Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies on

Signs and Wonders

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in July 1990 to Aug. 14, 2002

The following are taken from the Prophecies, of what is related to Signs and Wonders in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section Compares Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies to Thomas Gibson's Prophecies, and compares both to the Bible.

I recommend that you read the entire Prophecies at Raymond Aguilera's site http://prophecy.org

My notes (if any) are in Red text.


- Signs in heaven, stars, sky


- See wonders in the sky, in the heavens


- You will see signs, look at the star

- The missile from the East


- The sky will be filled with fire

- You will want to hide but can't


- Watch for signs in the sky, signs on earth


- Repent, have communion daily, you will see miracles and wonders beyond your wildest dreams.


- It has arrived, the day of miracles


- There will be signs in the sky

- You will see miracles

- You will see wonders

- You will see, feel, and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.


- Here comes the day of miracles, and the days of suffering.


- You will see signs in heaven, in your body, in friends

- And sighs that will frighten the world

- Signs of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit


- I do give signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit

- When they see My signs and wonders, they know it is of God

- Because they have a personal relationship with Me.


- I will do miracles through you to show the world.

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