Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies on


Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in July 1990 to Aug. 14, 2002

The following are taken from the Prophecies, of what is related to Prophets in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section Compares Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies to Thomas Gibson's Prophecies, and compares both to the Bible.

I recommend that you read the entire Prophecies at Raymond Aguilera's site http://prophecy.org

My notes (if any) are in Red text.


- There are some things revealed that are not in the Bible.


- There are some things that occur that are not in the Bible

- False prophets, ego, pride

- Many good ones


- Listen to the prophets


- Listen to the prophets


- I will not let My prophets be abused.


- Beware of False Prophet, as in the bible.


- Listen, to discern, judge and dissect every prophecy

- Prophecy is not a thing to play with

- You turned to idols of false prophets


- Whoever listens to the prophets will be saved


- The False Prophet will be from the middle East.

- don't kill My prophets

- The only way to know My prophets is to have Holy Spirit in you.


- THE False Prophet has a scheme to undermine the credibility of Christianity.


- Listen to the prophecies.


- Read the prophecies, study them, discern them


- Study and discern and judge every prophecy


- Asking God who has the correct word, and the Holy Spirit will show you.


- Pray and I will tell you who is telling the truth.


- You do not believe My prophet

- For years I have sent out My Word, and never have they believed until it happened.


- My prophets that I send out into the world, they suffer, but they send out My Word.


- I gave My prophecies, My visions to deliver to this earth, and you laughed at My prophets, you rejected the word of God, you didn't obey or comply, you ridiculed, mocked your God with pride, with religious words.


- They (Church) introduced the prophet speaker.

- He was bordering on a mixture of a New Age doctrine and Christianity.

- This guy is bordering on New Age and is using the bible to do it.

- (a false prophet)

- Teaching Christians to be prideful and to use man's righteousness to save man and the Lord's Church.


- Don't follow prophets, seek God.

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