Trouble and the Neighborhood

Trouble And The Neighborhood

By Elnora Watters

My name is Trouble and this is my neighborhood. I have lived here all my life. Tiger is my best friend. We hang out together. We love to chase each other and butterflies.
Foxy, the prettiest cat in the world, lives across the street. I love her, but she calls me "Alley Cat with no class." I don't even know what an Alley Cat is.

Clarence, the mutt, lives next door. He can't romp and play with us. His owner keeps him tied to a doghouse. This makes him grumpy. Sometimes Tiger and I are mean to Clarence. We creep just close enough to make him try to catch us, then we run away just as his rope stops him.

When Tiger walks past Foxy's porch, she purrs like an angel, so she can get his attention. Tiger stops, blinks his eyes and purrs back. When I purr at her, she puts her nose in the air and calls me "Alley Cat" as she walks away.

Sometimes Tiger and I fight over Foxy, but being good friends, we get over it. Isn't that what good friends do?

There are lots of houses in our neighborhood but only Foxy, Tiger, Clarence and I live here. Moose, the bully doesn't live in out neighborhood but hangs around all the time.

We don't like Moose, he steals our food, chases us and knocks over our owners garbage cans.

I have to go see what is in the cans. It's usually when I'm looking in those cans when the owner comes out and sees me, and yells "Get out of there Trouble."

One day Foxy was on her porch when Tiger and I walked by. She just had a bath and smelled like flowers. Her owner had just combed her fur and put a ribbon around her neck. She was so beautiful.

We both said "Hi Foxy" at the same time. She turned her head and purred, "Hi Tiger, do you want to come and share my milk with me?"

I turned and ran as fast as I could down the street. Tiger yelled, "Wait Trouble, wait for me."

I was running so fast I didn't realize I had bumped into Moose. "Get out of my way, you crazy cat," He shouted as he grabbed me by the tail and swung me around and around. I thought I was going to die. I heard someone coming, just as Moose hit me in the head with his paw.

Clarence grabbed Moose by the neck, while Tiger clawed at his side and head. Moose started whimpering and ran with Clarence running after him.

Clarence ran back asking "Did he hurt you pal?"

I looked at each of them and asked "Clarence, Tiger, how did you find me? How, How?"

Tiger explained, "I ran after you and heard your cry for help when out of no where, Clarence ran right past me diving into Moose." "Wow! What a fight."

"I saw you run away with Tiger following you, I felt something was wrong and chewed through my rope," said Clarence. "When I heard your cry for help, I just had to but in and help my pal."

Just then Foxy ran to me, "Oh dear, Trouble, you look awful, what happened?"

I couldn't believe it, Foxy was talking to me.

"Thank you all for caring," I cried, with a tear in my eye.

"Well what are friends for" asked Tiger.

"You would do the same for us if we were in trouble wouldn't you?" Clarence asked.

Clarence, I will never tease you again, I promise."

"Oh no! Don't stop. I get tired of being tied up all the time, when you guys tease me, I have fun."

We all Laughed

"Trouble, I think your kind of cute, I like to see the sparks in your eyes when I call you "Alley Cat", Foxy purred.

Trouble looked at Foxy and turned red from head to tail. Everyone laughed and laughed.

"You are our buddy, Trouble, what would Tiger, Clarence and I do without you?" said Foxy, "All of you come to my house and share milk with me."

Walking down the street, side by side, all four knew they would be friends forever.

The End

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