.

"It isn't a what, it's a who," Tiger whispered, "Humans' say He loves them and lives inside them."

"Does he live inside us too?" questioned Max.

"I don't know, but Sarah says he loves you and me, because he made us." meowed Tiger.

Just then they heard the humans' car driving into the garage. Both the dog and cat run into Sarah's' room.

"Can I come back again next time the humans are gone? Maybe you can find out more about this person called Jesus and tell me," whimpered Max, as he jumped out of the window.

"O.K., Max, but next time you have to be good," meowed Tiger, as he walked back into the front room just in time to see his owner run into the house.

As Tiger jumped into Sarah's lap, he thought, "Maybe I can teach Max some manners, then the humans might let him into the house once in a while. Maybe we can talk about Jesus and his love for us."

The End



by Elnora Watters

"Hey Rooster" yelped the Fox, "Fly out of that chicken yard and play with me."

"Are you crazy, Fox, I know what you want." Crowed Rooster.

"The farmer said if I behave and don't hurt any of you, we can be friends." Smiled the Fox.

"Your not telling the truth, so just go back home and find some other friends." the Rooster said as he walked back to the Hens.

"What did Charlie the Fox want?" Clucked all of the hens, together.

After the Rooster told them the latest story Charlie the Fox told, All of the Hens fluttered in fright.

"Do you think the humans told the Fox we could play with Charlie?" A little baby Chick peeped.

"Maybe the Fox has changed," crowed a young Rooster, "I sure would like to see some new places."

"Sure" crowed the Rooster, fluffing his feathers, "Have you ever wondered what ever happened to others, like you, when they fell for Charlie the Fox lies?"

" Now listen to me, you dumb Chickens, Charlie the Fox is just telling you all lies, the farmer would never let anything happen to us, remember you Hens feed him eggs every morning." Lectured the Rooster.

The next day Charlie the Fox and a couple of his friends came back again

"Hey Rooster, look who I brought, we want to be friends, come out and play." Shouted Charlie.

The Rooster strolled over to the fence and whispered, "Next time you come here and don't tell the truth, the farmer will come and send all of you to another County." The Rooster walked back to the rest of the flock.

Charlie and his friends ran away laughing "Boy those Chickens are dumb, how will the farmer find out about us, Hahah."

After the Chickens were fed that night, the Rooster and Hens worked out a Plan to get all of the Fox in trouble with their friend the farmer.

The next day, again, Charlie Fox and his friends came back, surrounding the Chicken yard, trying to scare the Chickens, hoping one of them would fly out of the yard.

The Rooster crowed, loudly "NOW, EVERYONE!!!"

All of the Chickens flopped around, crashing into fences, clucking as loud as they could at the top of their beaks. The Fox couldn't figure out what was going on.

Just then the screen door, on the house, swing open. The Farmer, with his shotgun in his hands, ran out, shouting at the top of his voice " WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE?" The farmer saw Charlie the Fox and his friends and shot his gun over their heads. "Get out of here or you guys will be eating lead for supper.

As Charlie ran away with his friends following behind, the Rooster crowed as loud as he could "Hey Charlie if you don't tell the TRUTH YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES." All of the chickens cheeped with happiness.

The End



by Elnora Watters

Laddie, the family pet, was playing outside with Blackie, the next door dog, Blackie.

"Laddie come and see what mother brought home today," yelled Christie.

"I wonder what it can be" Laddie yelped to his friend "Maybe they bought me a big fat bone or a toy."

"Well go find out" barked his friend, Blackie.

Running as fast as his four legs could go, he ran into the house. Laddie ran into the kitchen, expecting to see Christie with a bone, but no one was there.

"Where is everyone" thought Laddie.

"Come into the front room, Laddie, the surprise is in here" Laughed Christie.

Frowning, Laddie walked into the front room, looking around, still expecting a toy or bone.

"Come over here" called Christie. Everyone was standing by the corner of the front room.

"SQUAWK, SQUAWK" came a loud noise from the corner.

Jumping into the air, with tail between his hind legs, Laddie ran from the room.

