Question on Prophecy Dates

by Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 20:09:16 -0500
From: Jack Barr


In answer to your questions

I have noticed a gap between Ray's prophecies from the Lord #39 and #40 (21 Feb 1991 and 11 April 1992)

Do you know what happened during that period - it is almost a year!

Did Ray mention anything to you?

Although the index entry for prophecy 39 shows a date of 21 Feb. 91, the actual prophecy shows a date of "the fall or 1991". Please be assured that Ray and I do not discuss the prophecies that He Posts. I was led by The Lord God Jehovah to Interpret Ray's prophecies from God, but have no more contact or conversation with him than you do.

Index shows date of 21 Feb. 91 for Prophecy 39.

39. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera the fall of 1991 in tongues, English.

The difference is approximately 6 months. There are times that Not all the prophecies received by Raymond are to be passed on to us. I have never asked Ray about this, but accept it as he has given it. You may also note that there have been some prophecies that have been rearranged. This rearrangement would make it seem that some prophecies were deleted when they were not. I tracked each of these changes and then corrected my own printouts to reflect the rearrangement. The Information removed was in fact duplicates of previous prophecies. A word search of the prophecies prove this.

There can be typographical errors. They are not always worth the effort to correct when they are part of a web page. I believe that this is one of those cases. I will go by the date given on the prophecy itself as being correct. I must assume that the Index is in error, not the prophecy.

Rev. Jack Barr

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