Prophecies Question & Answers

Answers by Rev. Jack Barr

Last update - 9/10/2002

The Mark of the Beast vs the Rapture
- If the Rapture is Pre-Tribulation, why do you put it near the end of your timeline, and after the Mark of the Beast?
- Will the Mark of the Beast be used before the Rapture?
- Will the Mark of the Beast be used during the Tribulation period, or before?
- When does the Tribulation start?

Confirmation - The Alligator is Mexico

Jack & the Prophecies
- When and how did you meet Raymond Aguilera?

Prophecies say to hide
- When the prophecies say to hide, is this literal, or just to trust Jesus?

The Bear Prophecies
- I can't understand is this beast, bear, she-bear, hog, Russia, pig story - they are all the same

The She Bear
- I do not understand the She Bear of the prophecies.

The Fox
- Has the Fox prophecies been fulfilled?

Adding to the interpretations
- will you be adding to the interpretations?
- Will you be changing the interpretations in light of new prophecies?

A Gap in the Prophecies
- I have noticed a gap between Ray's prophecies from the Lord #39 and #40. Do you know what happened during that period - it is almost a year!

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