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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to Revival in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about Revival

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Revival -

1997 07 04.1

Thus says the Lord God, there is coming a world wide revival; much greater than you have seen. ---- And for many purposes it shall look like a revival sent from the word of the Holy Ghost. ---- HOWEVER, thus says the Lord, it will be NOT of Me. It will be people who seek the Word, but only in a selfish manner. It shall not be like the Toronto Blessing. It shall have different errors about it. It will not be the same thing, but it shall come and it shall take over much of the world as you know it. People will change and seek after this new revival. ---- But rather than seek it the strange words and manifestations - rather seek peace or seek Me for I shall reveal truth and honesty and holiness unto My people, who will not be deceived, says the Lord.

1997 11 13.1

Thus says the Lord, beware and know that there are people in the midst of revival that seek to pervert it. They are messengers, not of the Lord, but of the devil himself. They seek to pervert My revivals. They seek to pervert My Word. And they seek to pervert My power. ---- Look fast unto what is to come. Soon, soon, soon, I will turn not aside from putting My hand against those who have sought to pervert My revivals. For I will purify My church, and I will raise up a church that is without spot and it is without wrinkle.

1998 10 18.1

This is the word of the Lord. That there be a remnant of My people in this hour that will stand and know the will of God. That this judgment and wrath that comes will bring about a great revival, will bring about a great repentance among My people that will turn them from the fleshly desires unto that of the Spirit. ---- I'll bring these revivals up, here and there, as people with a heart cry for repentance go to prayer for this nation and this world which has sought the things of the earth and not the things of God. ---- And as they seek more of a repentance among God's people and among the world, I will bring it to pass. for it is this that brings true revival: a prayer from the heart to do anything that is necessary to serve the Lord, and to bring a revival to the nations. ---- That's how revival begins. It begins from the heart of My people who will serve Me above all things.

1998 10 24.2

Do not be disheartened by judgments, coming wraith, and wrath that already is. Rather look forward to the times of the Spirit. For I am bringing a new revival to this land, this land of North America. ---- I am bringing a revival, says the Lord. There will be a strong revival, but not like revivals that you have known in the past. This revival shall occur NOT in the hierarchy of the churches, but rather it shall occur in the streets, it shall occur in the lowly places, and it shall occur wherever people gather. ---- For I will bring you a revival that will affect the young people. I will bring you a revival that will affect all of the things that go on on the street. You will not be able to walk down the streets of some cities without knowing that there is revival in the land, it will be so obvious. ---- You will not be able to look at this and say, this is something that has gone on in the past, for it will be something new and different, and it shall be completely different, and completely different, and completely different. ---- For this revival that comes shall be a strong revival. There will be more miracles and ore moves of God, more of the hand of God than you have ever seen in your life before. This shall come in the very near future. ---- Woe be tied to those who fight against this. For this is not something that is going to occur in the hierarchy of the churches. It will occur in the schools. And it will occur in the workplace. ---- And many of the church shall fight against this revival. For they shall see it not as a revival, but as a turning against the ordinances of the church. ---- Hear, and hear, and hear the Word of the lord. This is the hour and this is the time! Revival is coming! And it shall not be like anything you have ever known before. It shall be like something that is right out of the book of Acts. ---- Understand that revivals in those days were not some calm little thing occurring inn some little corner of the city that people hardly ever heard of!! You went out in the streets and asked them what was going on: THEY KNEW!! ---- Some of the so-called revivals of the land; you would go out into the churches, and you ask them and they'll know; but you go out into the streets, and THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! For it hasn't even touched them!! ----- This revival shall touch all!! And while many shall fight against it, there will be many that go with it , and then stand and serve the Lord. --- But people will know about it! This will not occur in a corner! This will occur openly! It will shake the entire nations, and it will shake cities, and it will shake towns. ---- And it will turn people against each other. For satan shall fight this with everything he has. But I say, says the lord, I am the victor, I am the victor. ---- you shall see revival like you have never seen revival before. This is a time of revival. This is the time to bring yourself to the Spirit of the Living God and commit yourself to do whatever I am doing. ---- For the churches are not the major of this revival - not the churches as you know them. The churches as you know them are the hierarchy of man, BUT THIS SHALL BE THE POWER OF THE LIVING GOD!! And it will shake many. It will shake many. And a few in the church shall begin to turn, but most will not turn to Me in this revival. They will be in love with their hierarchy, their buildings, their order, and their ways. ---- But read the Book of Acts, and know that this is the revival that shall come. Thousands shall come at a single day to the knowledge of the Lord. And it shall shake cities. It shall create uproars. ---- People will stand up for the Lord, and satan shall not be at ease! For he shall fight this. And it shall create uproars. It shall not sit well with many people. But it shall sit well with Me, for great is the coming revival. ---- But beware in these days of revival. Beware in these days of revival. There is a coming revival that shall never, never be foreseen by man. This day of revival is almost at hand. This day of revival shall soon be. ---- Now I am laying the foundations of that revival even in this hour. The judgments of God must come first. The many that preach: revival, revival, revival, and oh, things will be different--but I tell you judgment must come first. For until people are brought down from the lusts of the world by the judgments of God revival cannot be! For their hearts are to the things of this earth. ---- So note the judgments that shall come. It shall pave the way for a great revival that shall usher in millions of souls into the Kingdom of God. This is My will, says the Lord. This is My will. Never doubt it! The things of God shall never be the same. And churches that shall lean to the understanding of the Lord, shall be shook and revived! And those that lean to the understanding of man shall be stale, and I shall bring them down, and I shall judge them, and I shall bring wrath upon them. ---- For in this day and age those that are of Me, says the Lord, shall stand, and those that are not, shall fall!! ---- Hear the word, and know this word, beware that you do not stand against your brothers in this time. For many shall go ahead and fight, brother against brother, Christian against Christian, AND IT IS NOT MY WILL!! ---- For those that fight against their own brothers in Christ--I shall mark them for wrath! You want to know who is going to be true in this revival, and who isn't? Look to those who do not fight against their own brothers.