"Come back here, its only our new pet, a PARROT" called Christie.

Skidding to a stop, Laddie questioned "PARROT, what is a Parrot? Why did they get a new pet, don't they love me anymore?" Tears ran from his eyes.

"Come in here and we will introduce you to our Parrot." said Christie.

Walking back into the room Laddie starred at this bird called a Parrot.

"HELLO" squawked the Parrot.

Jumping back, Laddie yelped, "This bird speaks human talk, What are you?"

"HELLO, HELLO" squawked the Parrot.

"What is the matter with you, Bird Brain, are you a human in a birds body?" asked Laddie as he ran out of the house, with Christie after him. "Come back, don't be afraid, it's just a bird, it won't hurt you."

Laddie didn't stop but ran next door to see his friend, Blackie. Laddie couldn't understand why the humans had to get another pet, and a dumb one at that.

"What is the matter," asked Blackie " Did they get you a bone or toy?"

"The humans don't want me anymore, they got a dumb human in a bird body." Cried Laddie. "It talks like humans.

"They got a Parrot?" barked Blackie "I know about them and their not dumb, they are one of the smartest birds in the world."

"Smart? what do you mean?" asked Laddie.

"They learn to say words they hear humans say. The humans have to be careful what they say in front of the Parrot" replied Blackie.

"Christie still loves me then, I better get back home. I got to make sure that Parrot doesn't say bad things in front of Christie." Laddie said, as he ran back to his house.

Scratching the door and barking, Christie opened the door, letting her pet in the house "I love you Laddie, please don't be mad at me." cried Christie.

Waging his tail, Laddie walked over to his friend, Christie, and licked her face."I love you too, Christie."

Walking into the front room, Laddie walked over to the Parrot " I know I can't talk human talk but if you can hear animal talk, I want you to know we will be friends only if you don't teach Christie bad words. If you understand me say "JESUS."

After a few minutes, Laddie turned to walk out of the room when he heard the Parrot say "JESUS"

The End



By Elnora Watters

Bobby and Mike were taking their dogs for a walk in the park, planning on what they would do for fun.

"Why don't we play on the swings?" Bobby asked Mike.

"What will we do with our dogs while we play?" asked Mike.

"It was your idea to bring them with us." said Bobby.

"It was the only way my mom would let me go to the park," complained Mike.

"There is the playground and the swings, lets tie our dogs to the bench, they will be OK." Bobby said as he tied the ropes to the bench.

After the boys left to play, both dogs stared at their owners, then back to each other.

"I thought Bobby and Mike really wanted to take us with them," snarled Queenie.

"I did too, Mike made such a show, to his mother, how he wanted to play with me." whined Spot.

"Do you realize every time the boys want to go somewhere they use us as their excuse to get their way." whimpered Queenie.

Both dogs fell quiet and watched the two boys play, first on the swing, then on the slide.

"We would have had more fun at home." barked Spot.

"What could we do to get the boys' to play with us instead of using us to do what they want to" asked Queenie "Remember when Bobby wanted to play in the water and asked his mom to let him give me a bath?"

"Ya and Mike asked if he could also go to Bobbies house and give me a bath also" Spot said "Well we got wet but they had a ball splashing each other. We were just as dirty as we were before they had the water fight."

"Isn't there any way we can make them tell their parents the truth?" asked Queenie.

"Missy, the neighbors cat says her owner prays for things, whatever that means, maybe we can pray also." Spot said.

Both dogs laid down and went to sleep.

Queenie and Spot woke up cold and damp, Looking around they saw it was dark and the boys weren't any where around.

"I think the boys left us." Spot said as he started to shake from the cold.

"We are tied up too, what are we going to do?" asked Queenie.

"We better just be quiet and try to sleep until morning." moaned Spot.

The next morning Bobby and Mikes fathers came, finding the pets, they hugged each " I can see you two didn't run away, like the boys said, lets go home."

When they got to Bobbies house, both fathers put the dogs into the backyard and brought the boys out side with both mothers and both fathers.

