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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to Worship in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about Worship

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Worship -

1995 11 04.3

I am the Lord God. I am the One to worship, not nature, which is a small remnant of what I created in the garden of Eden.

1995 11 20.1

This is the word of God for those who think they can serve Me, the Lord of Heaven, without giving up anything of this earth. I am first! You shall have no other gods before Me: no gods of satan, no gods of earth, no gods of the ways of men, no gods of the ways of this planet which no longer walks after the ways of God but after the flesh! I am the only God of Heaven, the only God which is in power. Satan, the deceiver, is not a god, he is an impostor! He seeks to destroy the earth and everything that came forth from the Lord.

1996 05 21.1

In the age to come, the one thousand year age, there will come a time of deep devotion to Me, says the Lord. ---- There will also come another time of strange gods on this earth.

1996 07 20.1

When it comes to a commitment to Me, I desire a people who will serve the Lord God of Israel with their whole heart, with their whole mind, and with their whole desire. Their whole heart must be turned to Me, and no to the things of this earth.

1996 09 14.2

If you will walk in My ways, and seek Me, and follow My commandments, and seek My ways, these times will be a prosperity and a blessing to you.

1997 03 01.1

This is My word. I will take the gods and goddesses of this world, who the world loves and worships, the things, the objects that they take hold of instead of Me, and I shall turn them against them so that their gods and goddesses that they worship, is now, soon to be, turning against them to destroy them, and they shall have no other god but the God of heaven and the god of earth.

1997 11 23.1

For I am a King, says the Lord, and I seek for a servant to follow Me. I am not a King, like some of the kings of the earth, which would force you to worship Me. No I seek for a people willing to worship Me, willing to serve Me. Willing to set aside their earthly cares, and seek, and bow the knee to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I am a King beyond all Kings, says the Lord. I am not to be taken lightly.

1999 04 29.1

One thing! That is this. That you completely dedicated yourself to My call. Everything will come from that! Everything will stem from it! For complete dedication will bring all the rest to pass. One thing is all you need.

1999 09 06.1

There is a renewal of the strength of the Spirit in the people of God. This renewal shall come in only a single way. It shall come by the reverence, fear, dedication to the Father from My people, says the Lord. ---- when this comes, it comes one way: by the reverence, fear, dedication of my people to My word and My will

2000 04 22.1

But I tell you, says the Lord, I am in control of everything! Those that put their hands up in worship to Me are paying tribute to Me. But those who humble themselves and obey every last word of the living God - those people I reward, I protect; and I reward.

2000 06 25.1

I am the God of every single person who will bow the knee to serve Me.

2000 07 27.1

For thus says the Lord, in many churches, in many places of worship, there are not mighty deeds going forth, these do not go forth because they have not met the standard of the Word of God for a church in this age.

2001 02 25.1

Thus saith the Lord, these are those who are truly saved, who seek My will (and not My ways to get themselves saved, as in fire insurance), but who seek My will and seek My ways to be saved to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who seek to worship Me, who seek to bow down to the great God of the universe, the God of everything that has ever been made. These people know the truth, humble themselves, and obey the word of God.

2001 04 11.1

But so many have gone into their churches and into their homes and been quiet about their worship with Me. They haven't noised it abroad. They haven't spoke it forth unto the world. They have been quiet

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