1998 10 31.1

But what I shall bring about, says the Lord, shall be a strong revival, but through a new move of God to destroy the works of man among My people!

1999 03 09.1

Fear not the times to come, but rather look forward. For those who follow My will, will be responsible and participating in the greatest revival, and soul gathering that has existed since the beginning of time.

1999 09 06.2

(on the city of Red Deer, Canada) judgment comes from the hand of the Lord. It shall not seek the things of the earth. It shall seek to humble and bring down those lofty in this earth. ---- And when it does, some, just some, will come to repentance. Because of that, I will bring revival upon this place. I will bring a revival. ---- But it will come from the hand of God, heavy upon it in the following way. There will come a tornado upon it and trough the area that will be utterly devastating to the people it surrounds and hits. ---- So be it, for the Lord has spoken.

2000 05 14.2

Don't compromise My Word, says the Lord. Don't compromise My word. Let them think what they think. Stand for the Word of God and you shall have a part in the end time revivals that are coming very soon.

2000 07 11.1

These, My people, will be out on the street witnessing for Me and doing My will. This is the time of great revival, just at the beginning of this revival, just at the beginning of the laying down of the foundation of this revival!

2000 12 17.1

For thus saith the Lord. I am now bringing My people to a realization that there is, at this time, a great harvest being prepared. A harvest of souls for the kingdom of God. As the prophecies of judgment and revival go out, realize that their prophesying is a reality that is to bring about the revival. As people hear of the prophecies of judgment they will scoff and laugh, but as they begin to occur, they will seek the truth, and some will come into a knowledge of the truth and turn to serve the Lord God.

2001 01 04.1

Yes, My people, I am with you, even unto the ends of this earth. Take note of the book of Acts. Take note of the book of Acts. For in there great revivals occurred, but also great persecution! The two must go together. ---- Stand and beware, this is the time of great revival, of true revival, and of true persecution.

2001 01 20.1

I shall do many things in this world. For this is the time of the end times. And just now we are beginning to reach into the beginning of the great revival of the end times when My people shall stand up and be glorious, shall stand up in power; they shall stand up in strength ---- They need a shakening. A shakening to show that they are no longer standing with the world, but with the glory of God; no longer relying on the world, but relying on the glory of God. When this relying on the glory comes, then revival comes, saith the Lord.

2001 02 07.1

You'll see a revival come forth from this. You'll see a revival like never before, saith the Lord!

2001 02 07.2

Thus says the Lord, coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U.S. You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces. During this time the United States will be brought to it's knees. ---- It is after this time that you will see great persecution against My people, and against My church. But it is also after this time you shall see the greatest revival ever to come, rise up. Before that time you shall see revival. You shall say it is great! Indeed, it shall be great. But the revival to come after will be much stronger, and much strengthened., says the Lord.

2001 04 05.2

Stand in faith and know that this time may be harrowing when you see the divisions of the church between the righteous and the unrighteous. But it is nevertheless going to bring about a great revival. This revival will come in the unity as the people of the church come into the street and start witnessing like never before, saith the Lord.

2001 05 05.1

I am God. I am the One who will, and is now, bringing revival to those who have served Me in their heart. Those who have made a pretense of service will not walk, at this time, in this revival. They may walk in it at a later tome with repentance. ---- This is my will: that all those who will willing serve Me walk in all of the revival that is to come. It will be a time of renewal of My people, a time of revival of their souls, a time of renewal of their health, a time of revival for all those around.

2001 06 17.1

For as I raise up My church, My true one church, says the Lord, united in love, united in Spirit, united in action, united in obedience to the Spirit of God - for as I raise up this church, which I am doing in this day, there shall come a great revival, there shall come a great revival. ---- For the fractured church of Jesus Christ, which seeks its own divisions cannot bring revival. But a church that is not named by man, but is simply The Church, it can bring revival, and a great revival it shall bring. Throughout the land wherever you are this revival shall come. ---- But until I burn out divisions, bring unity, and a humble obedience to the spirit of God, the church cannot lead this revival. For the church itself is in need of reviving. And when I revival it, it shall go forth and a great return to the Lord Jesus Christ shall come. But it will take judgment, chastening, burning sin out, to get the church back where it ought to be. This is occurring now, and shall be occurring for some months and yes, even years.

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