"Boys we want you both to tell us how your dogs could run away when they were still tied up when we found them. When are you both going to start telling the truth?"

Each set of parents took their boy and pet home with them but not before each boy was told they were grounded for a week and had to start taking better care of their pets.

As the dogs separated Queenie barked "Next time we speak to Missy the cat we are going to ask her more about this thing called prayer."

"Ya and maybe we will start having some fun with Bobby and Mike." said Spot.

"I sure hope they have learned telling the truth is better than telling lies and hurting those who love them." barked Queenie. "Good-bye"

The End



By Elnora Watters

After Paul's' mother parked the car, at the Veterinarian Clinic, Paul grabbed Skips' leash. Opening the car door, Paul pat his dog on the head, "Come on Skip, don't be afraid, I will be with you."

Skip started to shake and whimpered, " I've never been to a Vet before."

Paul placed the leash on Skip's collar and led him toward the door of the Office. Skip pulled back and tried to get loose but Paul held on firm with both hands.

Skip whimpered and growled trying to get Paul to let him go. " Hey Paul, don't you understand? My friend Wolf went to a Vet one day, and never came back."

"Mama said you have to go in here to get your yearly shots." said Paul.

"Shots! Shots! is this human, called a Vet, going to shoot me?" Skip frantically barked."

Finally Paul picked Skip up in his arms and kissed his pet. When they finally went into the building, Skip noticed lots of dogs, cats and even a baby white mouse.

As Paul and his mother walked to the desk, the room became hushed as each animal looked at Skip and the humans who just came in the room. After a few minutes Paul, with Skip in his arms, sit down to wait their turn.

"What are you in for kid?" asked the Scottie next to him.

"My owner says I'm here to get shot" moaned Skip.

"Ha Ha" laughed Scottie "The Vet isn't going to shoot you, he is just going to give you medicine to help you stay well."

"But Paul said I was going to get shot. When Paul's dad goes out hunting he has a gun and shoots wild animals, so, smarty what is the difference?" growled Skip.

"He is a baby" meowed the cat, on the other side of Skip "The shots your owner is talking about is just a little needle, like a thorn, with medicine in it, the Vet just pricks your hip, then takes the needle out, that is all. "NO PAIN!!!!!"

" You should have my problem," barked Spook, " A car hit me and broke my leg a few weeks ago, you talk about pain, you should have mine."

Skip felt sorry for the other pets and happy he wasn't going to get shot. Paul started patting Skip on the head "I'm so glad you don't have some of the problems these other pets have, I thank God for animal doctors, who take care of our pets."

"I am too Paul" whimpered Skip, as he licked Paul all over his face.

The nurse called Scottie into a room "Good Luck Scottie" whispered Skip.

A little later Skip saw the cat go in and come out purring "I'm O.K."

Scottie hadn't came out yet "I wonder what has happened to him" Skip asked Spook

"I don't know, he is here every time I come, sometimes he looks happy, then other times he looks very sad." answered Spook.

A few minutes later Spook went into a room and came out without the cast on his leg. "Did it hurt? did you see Scottie?" groaned Skip.

"I'm fine, just have to take it easy for a while. I heard the Vet say they were going to keep Scottie in the hospital, I tried barking to call to him but didn't hear him" Spook said.

It was Skips turn to go in for shots. "Paul, why aren't you coming with me?" Skip tried to get his master to say something but he didn't.

Skip was shaking from head to tail, and wished he was home in his own little bed, with his water and food dish right by his bed. The Vet pat his side and told Skip not to be afraid. Just a few seconds later the Vet told Skip he was ready to go home.

Skip was so proud of himself, matter fact he doesn't even remember feeling any pick like the cat had told him he would feel.

Walking out of the room, Skip noticed Scotties owner and Paul talking about Scottie, moving as close as he could Skip heard Scotties owner say his dog was very brave but was very sick. Paul told the little boy, he would pray for Scottie.

Skip knew what praying was because his humans do this all of the time.

