Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies on


Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in July 1990 to Aug. 14, 2002

The following are taken from the Prophecies, of what is related to Israel in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section Compares Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies to Thomas Gibson's Prophecies, and compares both to the Bible.

I recommend that you read the entire Prophecies at Raymond Aguilera's site http://prophecy.org

My notes (if any) are in Red text.


- The new, last and final temple will be built.


- The branch that broke, I am going to repair it.

- I am going to repair the branch that was broken from God, the Father.


- Satan will take charge of his army, of his demons, and invade the Holy Land.


- Vision - Papers being signed in the White House (U.S.)

- Vision of satanic symbol pentagram

- Vision of the star of David

- This leads to nuclear war.


- the time has come for the annihilation, for the desecration of the House of the Lord.

- The Abomination will be Blasphemous.


- The Lord said, My hand goes straight to Israel.


- Many of you claim to know the word of God, Why?

- The Scriptures say, do not make an altar of stone worked by man's hands.

- Yet, for many years, I have watched you pray at the wailing wall, and you place your little prayers, your little notes in between the stones -- What foolishness.

- Don't you know the Word of God, how the altar of God should be made.

- Why do such blasphemous things.

- You have created an altar using the ways of man.

- You pray to a stone wall that can do nothing.

- Stop your foolishness now, and build Me My Temple, and do it correctly.

- How many centuries have you used idols


- Ishmael will come from the North.

- Vision of an army of tanks in the desert.


- I do not listen to their worship and prayers

- They are still under My curse.

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