Chapter 2

(c) By Elnora Watters

While chasing each other in the back yard, Spot started to run around the house "I bet I can run faster than you can."

Spook, panting and with tail wagging, ran past Spot, "I will be half way around before you get started."

When Spook got to the front yard, he bumped into the mailman, causing the man and mail to fly up into the air, and land flat on the ground.

"Look what you did!" screamed the mailman, just as Spot ran around the corner, knocking the man down again causing the mail to fly high in the air again.

"What happened Mr. Mailman?" asked Frankie, as he came out of the house.

"If you don't do something about those dogs, your parents will have to get their mail at the post office," said the mail man as he picked up the mail and left.

As Spot and Spook ran into the back yard, they knew they were in trouble again.

"Well, another mess you got us into again" said Spook, "I guess we will be tied to the doghouse again.

"My fault?, Spook you were the one who knocked the stupid man down" barked Spot.

"You did too, I think you made a bigger mess than I did" said Spot remembering the Mailman falling down again and the mail flying into the air. Just then Frankie came around the corner of the house crying.

"You two did it this time, mama said if you don't stop getting into trouble I have to get rid of you both."

Spot and Spook were in shock, knowing this time they had gone too far. Walking over to Frankie with their tails between their legs and ears down, they licked Frankie's face, hoping he would know they were sorry. Frankie petted each on their neck, tied them to their houses, and went to get water and food for them.

"Well, now what are we going to do? The neighbor's chickens are going to miss us chasing them," Spot moaned.

"Oh shut up, let me think," snarled Spook "For one thing you know we can slip out of these collars anytime we want to."

Both dogs tried to figure their next move "Frankie will be no problem, we just have to worry about his folks," Spook whimpered to Spot. "If we want to stay alive or even stay here, we will have to be extra good for awhile, if that don't work we will just run away." Spook finally decided.

"Yeah," smiled Spot "We have been in worse trouble than this and got ourselves out."

"We will just wait until Frankie's dad comes home and see how mad he will be, in the meantime let's get some sleep." Spook said as he closed his eyes.

Spot and Spook fell asleep, dreaming of the mailman flying through the air with their owners chasing them, with a broom, around the house.

Spot woke up, sensing someone was staring at them, turning his head he spotted a strange dog watching them.

Spot started barking, waking Spook up, "What are you barking at?" Spook spotted the strange dog and joined Spot in the barking, hoping the two of them could scare the pest away. Forgetting they were tied up, they ran as fast as they could toward the new dog, coming to the end of their chains, they stopped with a jerk.

The new dog laughed and make a choking sound back at them. Spot and Spook laid on the ground with their oegs going in four different directions.

"What are you doing here anyway? We never saw you around here before," grumbled Spot, as he struggled to get on his paws.

"My name is Smoky, I moved down the street, what is your problem?" inquired their new neighbor.

"We knocked the mailman down and made a mess of the mail, our punishment is being tied up forever, unless we can figure out what to do." Spook said as he lowered his eyes.

"I bit a paperboy once" said Smoky, "Almost went to the Dog Pound, the boy finally admitted he hit me first, I had to stay tied up for six weeks to see if I had any germs or whatever."

"Got any ideas on how we can get out of this mess?" asked Spot. "The longest we had to stay tied up was two days, we almost went crazy."

"Just show your owners a sorry look, whimper a lot, lick their faces and don't bark, this makes them mad," Smoky said as he turned around to leave.

"Wait, stop, will you come back and see us?" asked Spot. "After we get loose we will show you around the neighborhood."
"OK, I'll see you tomorrow," Smoky yelled as he left. Just as they settled down again, the back door opened, Frankie, and his parents walked over to the two dogs. "Well it looks like you guys sure got yourselves into a mess this time" Father said as he walked over to each dog and petted them on the head.

Spook and Spot looked at each other and wondered why he was being so kind, was he going to spank them, forgive them, or take them to the dreaded Dog Pound?

"You will have to stay tied up for awhile until

the mailman cools off, but the next time you dogs get into trouble, your gone, understand?" After Frankie's dad spoke, they walked back to the house.

Frankie, with a grin from ear to ear, ran into the house and brought each a big bone. Spot and Spook looked at each other with a sigh of relief, realizing how lucky they were to have owners like them.

"How long do think we will have to stay tied up?, I don't think I can take it for long" complained Spot.

"Oh stop complaining, Spot, Frankie will take us for walks and play with us. I bet our new friend will come every day to see us too, besides we probably will get the best food, if Frankie has anything to do about it." Spook said while thinking of what could have happened.

Both dogs were so happy they had owners who loved them. They started making plans for the future when they would be free.

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