Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies on


Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in July 1990 to Aug. 14, 2002

The following are taken from the Prophecies, of what is related to Persecution in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section Compares Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies to Thomas Gibson's Prophecies, and compares both to the Bible.

I recommend that you read the entire Prophecies at Raymond Aguilera's site http://prophecy.org

My notes (if any) are in Red text.


- Jesus protects His children

- Some will be killed

- It will be hard to call yourself a Christian


- Personal trials and tribulations


- The Beast and his followers will persecute you


- The False Prophet will undermine credibility of the Christians

- There will be persecution of Churches


- Everyone delivering messages from Me will be persecuted

- You will be attacked by theologians, certain Christians, New Agers, Witches, Demons.


- Many soldiers will look for who believes in Christ

- They will kill Christians like animals

- They will kill those who will not stop praying

- They will kill those who will read the Bible


- The slaughter of people will frighten the entire world


- The trials and tribulations are going to separate the good from the bad.


- They will want to eat (destroy) My children, My sheep.


- They will try to destroy you by gas, fire, starvation, gun, chamber, whip, and rope


- Here comes the day of persecution of all that are going to suffer.


- The world will get mad with all the Christians

- They will want to kill all that is good


- The day of the stones is coming


-There is soldiers coming to kill the little ones, the sons, the saints, the sheep


- Ahead are the trials and tribulations of the anti-christ, and he will slaughter you, torture you, butcher you, for you are not equipped.


- Vision of a concentratrion camp.


- Dream - It was a place where people were tortured and killed

- A young boy was proud of his job, and said he had just executed his parents the day before.


- Dream - A concentration camp with many Jews and Christians

- Some were helping the enemy just to stay alive

- Many people were living in caves or tunnels of some sort, hiding


- The days of persecution, yes, they have arrived.


- It has arrived, the day of persecution, the persecution of the body of My Son.


- The man will join with the soldiers, will run after all the body of My Son with the flame of satan.

- Many will suffer.


- The police kick in the front door rearing head and riot gear, and surround the worshipers.


- The ones who belong to satan are going to make war with the ones who are good.

- Many will die.


- How bad is made to look good, and people will cheer it, crave it, desire it, idolize it.


- People will be burned alive

- Vision - Torture, an electric drill being used to drill out someone's left eye.


- When there is a knock on the door, you're not going to know who is there, you're going to get scared, because the devil is looking for you.


- The soldiers of satan are seeking out Christians


- Vision - I saw many bodies pushed against this barbed wire fence.

- I say bodies stacked one above another to about five feet high.


- The remnants that survive the Hand of God will suffer beyond suffering.

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