When Skip got home he ran around to all of his friends and told them about his visit to the Vet, bragging about how brave he was. Then he remembered Scottie "I have to be honest with you, I was scared, but some of the pets I met helped me realize getting shots wasn't as bad as a broken leg or like the dog called Scottie, none of us realized how sick he was. He has to stay in the hospital. So all of you remember him so he can get better."

Walking back home, Skip said a prayer for Scottie.

The End



By Elnora Watters

A black Bear with her Cub were walking through the forest one beautiful day. mother Bear was showing her Cub how to take care of himself in the wild.

"Mamma are these berries good to eat?" asked the Cub, as he stuffed some in his mouth."

"Stop eating that Jr., how many times have I told you to wait until I tell you if they are any good" growled the mother Bear.

" I'm hungry Mamma" whined the Cub. "What are we going to do now?"

The black Bear shook her head, realizing she had one impatient baby Cub on her hands.

"After I show you what you can find to eat in the forest, I will take you fishing" smiled his mother.

"Swimming, boy I will like that" laughed the Cub.

Later after Mamma Bear finished teaching the Cub what food to eat in the forest, she took her Cub to the river, that ran through the trees.

Late afternoon, after fishing and playing in the water, they headed back to their den for the night.

The next day it began to rain and the wind started blowing real hard. Mother and Cub were searching for berries when the wind blew a large branch down, striking Mamma Bear on the head and trapping her paw under the branch.

"Mamma are you OK?" cried the Cub.

The black Bear didn't answer the Cub. The baby Cub cried for help but no one came. The Cub laid down by his mother, hoping she would wake up and tell him what to do.

The Cub looked around hoping to see someone coming but for quite a while no one came. Finally the Cub saw a Squirrel coming through the trees.

"Please help my Mamma, she is hurt." cried the Cub.

The Squirrel stopped and looked at the big Bear, then looked at the Cub. The Squirrel whispered "Sorry" and walked away.

The Cub heard his Mamma moan and ran over to her.

"Honey, I can't move and my head hurts so bad. please get some water and put on my head" Mamma Bear said.

The little Cub ran over to a water puddle, put his paws into the water and ran back to his mother, but she had passed out again. The baby Cub rubbed his paws over his mothers head and laid down, again, by his mother.

A little later the Cub heard a family of Fox coming and he called to them. " Please help my mother, she is hurt and I don't know what to do."

The family of Fox stopped and looked at the mother and Cub but said "We can't help, sorry."

Mother Bear again moaned and whispered to her Cub "Please help me Honey, my head hurts and I can't move."

"Mamma, I have asked a Squirrel and a family of Fox but they all said they couldn't help us. I will keep trying." The baby Cub cried back to his mother.

Time past and mother went back to sleep, the Cub rubbed his mothers body, hoping she would know he was there and that he loved her.

Time past without the Cub seeing another animal. Later he saw a herd of Deer in the trees but they couldn't hear the Cubs cry for help.

The Cub tried to move the branch off his mother but he was too small to lift the branch.

Finally off in the distance the Cub heard a Bear coming "Maybe he will help me" the Cub said as he roared as loud as he could to the big Bear.

The big Bear turned around and walked over to the Cub and his mother " What happened little fellow?"

"A branch fell on my Mamma early and no one would help us" whined the Cub.

The big Bear walked over to the mother Bear and lifted the branch off her paw "Little Cub see if you can find something to put water in and bring it here, please.

While the Cub was gone the big Bear checked for cuts or broken bones on the mother Bear, but found none. He found a bump on her head though. He figured she just had a bruised head and will be OK.

When the Cub came back, the big Bear poured some of the water on Mamma Bears head. The Cubs mother opened her eyes and asked for her Cub.

The big Bear helped mother Bear to her hind legs, but noticed she was weak. The black Bear helped the Cub and his mother back to their den, picking berries along the way so mother and Cub would have something to eat back at the den.

When the big black Bear started to leave the Cub said "Thank you so very much."

The black Bear laughed and said "Just think of me as the Good Samaritan."

