God's Joke

God's Joke


You're absolutely right about God having a sense of humor! Let me tell you what happened to me once.

I was at the grocery store on the way home from taking my daughter to school. I ran in to get one small thing so I didn't bother getting a cart. Well, I saw a Coke sale, and since we drink a lot of diet Coke, I decided to get some. But no cart, and I was in the back of the store. So I prayed, "Lord, please let me find an abandoned cart in the next isle." I walked around the end of the isle and, yes, there sat an empty cart with no one else around. BUT, it was one of those tiny little yellow toy carts!!! I nearly fell apart laughing. I know that if anybody saw me they thought I was crazy standing there all alone laughing so hard. The Lord showed me my laziness in such a funny way. Yes, I went on back to the front and got a big cart. I have to laugh every time I see those little carts in the stores. I think the Lord laughs with me too.

And, you know the best thing? He will laugh WITH us but not AT us.


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