Chapter 3

(c) By Elnora Watters


Spot started grumbling "How much longer do you think they will keep us tied up, Spook? I hate not being free."

" Will you stop complaining?" snapped Spook, "It's only been a couple of days since we knocked the mailman down, besides Frankie lets us loose and plays with us every day."

"Hey Spook, look by the gate, it's Smoky." barked Spot.

"Hi you guys, how's things going?" asked Smoky "How many more days do you have to be chained up?"

Both dogs ran toward the gate where Smoky was but the chains stopped them.

"Where are you heading Smoky?" asked Spook, "Can you stay awhile and visit with us?"

Smoky felt sorry for the pair but had other plans "I'm heading for the park guys, I hear there are lots of dogs and cats there."

Spook hung his head for a second then told Smoky "I don't know how much longer we will be here but when we get loose we'll show you some fun places."

Smoky barked a low "See you" as he ran off toward the park.

Spot started howling at the top of his voice, Spook put his paws over his ears and finally growled "Shut up Spot, you make me sick with your complaining."

Just then the back door flew open and Frankie came out with leashes for both dogs. "Come on boys, mom said I could take you for a walk in the park, but both of you have to be good."

Spot and Spook couldn't believe their luck, they were going to the park. After Frankie snapped their leashes on, the dogs started prancing around and wagging their tails.

"Now you be good Spot, or we will never get loose again" growled Spook.

"Me be good? Take a little of your own advice" snapped Spot.

As they were entering the park Spot saw Smoky and tried to pull the leash out of Frankie's hand when Spook barked a loud command at Spot to stop. "I don't plan on getting punished for your actions Spot, I want to get free this year, not next year."

"I'm sorry Spook, I forgot. This sure is boring, just walking around the park," groaned Spot.

"Shut up, Spot, or I will bite you." snarled Spook.

Finally Frankie found a couple of friends and decided to play ball with them. Both dogs sat down to watch when Spot discovered Frankie had forgotten to tie the leashes to the bench.

Spot crept over to Spook and whispered "Look, we can go play and Frankie won't even notice."

"Yeah" said Spook, "Then when Frankie gets home he will be punished for letting us run loose."

The dogs decided to be good and continued to watch the boys play when they spotted a cat walking toward them with Smoky sneaking up behind it.

"Should we help Smoky catch the cat or bark to let the cat know he is in danger?" whispered Spook.

"I'm for watching a good dog and cat fight," laughed Spot, "We haven't had any excitement for a long time."

"OK" whispered Spook "Give it a few seconds, then we will start barking, this will make us look like heroes."

"Maybe Frankie will see how good we are and tell his folks, then maybe we will get free."

As Smoky crept up on the cat he didn't see the dog catcher creeping up behind him. "Oh no" growled Spook "we have to warn Smoky."

"Then there won't be any cat and dog fight" whimpered Spot.

Spook growled at Spot then started barking a loud warning to Smoky. Turning around just in time, Smoky saw the net start to fall, he ran between the dog catchers legs, taking off down the path toward freedom.

"Quick Spot, run around the leg of the bench a couple of times so our leashes will look like they are tied to the bench," whispered Spook.

Just in time, Frankie and the dog catcher came to check on the two dogs to make sure they were tied up.

"Your a lucky boy, if your dogs were loose, here in the park, I'd have to take them to the dog pound." The dog catcher smiled as he walked back to his truck.

Frankie kissed each dog on their head. "I saw what you did to help your friend and also you helped keep me out of trouble, if my folks knew I hadn't tied you to the bench, they would be mad at me."

Spot and Spook licked Frankie on the face, knowing they were lucky to have an owner like Frankie.

When they got back home, they thought about the events of the day and wondered whatever happened to Smoky.

Just as they started to fall asleep they heard the back door open, jumping up, they saw Frankie and his parents walking toward them.

"Oh no" Spot moaned "What did we do now?"

Frankie's dad walked over to each dog and unfastened their chains "Well Spot and Spook, I think you have both learned your lesson. Frankie told us about this afternoon and how well both of you behaved."

The dogs jumped high in the air with their tails wagging. Frankie and his parents laughed until they cried. Both dogs looked at each other and promised to show their owners how much they loved them.


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