The End



By Elnora Watters

The small Church Mouse was wondering around the hall's of the church heading for the kitchen when he saw another mouse coming out of the kitchen.

"Hey Mouse, where did you come from?" asked the Church Mouse.

"Oh you scared me, who are you?" asked the new Mouse.

"First answer my question, who are you and where did you come from?"

questioned the Church Mouse. " I am a Field Mouse, I was looking for something to eat in the shed behind thisplace and someone shut me in" answered the Field Mouse.

The Church Mouse walked around the Field Mouse and noticed he was very thin "How did you get in here?" asked the Church Mouse "If you were locked in the shed, how did you get out?"

"Today someone opened the door and I hid in a box" squeaked the mouse "next thing I knew the box was moving and here I am."

The Church Mouse looked at the Field Mouse for a second then said "That must have been the man who cleans the church, he came in today."

"I'm hungry, " whined the Field Mouse, there wasn't any food in the shed."

"That is why I was heading for the kitchen" the Church Mouse said as he ran toward the room "Food is scarce right after the man cleans the church."

Both mice ran all around the room but didn't find a crumb.

"What are we going to do?" asked the Field Mouse.

"Oh I know every inch of this place and haven't starved yet" answered the Church Mouse "Come on, follow me and I will show you spots the man always misses."

After going from room to room the mice had found enough food to last for several days. The Church Mouse knew the church is closed more than it is open.

The Church Mouse took the Field Mouse to his hiding place and stored the food.

Later that day the Church Mouse asked his new friend "What is it like out there in the field?"

"Sometimes it is fun and other times it is scary" answered the Field Mouse "Cats, dogs and birds are always trying to catch me. There is lots of food but getting it without getting caught is hard."

"I don't have problems with other animals but when people come to church you better stay out of the way" squeaked the Church Mouse.

"Why? Does a lot of people come to this place called Church?" asked the Field Mouse.

"Wow! there sure are a lot of people, all sizes. Every room in this place is packed with people" answered the Church Mouse. "I like the music, it sure is nice. This man, called a Minister, gets up in front and talks about someone called JESUS. The minister says this person called JESUS takes care of all who believe in him."

"What happens after these people leave?" asked the Field Mouse.

"After they all leave, I go food hunting, boy it is like a banquet, every room has food in it" smiled the Church Mouse.

"Do you think I can stay here in the place called Church?" asked the Field Mouse.

The Church Mouse thought for a while then answered "It will be hard finding enough food for two to eat. These people only come here three times a week except when there is something special going on. This man comes before a day called Sunday and cleans the Church, but if you want, we can try though, it might be fun."

The Church Mouse knew the schedule of the comings and goings of the humans. He also knew the two mice had to find more food if the Field Mouse was going to stay.

The next few days, the mice searched every inch of the building for every crumb they could find.

Early one morning the mice heard the front door open, "Run to our hiding place!" yelled the Church Mouse.

"Who is that?" cried the Field Mouse, as he ran along with the Church Mouse.

"Today is one of the times the humans come to Church, now you will get to hear some beautiful music and hear this man call a minister talk about JESUS. whispered the Church Mouse. "After they leave we will find lots of food."

Both mice stayed in their hiding place, listening to the music and hearing more about this person JESUS.

The Field Mouse whispered to the Church Mouse "These people sound so friendly I wish we could meet them."

"Are you crazy, Mouse? Even though they sound nice they don't like mice. We are not people" The Church Mouse squeaked loudly.

"Well I wish we were people, then we could ask them about JESUS " whined the Field Mouse.

"Shoo, The minister is talking about having something called Bible School next week. I was here when they had it last year and boy did I have the food then. They also talked a lot about JESUS during that time." The Church Mouse said with a smile.

The next week the mice felt like they had gone to food heaven. both mice learned a lot during the week of Bible School and were very happy to be in this church building.

"I bet a lot of mice would like to be here" Laughed the Field Mouse.

"Don't even think that, remember the times food is scarce and if the humans saw a lot of mice they would chase us outside where the cats, dogs and birds would get us. Do you want that again?" asked the Church Mouse.

