Question on The beast, bear, she-bear, hog, Russia, pig story

by Rev. Jack Barr

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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 09:23:09 +0200
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Hi Jack

Praise the Lord forever and ever!

I am sorry to take up so much of your time - I know I have the Holy Spirit as my guide and God has all the answers, but you are one of His instruments. I have a couple of questions - I also asked Ray questions, but he cannot read every e-mail in detail and must be the reason why I did not receive any answers from him. These answers are important to me.

One thing I can't understand is this beast, bear, she-bear, hog, Russia, pig story - they are all the same - I understand that this is the anti-christ. I went through all your interpretations as well, but still I cannot figure this one out. Then again there is the wolf too and also the Swastika sign - but that is Germany. Is this guy come from Russia or from Germany. This confuses me a little bit, especially when you try to put it together. I read something about Pres Kennedy's visit to Germany and there was a photo included - on one of the big banners in front of the stage was this bear-figure (black with white head - like the panda bear mentioned in the prophecies).

I know only what God has revealed to me in the interpretations. Prophecy 934 tells us that the "She Bear" is a sea creature, so the She Bear can not be Russia, and can not be the anti-christ. Prophecy 1023 shows that Leviathan is a sea creature. The two are tied together in the Bible as being Satan. Description of Leviathan in Job 41 matches the description of Satan as given in Ezekiel 28:12-19. For a complete comparison see

The Bear is Satan who will enter into the anti-christ and control him, but is not himself the anti-christ as shown in the Book of Revelation.

The first Beast is the anti-christ, and is a man, and not Russia, a nation. And so the Beast and Russia are not the same. The Bible in Revelation 13:1 tells us that the anti-christ will rise from the sea (of humanity around the Mediterranean) and will therefore be a Gentile. Daniel 8:8,9 suggests that he is the "little Horn" that came out of the four Grecian horns, signaling that he will be part Greek. Daniel 9:26 refers to him as the prince of the people that shall come, meaning that he will be of the royal lineage of the race that destroyed Jerusalem. Historically this was the Roman Empire; therefore he will be predominantly Roman. Daniel 11:36,37 tells us that he regards not "the God of his fathers" Taken in context, this suggest that he will be a Jew. So it would appear that the anti-christ will be a Roman-Greek-Jew, and will probably hide his Jewish heritage.

Rev. Jack Barr

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