What the Prophecies of T. Gibson says about

What the Prophecies of T. Gibson says about

By Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1
At http://prophetic-word.org

America Murders the unborn, 40 million children have died.
Abortion on demand is law in America.
America continues it's evil.

Canada will be given to America as judgment against Canada.
The US will be in many wars before the 3rd World War.
The 3rd World War is judgment against America.
There is judgment against America for sin.
America is cursed by God.
Produces nore pornography.
Kills more children.
Produces more weapons.
Will not repent
Loves it's power.
An American President falls - because of sins.
The Economy will collapse.
Paganism will rise.
Will be attacked by Terrorists.
Will have persecution against Christians
Will have an increase of Earthquakes
Will have an increase of Tornadoes.
Will have an increase of deadly Storms.
Will have a change in weather patterns.
Will have an increase in Disasters.
America will fall as a world power.
Will have Violence by and against its people.
Will have an increase of Evil.
Will have no Oil for Gasoline, or heating.
Had a test by God, which they failed.
Will have a great Revival at the end of war.
George Bush will be assassinated in his 2nd term of office.

The Bible
God says that He wrote the Bible
Command to Study the Bible.
Command to Read the Bible.
Are told How to Read and Study Bible.
Command to Listen to the Word of God in the Bible.
Commanded to Stand on the Words of the Bible.
Tells us that the Bible is Truth.
Command to search the Bible for what pleases God.
Command to Believe the Word of God in the Bible.
Tells us that we gain Strength from reading the Bible.

Coming A total destruction of Canada.
First Economic Failure.
Canada will be taken apart one piece at a time.
Quebec will separate and fail.
Judgments of Tornadoes.
Will be invaded during the 3rd World War by Russia.
Will have an increase of crime.
Will have an increase of violence in the streets.
Will have drought.
Will have it's Technology fail.
Will have deadly storms.
Will have great fear.
Will have severe storms of wind.
Will have severe storms of rain.
Will have a rise of Paganism
Will have a rise in Homosexuality.
Will have persecutions of Christians.
Will have a great Revival AFTER Canada is destroyed.
They have leaders who called themselves to lead, not of God.

The Churches
They have turned away from God.
They are full of sin.
They are full of unbelief.
They are full of disobedience.
They are full of religious games.
They align themselves with the world.
They look like the world.
They talk like the world.
They act like the world.
They have profaned the churches with Pride.
They have profaned the churches with lust after the things of the flesh.
They will not answer to God.
They have turned to pride.
They have turned to the power of church wealth
They have a form of religion.
They became a light unto themselves instead of to the world.
They compromise My Word.
They seek a prosparity blessing.
Churches will be brought down and purified.
A new Church will be formed.
Most people in Church are not saved.
They make a pretence of serving the Lord.
They love their Denominations.
Churches will fight against Churches.
Persecution will come against God's Church.
God is cleaning Sin out of His Churches.
The Churches will fight against the revival God brings.
Many Churches will turn against Israel
Many Churches will persecute Jews.
God is bringing a revival that will not be in the churches.
Denominations are not of God.
Stop fighting over Doctrinal Differences.
The Churches do not follow the Word of God.
God's People will stand and declare their worship of God.
Churches are quenching the Holy Spirit in their Churches.
God's Church is not in a Building.
Choose your side, the true Church or the False Church.
The Churches will not go into the streets as Jesus commanded.

The coming Disasters
Economic Crash.
From the Weather.
From Earthquakes.
From War.
Earth's Atmosphere will change.
Wrath will be poured out on Canada.
The Earth will destroy itself with Earthquakes.
The Earth will turn about in space.
The Earth will stagger in it's Orbit.
Uncontrolable Disease.
Crime and Violence in the streets.
Nature will go wild.

The Economy
Canada will have Economic Collapse.
The Earth will have a sudden Economic Collapse.
The Stock Market will Crash.
A total Collapse of both the Economy and Stock Market.
Economic Collapse will bring on extream Violence.
Warning to prepare for the Economic Crash.
One of the signs of the End of the age.
Ministers who look to the World instead of God will be brought down.

The End of the Earth
Atmosphere Changes.
Weather Changes.
Earth Destroyed
New Earth created.
Man's future to expand out to the stars.

Trouble for those who will not fast.
God's command to Fast.
God tells why we must Fast.

Has a limited Blessing because of Promises long ago.
They have some Blessings for Partially turning to God today.
Israel will Repent.
Israel will not survive unless they return to God.
Israel could have had Blessings beyond belief.
Israel is still committed to the World.
America is stubborn like Israel has been.