"No but I am thinking about going out in the field again and finding some of my friends and tell them about this person called JESUS" answered the Field Mouse. " I would be like the minister said today 'I could be a Missionary."

"Would you sneak in once in a while and tell me how things are going outside?" whined the Church Mouse.

"Yes, I will stop by once in a while, but now I better go while the people have the door opened" answered the Field Mouse.

The Church Mouse squeaked a sad Good-bye to the Field Mouse as he disappeared in the grass.

Both mice knew they would see each other again some day.

The End



By Elnora Watters

The black Snake sneaked into the Hen house, hoping to find an egg to steal. As the Snake slithered up to the nest where he hoped to find some eggs he saw a big Hen.

"Who do you think you are" said the Hen "We have told you a hundred times your not to be in here."

"Ha ha, do you and that stupid Rooster think your big enough to stop me from stealing your eggs?" laughed the Snake.

The Snake started toward the nest but felt something picking at his tail.

"Hey Snake , who invited you into our house? Get out of here now before all of us show you how we get rid of Snakes" crowed the Rooster.

The Snake crawled down to the ground "I will leave this time but next time you will be sorry."

All of the Hens came into the chicken coop as the Snake was going out the door.

"Did the Snake steal our eggs again?" the Hens asked.

"Not this time" answered the Hen, still on the nest "The Rooster picked the Snakes tail hard, ha ha."

"We have to do something to let our owner know we are being pestered by a big black Snake" crowed the Rooster.

"Every year he will get bigger and bigger, if we don't do something soon, we won't be able to stop him anymore" clucked several Hens together.

After laying her egg, the Hen jumped down from the nest just as another Hen jumped in.

"I remember last year when we were being pestered by another Snake and our owner put a rock in the nest" chuckled one of the older Hens.

"Yes, I remember" answered the Rooster "The Snake swallowed it and he got a very bad stomach ache, I wonder what ever happened to him."

"Well we can't let the Snake continue to steal from us, we work so hard to put eggs on our owners table and then the Snake steals them" the Hens clucked.

"Did you hear our owner last week, she said if we don't start laying eggs we could end up in a kettle" The Hen setting on the nest said.

After a while the chickens went back to eating their scratch and they tried to think of a plan to get rid of the Snake.

That evening their owner came in to gather the eggs, " Hi my little girls, you did real good today, Thank you" she said.

Their owner looked around under the nests and the feeder.

"Do you think she knows there is a Snake bothering us and robbing our eggs?" A hen asked the Rooster.

"I don't know but she is looking for something" the Rooster answered.

After their owner left, each of the chickens wondered around the yard, finally all of the Hens and the Rooster flew up on the perch and went to sleep.

Early the next morning the Rooster woke all of the Hens with his loud crowing.

Their owner came out of the house, with feed and water, and walked into the chicken coop "I know you chickens have been bothered by a black Snake, I saw signs of it last night while here."

The Rooster and Hens were shocked to find out their owner understood their problem with the Snake.

"I will keep a close watch out here and if the Snake comes back make lots of racket and I will come" said their owner. "I know you understand me, we have beenfriends for a long time."

"Wow" said the Rooster "Did you hear her, she understands us."

The Hens and Rooster kept watch all morning but no black Snake came. The last Hen had finally laid her egg when she saw the black Snake crawl in through the door.

"Help! Help! The Snake is back." The Hen clucked loudly.

All of the Hens and the Rooster fluttered, cackled and crowed as loud as they could, but trying not to let the Snake know what they were doing.

Their owner ran from the house and went into the chicken coop just in time to catch the black Snake, with an egg in his mouth.

Grabbing the Snake at the base of its head and by the tail, she carried the Snake outside. Looking down at the Snake, the Hens owner told the Snake, "This is what youget for stealing what don't belong to you."

"Thanks Chickens, I am going to take this Snake for a long ride, he won't bother you any more" Their owner said.

The next day the chickens were so happy that the black Snake was gone and they had such a nice owner, all of the Hens laid an egg for her breakfast.

The End

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