Against America
The Glory of God has Departed from America.
Terrorists Attacks.
The Weather.
The killing of children - Abortion.
America failed God's test - Bill Clinton.
Only Repentance will save America.
Revival is coming to America - after war.
God tells how He will bring judgment to America.
Judgment on America for sin.

Against Canada.
Canada will be totally destroyed.
Destroyed by the Economy.
Destroyed by Tornadoes.
Destroyed by Storms.
Destroyed by Drought.

Against the entire Earth.
Earth brought to an end.
Ended by earthquakes.
Ended by Weather.
Ended by Atmosphere.
Ended by Flood
Earth's Orbit changes.
Hit by many Metreroites.
Technology failure.
Ended by Economic Crash.
By Storms
By Terrorists.
By Nuclear War

Against all Nations and peoples.
Protection for God's People.
Judgment against those who will not Repent.
Persecutions against all of God's People.

Judgments against False Prophets

God is raising up Apostles.
God is raising up Prophets.
God is raising up Pastors.
God is raising up Teachers.
God is raising up Evangelist.
God is raising up Ministers.
God Warns against False Ministers.

Obedience to God
God's command to Obey Him.
How God will treat the Obedient.
How God will treat the Disobedient.
Warning to Prophets to do the ministry they were called to do.
The Church will not Obey God.
The People will not Obey God.

Persecution of Christians
Only God's People will withstand.
The church will persecute the true believers.
Pray and Fast in preperation for Persecution.
The Fathfull forming the true Chuch will be Persecuted.
God tells the forms that Persecution will take.
Persecution will come at the end of the war.
Satan leads the Persecution of Christians.
Stand without compromise during Persecution.
The more committed to God, the greater the persecution.
Persecution will come from enexpected directions.
God Tells how Persecution will start.

God commands us to Pray
God commands us to make time for Him.
If you do not Fast and Pray you will have extream trouble.
When you Pray continualy, you will walk in the Spirit.
Prayer is how you fight evil.
Prayer brings Blessings.

The Prophets
God is raising up Prophets.
There are False Prophets.
There are Disobedient Prophets.
Many people deny there are Prophets today.
Many Churches deny there are Prophets today.
Some churches embrace the False Prophets.

There will be judgment against nations that will not repent.
Canada will not repent.
America will win the 3rd war only after Repenting.
Command to Repent before Jesus
Command to Serve Jesus.
Must have True Repentance.
False Repentance will be judged.

Judgment and Wrath brings Revival.
Many will fight the True Revival.
Churches will fight the True Revival.
The Churches will bring forth a False Revival.
Warning by God to not take part in the False Revival.

A tool used by God to bring judgment on other nations.
Will invade Canada.
Will invade America.
Satan will control Russia.

You must Follow God in order to defeat Satan.
Satan brought on Abortion on Demand in America.
Satan has Prophets.
God warns of the Lies of Satan.
Satan is controling the World.
You believe very many of Satan's lies.

The Sheep and Goats
God is starting to separate the Sheep from the Goats.
Every Church will have them divided.
There are both Sheep and Goats in every Church.
God is restoring His Sheep to the One True Church.
There are many False Sheep - the Wolves.

Signs from God
There will be Signs, Wonders, Miracles.
Only a few now that are dedicated to God enough for God to move through them.
Many seek only the manifestations and not God.
My people do not see signs now because they seek a wordly Gospel.
Many Churches are against the anointing of the Apostles, the Prophet, the Pastor.
You will see the dead raised.
You will see the sick healed.
You will see missing arms renewed.
You will see the blind see again.
You will see the crippled made whole.
You will see even greater Miracles.
God promices that any Miracle that is needed, He will do for His People.
Powers will return as in times of old.
The signs will start slowly, then increase.
Miracles will be commonplace.

The Wars
God called His people to war against the evil world system.
We are in a Spiritual war.
We war against Satan.
The Spiritual war must be fought.
Russia is only one of the nations invading America
There is a war against Terrorism.
Enemy bands of soldiers onto American soil.
The Chinese will invade America.
War is judgment on America.
God tells when the 3rd world war will come.
God tells of Persecution during and after the war.
War will bring true Repentance.
There will be many small wars leading up to the 3rd world war.
Many shall die.
There will be great destruction of America.
There will be a rain of Nuclear Bombs on America.
America will fall as a world power.
America will fall to third world status.

Worship only the Almighty God.
Stop worshiping things and objects.
God commands your worship.
Humble yourself before God.
Be completely dedicated to God.
Bow your knee to God.
Tell the whole world of your worship of God.
You are not worshiping when you hide in a church.

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